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  1. Ah I can't wait to try this later today Thank you to all the team!
  2. As I understand DECQ does the modeling and texturing work and Dragon handles the cgf files.
  3. Ok cool, I'll try this out later. Thanks for the reply
  4. There's already the Raidernick soviet mod that adds the first versions of the Soyuz and I believe DECQ is working on the more recent Soyuz TMA.
  5. Here, maybe this will help you https://www.nasa.gov/press-release/nasa-completes-critical-design-review-for-space-launch-system [h=1][/h]
  6. Hi there! We are starting a Podcast regarding spaceflight, here is the video preview of our first episode This project was born in the group Those Magnificent Cosmonauts in their Rocket Machines (https://www.facebook.com/groups/479766648842593), which is a group that emerged from other KSP FB group. Here is a video preview And here is our website where you can listen to the show: http://magnificentcosmonauts.com
  7. Oh the Titan family would be awesome! Also, are you considering doing the rockets from the Europa Program?
  8. It's called Persistent Rotation, and it works with 1.04.
  9. Thank you very much frizzank. I had many hours of fun with your mod, and I learned a lot playing with it, so again thank you. Also, good luck with this NathanKell.
  10. Great to see this back Mike! All the luck for you and Triston!
  11. Hey man, I can edit the credits on the video. Please send me a PM with the info you want there and I'll change it. By the way, I'm glad to see this mod back
  12. It does, it was from one of my favorite mod packs back in the day. A lot of awesome ESA launchers and some great probes like Cassini, Viking, Venera and so on. The last update was to 0.25 I think.
  13. Yes, the other mods I used are mainly visual effects.
  14. Hey Jeast, sorry for the late answer. My intention was, aside from promoting this mod, to show my appreciation for the people working on it. And I remember back in the beginning that you were a big part on this. So that was the reason to include your name. But if you don't want it I respect that and I'll remove it as soon as possible.
  15. My first post here must be to thank Raidernick for his amazing job. I use his mods for a long time now and I always loved his attention to detail. Also it's awesome to have Voyager and New Horizons, so thank you very much.
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