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  1. Alright I am having a REALLY hard with learning this mod. I am a programmer but I feel like things behind the scenes are changing without my knowledge. I have tested the below script multiple times and every time it has worked until now. I have not added any more mods or changed anything about the game. My problem is that the steering no longer works or even locks. It does not steer the vessel and I can still steer it. It used to be that I could not steer it while the script was running and it did steer itself correctly. Anyone able to see what I am doing wrong? clearscreen. sas off. rcs on. set ship:control:mainthrottle to 0.7. print "COUNT DOWN!". wait 1. from { local countdown is 3. } until countdown = 0 step { set countdown to countdown - 1. } do { clearscreen. print "COUNT DOWN!". print countdown. wait 1. } clearscreen. print "LAUNCH!". stage. wait 5. lock steering to ship:up. print "GEAR UP". set gear to not gear. wait 2. print "SOLAR PANELS DEPLOYED". ag10 on. when ship:altitude > 100 then { print "CLEARED FOR FULL THROTTLE". set ship:control:mainthrottle to 1.0. return false. } when apoapsis >= 5000 then { print "APOAPSIS ABOVE 5km". print "TURNING TO 0 DEGREES". lock steering to heading(90, 0). return false. } when apoapsis >= 25000 then { print "REACHED APOAPSIS OF 25km". print "ENGINES OFF". set ship:control:mainthrottle to 0.0. return false. } wait until ship:apoapsis >= 25000. sas on. rcs off. print "SAS TURNED ON". print "---------". print "SET MANEUVERING NODE FOR". print "ORBITAL INSERTION BURN". print "---------". EDIT: I figured it out. It's a bug between kOS and Extraplanetary Launch pads. When I build a ship with EL pads and run a kOS script the steering does not work. But if I build the ship with EL pads THEN load up another ship more then 2.5 km away then go back and load up the ship built with EL pads then run a kOS script EVERYTHING works including the steering.
  2. I'm having a bit of trouble with this mod. Everything works except for the recycle bin. While it will make parts of a ship disappear and if those parts store fuel or electricity it will transfer those resources to the ship with the recycle bin the parts themselves do not get turned into scrap metal or metal or rocket parts or anything. I have read about the recipes and have modified the recipe file so that it produces Metal but that didn't work. I have also made a ship which can store Scrape Metal, Metal, AND Rocket Parts and the recycler never produces any of them. Even the log file says that the resources are being transferred as far as I can tell. Does anyone have any suggestions? Below is a section of my log file showing a part being recycled by the Recycle Bin: Oops. I'm an idiot. I forgot that USI changes the resources for this mod to their own resources. Never mind. I'll just go off now and be embarrassed.
  3. I have the latest version of procedural fairings but it now all of a sudden has stopped working. The Interstage Fairing part can't have the fairing part attach to it anymore and when you right click on the Interstage Fairing the whole game grinds about 1 frame every 3-5 seconds. Is there a fix for this? Edit: FIXED IT!!! This is probably just a temp fix but it works. So in the Procedural Fairings folder you have to copy the files called side1.cfg and side2.cfg and call them side1Bottom.cfg and side2Bottom.cfg. The files with bottom in their name you must find the line with "node_stack_connect" and make sure it says: node_stack_connect = 0, 0.5, 0, 0, -1, 0, 0. Also find the line with title and name it what you want to differentiate them in the parts list in the game. While the other files you must have the same line but it must look like the following: node_stack_connect = 0, 0.5, 0, 0, 1, 0, 0. No minus on the number 1. Still no fix for the slow down however. But it is confirmed that Tweakable Everything is the problem.
  4. I am having some problems with the latest release of MechJeb. I just downloaded it and one of my custom windows is now not working properly. The "node burn countdown" and "node burn length" elements are not working properly. In the settings file you create it says for those elements the following: "id = Value:NodeExecutor.NextNodeCountdown" and "id = Value:NodeExecutor.NextNodeBurnTime". However "node burn time" works and it has for the settings file the following: "id = Value:InfoItems.NextManeuverNodeBurnTime". I don't know if this helps or not. Is there anything I need to do? Or is this something wrong with MechJeb? Thank-you for your time. Update: It has started working again. It didn't work around Minmus it now works around Kerbin. Anyway I will come back if it stops working again.
  5. I have a few quick questions. I want to build a docking arm with IR but I read on your main post that we can't mix IR parts and docking ports "directly or indirectly". So how indirectly are we talking about here? Is it enough to have a IR part like a hinge then attach something like a Cubic Octagonal Strut then a docking port? Or is it that any vessel which has a docking port and IR parts will have problems? Also if I may ask what is the problem that gets created when this bug gets activated? Crashing? Odd behavior?
  6. I have uninstalled this mod as it just plainly does not work. It has deleted my saved AGs repeatedly, it keeps saving tons of files that I don't want or need. As an added "bonus" I can't get any help on these problems.
  7. I'm having a problem with this mod. Is it supposed to create a AGExt####.cfg file EVERY TIME the game saves? Can it be made to save only one file? Every time I save with the quick save feature or Kerbal saves the game this mod creates a file in the save game folder called AGExt####.cfg. The #### are numbers which start at 0001 and keep counting up every time it creates a new save. I end up with 60 files with just a few hours of game play.