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  1. Awesome thanks! So it was a id10t error :). It seems weird that you need to add a little part to the hitch to make it work right. Why not just incorporate it into the hitch or does it also perform some other function?
  2. Yep. That's exactly what I had in mind. I was going to create a basic rover with a hitch and then setup multiple trailers with different setups like Comms, mining, living quarters etc.
  3. Here's the screenshot. I think I eliminated the id10t error, at least I hope. Hitch Screenshot
  4. Anyone else having issues getting the active and passive hitches to dock in KSP 1.6.1? I've created a test environment with nothing but FUR, which BTW is an awesome mod kudos, and I can't seem to get them to dock. I created a simple two part vessel connected by the hitches (active on the first part, passive on the second). Loaded it on the runway. Decoupled the nodes move the first part ahead about 50 meters then backed it back up to the second part and no matter how perfectly I get them aligned they just won't reconnect. I don't even notice the 'magnetism' that usually occurs with docking. I'm including my ksp.log file just in case. ksp.log Thanks!
  5. I have the same microfreeze issue as well. I just thought it was me running too many mods. I'll try removing Kerbalism and see if they go away.
  6. Yep, I have the same problem and submitted an issue (#305) on the GitHub page. @Festivejelly, are you still having this issue? I'm having a very similar issue as well. I have a base setup on the Mun and if I load up the game everything is fine until I use the fastest time warp . (Just click it then set it back to normal) All of the sudden, the base on the Mun will start burning O2, Food, and a few other things like crazy and the stress and Co@ levels start rising like 1 - -2 % per second until the crew eventually succumb to the effects. The time warp is what seems to trigger it for me. Have you tried to test what actually triggers it? (I do run a lot of mods, but I can reproduce with only Wild Blue and USI installed. Also I downloaded latest Kerbalism release from GitHub (2.1.1) and manually installed it. I also removed Dynamic Battery as that was also suggested)
  7. @Festivejelly already took the words out of my mouth. Ampyear works great and allows you to see light side / dark side calculations
  8. @Maeyanie, I tried removing the DBS and still the same thing. I submitted an issue so maybe when @n70 has some time he can take a look. This is really an awesome mod and I'm glad he picked it back up. I wish I knew something about programming or else I would help.
  9. Anyone having issues with Near Future Electrical Reactors and Kerbalism? When Kerbalism is installed eh Reactor Control Panel disappears and you can no longer manage the reactors except to turn them on and off. I trimmed down my bug testing environment the following: KSP x64 Module Manager 3.1.3 Kerbalism 2.1.1 Near Future Electrical 0.10.4 B9 part switch 2.5.1 *required by NFE Community Resource Pack *required by NFE Dynamic Battery Storage 1.3.3 *required by NFE
  10. Not sure if this has been brought up yet or if this is the same issue @Vaga is having, but I am unable to change the engine mode for the WB2 or WB3 engines. I created a new test environment with just KSP, module manager 3.1.2 and MOLE . I made sure I didn't have any corrupted KSP files (Ran the file validation and then only run the KSP executable from the directory and not through steam launcher). Left all the settings default and if you go into VAB and try and change the engine modes on the WB2 and WB3 it will not change. The fulcrum seems to work properly, however after you make the change you need to do something to the craft (i.e. add/remove a part) before the D/V changes show up in the staging column on the right. Thanks!
  11. Are there any plans or is it even possible to use the RCS Build Aid in-flight? There are times when I'm trying to place RCS thrusters while in-flight and it would be nice to know the center of mass of the vehicle or have the build aid.
  12. @Angel-125 First, Awesome mods! This is another one of my 'must have mods' to play Kerbal with, however I have encountered a weird menu issue on the latest 1.4 version. Not sure if anyone else has encountered it yet. Actually two issues, but I am unable to recreate the second issue (No time passing for vehicle integration) with a clean install because the first issue (Vehicle Integration Window Disappears). So I'll just submit the first one until I can properly test and submit the logs and such. Basically the Vehicle Integration Window goes blank in the VAB. Here are the steps to recreate the issue. KSP version = BARIS Verison = 1.4 1. Fresh install of KSP 2. Fresh install of BARIS 3. Create New Career Mode Game. 4. Change settings to enable BARIS - Enable Parts can Break - Enable Debug Mode - Everything else default 5. Click on the BARIS icon from Space Center 6. Add 25 VAB workers 7. Close "Facilities and Workers" 8. Go into VAB 9. Create a new vessel - MK1 Command - Attach FLEA to bottom - Attach Fleas to surface around other FLEA. 10. Click BARIS icon 11. Click the High Bay 1 "Start Integration" icon to add vessel. (Vehicle integration window will blank out) - You can't modify the number of workers or anything at this point. - The only way I have found to get out of this is to trigger the " High Bay Collapse" event to destroy the vehicle and clear the bay. Menu Before.JPG?dl=0 Menu After.JPG?dl=0 In the Console I can also see lots of errors Error.JPG?dl=0 Here is the output.log file.
  13. Great Mod! I don't see Chemicals (USI Resource) in any of the available configurations. Am I missing something?
  14. I'm having a weird issue with the button missing. The module seems to load fine, however there is no button in the list. I looked through the output log file and noticed the following: (Filename: C:/buildslave/unity/build/artifacts/generated/common/runtime/UnityEngineDebugBindings.gen.cpp Line: 42) [Toolbar] [INFO] adding button: StageRecovery.MainButton (Filename: C:/buildslave/unity/build/artifacts/generated/common/runtime/UnityEngineDebugBindings.gen.cpp Line: 42) [Toolbar] [INFO] destroying old button with same ID: StageRecovery.MainButton (Filename: C:/buildslave/unity/build/artifacts/generated/common/runtime/UnityEngineDebugBindings.gen.cpp Line: 42) [Toolbar] [INFO] button destroyed: StageRecovery.MainButton (Filename: C:/buildslave/unity/build/artifacts/generated/common/runtime/UnityEngineDebugBindings.gen.cpp Line: 42) [AddonLoader]: Instantiating addon 'AdminResizer' from assembly 'Strategia' Full Output.log file I'm running a ton of mods so it's likely something is causing the issue, but was wondering if anyone else may have had this issue before.
  15. Stone Blue, What's the status of this mod? Any chance of it being revived?