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  1. Yeah, he says he'll add it eventually. I have heard people using Wine or something (IDK b/c I use Windows) to run it on Linux, though.
  2. No, spaceships are stock in SE. I did not have any mods in this video.
  3. I made a Space Engine planetary landing video. The atmospheric entry and orbital mechanics reminded me of KSP a lot! A combination of KSP and SE would be incredible.
  4. I wish they had a timeline like SpaceX's webcast.
  5. I wonder why OCISLY is just sitting out there. Maybe they are securing?
  6. Yeah, I'm having the same issue. The log says [EXC 10:19:56.509] NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object ModuleRCS.FixedUpdate ()
  7. For some reason, KSP seems to have made the 32-bit .exe the default. To launch 64-bit, I have to right click on KSP in Steam and launch as 64-bit. Is there any way to fix it, and is it happening to anyone else? Also, I reinstalled KSP, so mods are not the issue.
  8. I was testing an Eve lander that I've been working on and some phantom forces spun my craft. I even turned off electricity, yet it still occurs. It appears to be the craft spinning itself because, as the pictures show, there is a constant torque on the craft. The main issue is that this torque rips the craft apart during liftoff on Eve because the craft turns when I turn SAS off while going extremely fast low in the atmosphere. When SAS is on, the torque is not applied. Is there any idea on what this could be (besides the Kraken)? Note that I uninstalled Hyperedit and rebooted KSP and was still affected. Also, I played earlier with Hyperedit but without this issue.
  9. I have confirmed that magnetism is causing this effect. I will post a video soon. I made my own design and it worked. It is similar to yours.
  10. That sounds great, actually. I'm going out of town for 10 or so days and leaving tomorrow.
  11. I was just thinking about how magnets repel and wondered if permanent magnets could be used as a propellant-less source of delta-V in space. If there is something completely wrong with this idea or this is a stupid question, please correct me.
  12. Are wings required? If they are, can we just use tiny wings such as basic wings for the main wing?
  13. Will the new race be a new challenge, have a separate leader board, or replace this challenge? Also, does the fairing rule mean we can't use fairings or can't put repulsors in fairings? Nevermind, I assume it will be a separate challenge due to the leader board closing.
  14. This is the same craft as before, but this one doesn't fly for the first portion of the race. I actually managed a better time while flying on the ground! This one follows both the rules and the spirit of the challenge. Regardless, I still had some major air due to the simple fact that mach 1 objects, brick or plane, would rather fly than stay on the ground. I also left the resources tab open to show how electricity usage fluctuates based on Turbo Jet engine throttle. Start Time: T+ 0:40 End Time: T+ 3:24 Total Race Time: 2:44 Highest Speed Achieved: 760 m/s Download (for proof)
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