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  1. Why not a soft-body engine? Also, the ability to design your own parts in game from the plumbing up, deformable terrain, bug-free moving actuators, and PBR rendering, uh... *checks latest graphics buzzwords* raytracing.
  2. Does that just gently drift to the ground if you activate the airbrakes?
  3. I saw someone at school today with the same mechanical pencil as me: https://www.jetpens.com/Uni-Kuru-Toga-Advance-Mechanical-Pencil-0.5-mm-Black/pd/21019 These things are great by the way, they work well, it's hard to break the lead, and it really does keep the lead sharp. Also, that site is a terrible rabbit hole that makes you want to buy five 100$ pens that all are designed to outlive you, when you're already swimming in free ones: https://www.jetpens.com/blog/the-best-machined-pens/pt/973
  4. I think the idea is that once there are many flights of starship, a lack of LES won't be a problem, it's only in the short term, where starship resembles a experimental aircraft (which would have ejector seats) rather than a passenger airliner. Some kind of shuttle-esque ejector seats for the small number of crew on the first few crewed flights makes sense.
  5. I actually have 6. 1 for my dedicated bot factory, which I just set up with one assembler making bot frames, then let run forever. I find it keeps up with my bot requirements pretty well. 2 for the main red circuit line (currently just 2.5 red circuit/sec, although it's far less than that since I don't have enough oil refineries). 1 for my inserters and splitters, which only works because I always wait way to long to move to red belts and better inserters. Then 2 more to provide what would be 1.25 green sci/sec (except I'm limited by military and blue science), assemblers, repair packs, and blue science. The blue science would be drawing too much, except I don't have enough steel for engine units, so I have a while on that. In short, the answer is because I build science in bad ratios, and there are things more badly limiting the factory.
  6. I just started a new game of Factorio fairly recently. Railworld and default biters. Mostly spaghetti free, aside from bit for robot production. I just got robots and roboports online. I need a better power source though, I've almost finished nuclear power research. THE FACTORY MUST GROW THE FACTORY MUST GROW THE FACTORY MUST GROW THE FACTORY MUST GROW
  7. https://i.imgur.com/S7Y6DXO.jpg https://i.imgur.com/1hggDva.jpg Is it dual bell or not?
  8. This one, made for a challenge I never finished: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1fJP9cZntjaAWeXIlD-A2nt1iIQphlqFImMWEs7TVLyk/edit?usp=sharing It tracks transfer windows between Duna and Kerbin, and can be scaled so you can fit as many days as you like in each cell. It also shows how often rockets can launch, based on challenge rules. It never worked perfectly though, it breaks with small launchers and large step sizes.
  9. Latest update from the CopSub youtube channel: EDIT: Also, a blog post with more explanation of the coaxial injectors: https://copenhagensuborbitals.com/swirlers/
  10. I support this. Why use unnamed "units" if there's a real world unit that everyone already knows the dimensions of? And if there's a problem with using the real world names, then why are they used for some things but not others? The worst of these is EC, there's no way (without experience in KSP) to tell whether that has the same dimension as Joules, watts, or some other concept related to power. This would make it easier whether you want to plan missions by hand with math, or if you're just a casual player and want to get an idea of how powerful the decouplers are relative to an engine. On the other hand, as others have pointed out, it may not be worth it this late in development, especially since the way some resources work could use an overhaul anyway. Specifically electricity, heat, and intake air.
  11. Is this Kerbal enough though? There's plenty of oxidizer very nearby...
  12. I thought gasses at reentry temps would just disassociate into plasma, does anyone know the boundary between those processes? Or if I'm just completely misunderstanding?
  13. That may have an affect, but the real reason for the difference is from more precise measurements of the center of rotation of the earth: "Today, tourists visiting its meridian line must walk east approximately 102 m before their satellite-navigation receivers indicate zero longitude. This offset can be accounted for by the difference between astronomical and geodetic coordinates—deflection of the vertical—in the east–west direction at Greenwich, and the imposed condition of continuity in astronomical time." "...the authors show that the deflection of the vertical (DoV) can account for the entire longitude shift at Greenwich." - https://link.springer.com/content/pdf/10.1007%2Fs00190-015-0844-y.pdf The historical significance of the location, and arguably its title as prime meridian of the world, are indisputable though.
  14. +1 for both of these, start at the top of the V&A so you can see the endless shelves of china. If you go the Greenwich observatory, make sure to use your phone to find 0 longitude, it isn't where the tourist marker is anymore. The science museum is good too, lots of great steam engines in addition to space stuff. I took a day trip to Brighton on the UK's amazing train service, it was fun even though it was the off season. St. Paul's cathedral has spiral staircases all the way to the top, that's pretty fun.
  15. Those line breaks make my brain try to rhyme the "verses" for some reason. It helps that it uses "doom" in the first line, which sounds like some kind of epic maritime ballad.
  16. I can't wait. It's probably going to be one of the few games I buy right after it's first available. You may end up disappointed. A lot of the praise for the game for the way the lack of weapons makes the experience more scary since there's no way to just remove all the threats from the environment. I hope they have better modding support though.
  17. I've seen everything on the list except for real science experiments. I've seen an astronaut (at a book signing) but I haven't talked to one, and I'm not sure whether they had flown in space or not. I also have touched two moon rocks, and a martian meteorite. Oh, and I have one of those medallions made with a few shavings of metal flown in space.
  18. I'm seeing the same thing. Probably just a temporary bug. Chrome and firefox, win10. It also says bad gateway 502 the first time it's loaded in a new browser, then goes to 1006 after a reload.
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