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  1. Question, I decided to update to the latest version of MKS, I was using pre Atlas and WOLF, does the old planetary logistics not exist anymore? Edit: yup was on me, something didn't install right.
  2. So I am getting a weird glitch with this mod, when I go into the buildings and try to leave them it acts like I have left them but leaves me stuck in said building. I can activate anything in the settings either so I cannot load save go to settings or go to the main menu, only way to leave is force closing the program. Edit: Disregard I was missing a needed modded.
  3. Okay, I have it shown now with the controller mod, but it seems the mod I was used to using it for is no longer operating, @linuxgurugamer does stage recovery require the tool bar anymore? It says it is stock now.
  4. So i pulled it back to just the toolbar click through and mod manger and one mod I remember using it stage recovery, it still is not displaying, I even did it with out stage recovery. Also where is the yellow wrench? Bottom right in game tool bar?
  5. Ah yeah some of the mods mess up the routes, most do gamedata first then the mod, guess I missed it. I do these and get back in a few mins. Still no change, I notice that there is two options on github, should I have 1.5 to 1.7 or 1.6 to 1.7?
  6. Found it, https://www.dropbox.com/s/9ipw9pyuugaxitf/output_log.txt?dl=0
  7. How do I generate a log file? Edit: I checked into the support sticky path and it is not there.
  8. Let me check if that is the issue Yeah it seems even with the latest download of the clickthrough and toolbar it wont show up
  9. It doesnt seem to show up for me, if I remember it correctly it would be a same black square that you could unlock and move (i just started playing again after stopping after 1.2 or 1.3 I believe) does USI toolbar cause issues with it?
  10. Does this work in KSP 1.7? I have it installed in the gamedata but it does not show up.
  11. Okay I think I figured it out, if you have a ship with parts that drop off, say like in my situation it was 8 dropped stages (4 fleas, 4 tanks) , they will be consider accidents if they are dropped onto the Kerbal Space Center area, I had 6 of em drop on the launch pad and 2 got far enough away. Depending on how you accident happened @outworlder that could be why you had so many accidents.
  12. What creates the accidents modifier? I have 6 right now and I am not sure what caused em.
  13. I cannot remember the exact name, but its the pop up storage, ive tried with the tanks as well that have PL as well.
  14. I seem to be having issues with PL, I saw comments on LL saying it is not updating. I currently have a craft that I have tried with and without pilots, different tanks, different planets but no matter what it does not push the water to the PL. This is the craft, as you can see it has the pop up storage on the side that I have working on my main base, it has pushed all those resources in the list, but with this one it will not work even with a full tank of water. Is there something I am doing wrong? If more info is needed then in this pic I just ended a livestream with this craft and other iterations before it, all of which would not push water to PL, its under the same username I use here.
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