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  1. Forgive me if this has already been asked, but: 1. Can I place parachutes under the inflatable heat shied without that being considered clipping? 2. What does the command seats rule being crossed off mean? Can I use them to go interplanetary? Can I not use them at all?
  2. Small-ish quality of life suggestion for NFC: change the amout of oxidizer in the truss tanks so that the ratio of a LF truss tank to oxidizer truss tank is the same as engine consumption. (That might have been a tad late.)
  3. Maybe I missed something, but what is the license for the models, specifically the warp drive models? (I am wanting to try making an ultralight version with just the warp drive stuff and am wondering whether I can use the existing models, adhering to the original license of course.) Thanks!
  4. Now that I think about it, something along the lines of what @0something0 said seems like a reasonable idea except for it could replace things with their closest stock analog. Also I really hope platform things along the lines a KAS DLC would be free. @Kerbart
  5. @Rocket In My Pocket I did my best to come up with a way to standardize this stuff while minimally impacting sales. I do understand the devs have to make money somehow. @Greenfire32, @evileye.x, @silverfox101, I would rather have the entire Near Future collection + SpaceY as opposed to the parts from the DLC. I am a bit of a stock purist simply because I want anyone playing the game to be able to recreate what I do. In this regard, the DLC is essentially a mod which some people may consider to be part of the game and some might not. P.S. I am surprised I am the first to make this suggestion (I expected to be the first to do it politely though).
  6. A very ballsy suggestion, I know. Just my 5 cents. This is obviously up to the devs to decide. So, here is my idea in a handy list: 1. The DLC parts (and in-save mechanics [like a KAS DLC]) should be released to the entire playerbase to make mission and craft sharing more possible. 2. Cosmetic things like Kerbal outfits should be reserved for the people who actually bought the DLC. 3. Out-of-save mechanics (like the campaign and mission builder) should be reserved for the people who actually bought the DLC. 4.There should be a somewhat annoying popup that pops up when you press "launch" from the VAB with unowned DLC parts. 5.The parts could only be available in sandbox and/or not have coloration options and there could be a period of time (like 2 weeks or so) in which the parts are only available to the DLC buyers. After that, they will be released to everyone. This would still incentivize buying the DLCs while making everyone happier and not splitting the community. Just my one cent obviously. No need to be mad or start a flamewar.
  7. It's called Near Future Technologies and it's a free mod. Also SpaceY for the lifters. As for colonization, it's a feature that should have been in the stock game as far as I'm concerned, exists in the form of USI and is too much of a platform feature like parachutes.
  8. Use the slanted tails for the side boosters
  9. I'm wondering if it's possible to (automatically) manipulate a save file to swap out parts. This could be used as a mod save file scrubber as not to destroy entire vessels and to replace the DLC parts so that there is a lesser split.
  10. Perhaps high-quality mods could be added as free DLCs on console? Not sure if adding DLCs costs anything for the devs...
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