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  1. Ok, I'll test that out when I have the time this week.
  2. Hi @DECQ I don't remember which thread it was, but does your Mir work with 1.2.2?
  3. Hi there In the download folder you will find that the visual enhancements are on a separate folder so you can install the mod without them. Regarding scatterer I'm not entirely sure.
  4. Regarding RSS Extrasolar, there is a bug sometimes. When you try to plan you maneuver to do a interplanetary injection Sagitarius A will always be the target. With this I mean, no matter how you do the burn your spacecraft will always be leaving the Sol System towards the other stars. I'm not asking you to fix it, I just want to let people know before they install it
  5. I have both RSS expanded and RSS extra solar. They work, but you need to install their dependencies. For RSS expanded you need to install sigma binary.
  6. I have a question to @Berlin or @sDaZe, regarding the Moon closer to Earth. Is it by default in the mod or only with the new inclinations?
  7. How do they bug out? I think I will only play this during the weekend, I'm short on time now. But maybe you can try the dev version (you can find it on the MechJeb OP). I used that and so far had no trouble visiting the major planets in SSRSS, I'll report back when I test with the dwarf planets. Ah I also use Kerbal Alarm Clock.
  8. I tried this on a clean install, I just dropped the stuff of SSRSS into the Gamedata folder, the RSS textures and the dev version of Sigma dimensions. Then dropped the content of RSSE and Sigma binary. Like this EDIT: I used the Kopernicus folder provided with SSRSS only.
  9. Ok so I tested Real Solar System Expanded with this and I can say it works Here are some pics, I didn't take pics of every single new body because wow.. There are a lot! So I would suggest you guys post a link for this mod on the OP as a recommended mod or something.
  10. Wow, that's great news!! I'll try that tomorrow and report back! If someone wants to try it use the new one since the old mod has not been updated yet.
  11. @sDaZe and @Berlin you should create a github, this way people here could help you out building this wonderful mod
  12. I also like the current size of the system, I don't think that Earth needs to be the exact same size as Kerbin.
  13. Yay I can't wait for the weekend to play with this.
  14. I have a suggestion for @sDaZe and @Berlin , when you have time of course Will you guys add atmosphere to Pluto? That would be amazing and you can even add clouds. Here: http://news.discovery.com/space/rumors-spread-of-nitrogen-clouds-on-pluto-160304.htm Thank you for your amazing work!
  15. I'm using this with FAR, Deadly Reentry and Real Heat and so far is running great
  16. Someone took over RSS Expanded, it's updated now EDIT: Also, do you know if Kerbal Konstructs works with this? It would be awesome to add those mods with real launch pads.
  17. This turned out to be one of my favorite mods, definitely my favorite SLS mod Looking forward to play with this again.
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