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  1. Its working: https://imgur.com/a/KJRnG But no clouds :-( Dont know why EVE is 1.4.2 rated.... Any Ideas ? I deinstalled SVE, SVE Clouds did work... Thanks
  2. The guys in the TextureReplacerReplaced thread say that TR will work in 1.4.2 if you replace a shadow file in KSP. I tested it and it works good to it should be possible to use AVP :-) Is Kopernikus enough or do we need Kopernikus extendet for the Proot Textures ? Thanks
  3. Hi I installed Modular Tanks but as said before not all tanks are switchabe and much more important there is no switch to pure oxidizer...
  4. Hi I made a module manager config for fuelswitch :-) @PART[WrapperTankWristband] { MODULE { name = InterstellarFuelSwitch resourceNames = Structural;LiquidFuel;LiquidFuel,Oxidizer;MonoPropellant;LiquidFuel,Oxidizer,MonoPropellant;XenonGas;XenonGas,MonoPropellant resourceAmounts = 0;260;135,165;100;90,110,100;5500;2800,80 basePartMass = 0.1 tankCost = 0;100;100;400;500;1000;1600 displayCurrentTankCost = true hasGUI = True hasSwitchChooseOption = True tankMass = 0;0.075;0.075;
  5. Im glad you like it :-) Im also testing it right now in a play without any other sci mods and i think it is quite balanced. I had to visit minmus mun and eve gilly and moho for now to get quite far in the tec tree but im not finished. I also did like 800 science in a orbit lab i guesss i still need to go to duna to finish the tec tree so i think it is not overpowerd :-) That was designed like this :-) Do you have any suggestions ? Do you want to localize it ? Thanks and have fun!
  6. Hi Thanks for the reply. I can switch some tanks but not all of them and i dont know why. To put it simply i could not switch the tanks i needed. So i made the mod :-.) I there a mod what lets you switch out all the contents without adding new tanks? I dont want to clutter my game any more with tanks if i can help it.
  7. Hi! Just when you need that extra oxidizer on your spaceplane..... Spacedock:https://spacedock.info/mod/1778/Mkerb Inc. Oxidizer Tank This mod can be localized if you are a volunteer :-) More stuff follows :-) Just want to put it out there... Update: Added Licence text.
  8. I LOOOVE the Pack! But one question: How do i get the decals on the parts ? Thanks!
  9. Hi Kerbalnauts, I'm Back and updated the mod for KSP 1.4.1. It works with the DLC and without. If im so inclined i will try to publish a localized version, if the interest is there and volunteers for translation step forwward :-) Have fun! Manux
  10. Hello Galileo, Well i don't see what could have gone wrong. I renamed the PluginData folder to Tex and changed the paths in the KSPRC and in TextureReplacer configs. I searched for the names and it did not turn up any more. Also in the logs was nothing suspicious. If you or anyone are runnung AVP with KSPRC could you pack it and pm me with a private link so i can get it ? And please refine the instructions what config files linux user have to change to get it work :-) Thanks! EDIT: Solved it: Did remove anything and used the new version. Then i renamed the Pl
  11. Hi Galileo, Thanks for posting this. I did rename the PluginData folder in KSPRC folder to Tex and changed the paths in the KSPRC.cfg in the KSPRC and the TextureReplacer Folder. In other config files it was not present. However, it did not work. Any other ideas/ Places i did forget ? Can Linux load the dds files ? Thanks!
  12. Hi themaster401 Thanks for the update! Great to see the pack alive again its really the best! However, i try to combine it with KSPRC and i get this: I followed the instructions and deleted the folders inside of KSPRC.... I do not use OPM, also Kopernicus Expansion is not installed. AFAIK KSPRC needs it but it is outdated... With the KerbalVisualEnhancements must i delete EVE ? Any ideas ? Thanks a lot!
  13. Well I tried to use SVE and SVT and SVE uses scatter to make foggyness and stuff. There was an Error in SVT but that should be 99% unretated as after fixing those. Clouds where not working and the error i posted made me suspicious because you can see it does not use GameData (link) as it should instead useing the real folder name. That hunch made me remove the symlink to GameDataStock and i tried it and it worked. I don't know how links in Windows work, maybe it will help if you use them at all. Also i did not try hardlinking. Also no idea if this is even possible in Windows. Hope t
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