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  1. You obviously didn't hunt very hard I've posted a Dropbox rehost about 10 posts up which I've just checked is still working. Edit: I've also hopefully made it glaringly obvious where they are now.
  2. Just FYI, your signature still links to the development thread of CleverSats, not the release one. :wink:

    1. severedsolo


      Thank you! Fixed.

  3. Just put the following part of the code in any .cfg in your game data. All I've done to it is remove the the FOR[SETIrebalance] keyword and everything else you can just leave as is. The %TRANSMITTER {} block allows you to send back science data with it, so if you don't want that just delete it. For more information see Configuring Parts for RemoteTech and Module Manager Syntax to tweak to your hearts content. @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleCommand]]:NEEDS[RemoteTech]:AFTER[RemoteTech] { %MODULE[ModuleRTAntennaPassive] { %TechRequired = None %OmniRange = 160000 %TRANSMITTER { %PacketInterval = 0.3 %PacketSize = 2 %PacketResourceCost = 5.0 } } }
  4. Have tried reading back a whole 3 comments before the one you posted? Because I already rehosted them on Dropbox as a temporary measure until CaptainKipard returns. It is a good idea and good forum etiquette to read back at least the last 10 or so posts at least whenever you have a mod problem, as often the problem has already been noticed and perhaps solved by someone else and it saves on repeating things.
  5. CKAN should now be providing the proper v1.3.0 following this fix.
  6. Love this mod, and as a perverse way of expressing it I present the worlds most pedantic and pointless bug report (which isn't actually a bug and just a very very very minor annoyance for the spelling pedants among us): You spelt Length wrong in the maxLenght parameter of KASModuleWinch
  7. For those not able to recreate the Mediafire links from what was left over I've simplified it by just rehosting them on Dropbox (which is possible thanks to them being CC BY-NC-SA 4.0). So get them all here, all credit goes to CaptainKipard. I'll delete them once he reappears and reuploads them somewhere else. ----------------- Rehosted all the mods Here These are not updated to 1.1, these are the old 1.0.5 versions, try at you own risk. Freethinker has uploaded Non-Androgynous Docking Port Set onto Spacedock so maybe use that instead.
  8. Thanks for the update. This GitHub Release is not in the GameData/ContractPacks/CC-CP-SCANSat folder, just the raw configs in the zip, which is causing CKAN to throw and exception and fail at installing. This is the exception although I guess it is relatively easy fix.
  9. Maybe I don't know what I'm talking about, but from how you've explained how it works, I feel this could also be somewhat easily adapted into an autopilot for boats if you flip the Splashed and Landed requirements. I guess the difficulties would be coming up with a maximum speed for the ship based on some parameters, I'm not sure what could be used, and as most boats use jet engines at the moment (apart from RoverDudes Submersible) you would probably want some kind of resource usage so you didn't get infinite endurance with a finite amount of Liquid Fuel. An idea for a future feature if you ever have the time and will.
  10. You forgot to update the .version file with most recent update of Unmanned Contracts, so AVC is complaining there is more up to date version.
  11. Career mode with no L3 Engineers yet, so was having to the replace them and suffer the couple of hours edit build time on my little KSC Science Rover. (I guess I should just drive a bit slower ) However I have followed the instructions and added the following to my KCT_ModuleTemplates.cfg and confirmed it works, a pretty simple one it seems. Thanks for the clear instructions. MODULE { name = ModuleWheel isDamaged = False } While I was there I was also looking to see if it is possible to reset the animation state of the MysteryGoo as that irritates me ever so slightly, but diff'ing a clean and recovered&reset one revealed about 20 changes and haven't managed to work out which one it is yet.
  12. Are rover wheels supposed to be repaired when recovered to the SPH? They show as fixed in the SPH, but when relaunched they are still broken. Is this intentional behaviour, a bug with my install or an enhancement opportunity?
  13. Yep I thought it was weird it was crashing at that particular point as well. My initial thought was it was conflicting textures named the same or something like that (I don't really know enough to know whether that is even a problem if they are), but them working fine on a clean stock install put paid to that. It was just weird it was consistently crashing at the exact same point (give or take 1 or 2 log entries, always while loading FE Icons) every single time and removing FE fixed it and putting it back made it happen again. As I said above I can live without Chatterer so have just uninstalled that, but thanks for looking at the logs anyway.
  14. CC @Crzyrndm - Didn't want to clog up your release thread with this. KSP: 1.0.5. - 1028 OS: Ubuntu 14.04 64bit - Proprietry NVidia Drivers I have a very heavily modded 64bit Linux Install that loads up perfectly fine and is playable, but a soon as I add FilterExtensions to the mix (almost required due to the number of parts I have) it crashes about 10 seconds into the load. I've tried with both a CKAN install and manual install and it seems to failing loading the icons according to the logs. It works perfectly fine with just Stock 1.0.5 + FilterExtensions so there is obviously some conflict somewhere with one of the other many mods I have. It may be a problem with FilterExternsions, or something else I'm not sure, but it only occurs with FE installed. I've attached the log files and below is my modlist. Now I know this is much to go on yet, what I was hoping was if you could point me in the direction of some mods to try removing from the list of 100+ below that are likely to be conflicting, so I can try to bisect the conflict. Logs: Modlist: Thanks in advance for any help anyone gives. Edit: I've started doing some bisecting anyway and found that FE + Chatterer cause the problem. Removing Chatterer allows it to load to the start, but Stock + FE + Chatterer seems to work fine, so maybe there is third party involved. Will keep bisecting down! Edit 2: So now I'm confused after some more bisecting, I thought Hullcam VDS might be involved for a little while as uninstalling it allowed Chatterer + FE to work happily together, but I don't think so as reinstalling it and they still all work happily together. So now it might have been one of the 30 or so Mods I removed 1 by 1 before that. :/ I'm just gonna put this down to KSP going a bit weird when you pile it high with mods. I can live without Chatterer in favour of FE. If anyone has any particular insight feel free to let me know, but otherwise consider this resolved.
  15. Thank you for the reply guys. I implemented Severedsolo's suggestion in a test contract (A simple reach 500m then land back on the runway) and it seems to be a bit temperamental. Occasionally when taking off it would trigger the failure, despite using completeInSequence = true and not having completed preceding parameters. (Maybe I'm reading the explanation of completeInSequence wrong, but I thought it meant a parameter wouldn't even be tested for until previous parameters are completed.) I understand about the != not being possible (was just an example syntax anyway), so no worries there. The lists for attributes would be awesome, allowing it to be done dynamically as opposed to specifying every other biome manually but maybe a very niche use case and not worth your effort, will see how much I use this kind of thing anyway. I also just implemented the same simple test contract using the None of ReachStates enumerated over a few biomes and it seems to work and could be a suitable brute force method, the only problem seems to be that being on the Runway is actually being in two Biomes simultaneously, as both biome = Runway and biome = Shores returns true when you are there, so I can't prohibit landing at Shores. I guess that is just an unavoidable idiosyncrasy of the KSC Biomes that will be liveable.