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  1. That's the SMALL engine? Paging Whackjob, we have something for you.
  2. Restore the Roman Empire, it's the only way to be sure!
  3. I use Adblock, No Script, and Windows Defender. Virus free for three years, tis glorious.
  4. Have it reenter and see what survives.
  5. So, with all the fun of New Horizons, how has that shaped your roadmap for the Plock system?
  6. Will do that tomorrow. Didn't think of merging, thought it was stand-alone.
  7. PPTS seems not to work for me, I have it set up as KSP/Gamedata/PPTSBeta/Parts-Spaces, but no parts show up.
  8. Oh hai, are you taking Eagle scouts? Eagle, Order of the Arrow- and 31 badges I think?
  9. What is strange is that I rebuilt it, stuck my Buran-alike shuttle on it (and had Buran blow up in orbit due to a clipping issue-oops), and no heating issues were encountered. I am wondering if part clipping may have affected the temperature.
  10. Using the AB pack, I built a Buran replica and sent her up. External tank ended up ripping off a wing once I got into orbit. So now I am thinking "How do I save four crewmembers on reentry? The Big Gemini saved my four crewmembers, and allowed for me to do some science while up there!
  11. I am having issues on the very loooong 2.5m fuel tank. The very first tank I place overheats on the launch pad and explodes. However, any other tanks that are placed with it using symmetry or copy and paste does not explode until I actually get going really fast.
  12. Beale, I love the Big G design, it looks gorgeous, and some more U.S stuff to balance out the USSR stuff is always nice. (Never stop with the USSR stuff.) This may be a common question, but is there a reason why Tantares does not use Raster's? Too much work needed to do, doesn't fit the feel? I know this is probably a common question asked of you.
  13. Yesssssssss. This is glorious. Black always did look better than blue. Service Module should still remain white.