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  1. This worked well, and solved my problem. I added it to all Near Future Launch Vehicles Cargo bays via this patch: // Fix for making FAR work with some NearFuture parts that othewise have wacky vertices. // TODO: Apply this fix to the other NearFuture parts in need of it (there are more). @PART[cargo-5-*]:NEEDS[NearFuturePropulsion]:AFTER[FerramAerospaceResearch] { @MODULE[GeometryPartModule] { %forceUseMeshes = true %ignoreIfNoRenderer = true } }
  2. I'm playing with Near Future Launch Vehicles, and FAR seems to get the vertices wrong for some of those parts. The screenshot below shows a 5m rocket that has a visually invisible but aerodynamically very detrimental "band" around the "N50-2 Cargo Bay" part. Any idea how to fix this?
  3. I have a question about the "Graphite Umbrella Radiator". The description states "A high-diameter heat shield with the panels extended", but whenever I attempt a reentry with it extended, it just breaks away when the going get though (no matter which way it faces). Is this supposed to work for reentries, or not?
  4. Ok, go it. Even so, it's kind of cool I think: you can imagine the super-high-voltage power network with big thick cables for engines and such, and then just a regular low-voltage power network for lights and SAS and wheels. There should be an optional patch to rename EC to Minijouls, just as a fun factor upgrade.
  5. By the way, I was wondering around the meaning of "Megajoules". Is this like the high-powered version of the EC circout? Can I convert EC into Megajoules and the other way around?
  6. I think the Alternate Resource Panel mod looks at actual resource run rates to display the time until a resource runs out. So, with your base in "Duna" mode (that is, not on the pad, since you get some resources for free there), just wait a bit and then take a look at the Alternate Resource Panel time remaining. You may need to actually use hyper-edit your prototype base to Duna to test for all the conditions right (e.g., solar panel output). That's what I ended up doing to test the fine balance of things after loosing a couple of missions (each worth several hours) to really small imbalances in the life support cycles.
  7. If breakdowns were a thing, then it would be natural to do something like a low % without an engineer, and then up from there to 100%. But since in stock there's no such thing, doing 100% without an engineer and then a bit up from there with the engineer seems more natural. That is, the engineer is tweaking things; he is neither operating, nor fixing things.
  8. My vote goes to option #2. This kind of equipment should just work fine on its own (if we ignore braking and spare parts). Lots of people have water purifiers at home, and most of them are not engineers . Kerbals probably managed the same levels of quality!
  9. Also a question: With the Fuselage Junction parts in place, I've started making a space station "template" that can be lifted up in one go and even flowed around atmospheric planets by a tug-plane attachment. The one thing that seems to be missing is an Mk2 form factor station "tube", that is much lighter than the crewed parts, but is passable and works well with the junction parts. Are there any plans for such a part?
  10. I think the interior attachment nodes of the M2X_Servicebay are missing when it's in structural mode.
  11. That's not the current description. The current description is "Rated for up to N Kerbals, with an efficiency multiplier of about X." This is what started this entire sub-topic
  12. TIL Let me restate my point in more serious terms then: With the current description, it takes a long hard look at the config files, lots of in-game experimenting, or digging around a forum to figure out how the converters actually work. This makes the mod not just "advanced" but downright unfriendly to new users. Why not alleviate that if a string update is all that it takes?
  13. Depends on your target audience I guess ... Microwave ovens still cary a warning text instructing you not to use it to dry your pets . In any case I think "At full efficiency, the converter can keep up with the [waste resource] generation from up to N kerbals." + [Text about specialist impact]. Sounds like the clearest way to say this. I'd love to see the descriptions updated. Can one contribute patches to this mod?