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  1. This idea is good, but don't you think people will get bored by analyzing soil and other little things? I'm sure the devs will figure out a way to make this feature more entertaining. Maybe a mission to build a mega space station and do science experiments aboard would be interesting.
  2. Idk about this though, I always attach drop tanks to my interplanetary ships
  3. Hey, but this can be a good idea too. Like a timeline for all you flights and you can see your mistakes.
  4. You can go to the part config files and disable fuel crossfeed.
  5. Just right click the flag to take it down, and face your kerbal to the left of where you want to put the flag. Kerbals always want to turn before they put down a flag.
  6. It isn't a mod engine, it's just an engine with a rover body stuck in it
  7. Let's just send a bomb to Kerbin. Maybe the Kerbals will use the technology.....
  8. It's impossible. The force of gravity on the object will collapse on either side of the planet. You would need something 20 times stronger than carbon nanotubes to make it possible.
  9. There are 2 possible models of Titan: an outer crust with warm, convecting water below surface; or a crust with cold, frozen liquid underneath We know that there is liquid on Titan, and it's really similar to Earth