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  1. I'm going to be spending the next month away from my job, so I'm going to play KSP and make some Cinematics to, It's going to be a good Summer
  2. Thanks for Starting to Update it @MrHappyFace, I love this mod and I've always had tons of fun with it, Good Luck
  3. Yeah, I have the R3 version if that helps, I've got a 16gb folder full of ksp mod zip files from when I started modding it XD here is the link, NeverEnuffDakkaR3 I hope you can get it working, I loved this mod
  4. Sounds cool, But shouldn't it be in the Add-On Development thread? I am looking forward to it, I'm a sucker for Star system/planet packs
  5. Yay!!! time to dust off the old hooligan labs airships, The sky shall be filled with fire and smoke!!
  6. @SpannerMonkey(smce) I loved putting these turrets on my Airships, and i'm really looking forward to having them again
  7. All The Mods!!!! And All The Planets!!!! It is my goal to make it crash
  8. Sounds good. I always liked retro future. As to the Transparent pods, I've been playing with them in 1.04 and I have not run into any issues yet, The Iva is fine the RPM comes up fine the Attachment nodes seem to be fine.
  9. Sorry to spam this, But could I have a link to Version 9? I'm still running 1.04 until all the mods I use are updated.
  10. These Artillery pieces are Amazing!!! The Massive mortar Launcher is especialy Fun, Ohhhhh that sound when you fire it !!!!!
  11. I hope you get better soon. This mod would be useful in short movies and stuff. I'm looking forward to any progress you make,
  12. This is amazing. I'm definetely going to have B9 parts in My cinematics. I've been looking forward to a release for a while
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