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  1. xendelaar

    Posters Done In Retrowave Aesthetic [PDIRA] [cratercrap]

    incredible work CC! I really love the picture with the mountains of pluto.
  2. xendelaar

    Any cool up to date cockpit mods available?

    really? that's awesome. i can't wait to test it tomorrow after work!
  3. xendelaar

    Which VR headset to get? [resolved]

    good thing you invested in the upgrade. while I'm pretty enthusiastic about the oculus rift, vr gaming to me still feels more little a nice gimmick than a must have. still.. kerbalVR mod is really a cool experience. with the proper interior mods you can even push on the switches inside the cockpit with you touch controllers. so I'm able to fly the vessel completely from within the cockpit. that's really awesome!
  4. xendelaar

    Any cool up to date cockpit mods available?

    So how does this actually work? You and your dad are sitting next to each other and he does the vessel building and node-placing? And then you get behind the keyboard and fly the contraptions he builds? Sounds like great way of spending time together! Setting the reward slider 20% sure makes this an interesting challenge! It will take quite some time before you unluck the entire tech tree! What’s your main goal of this career game? Unlocking the tech tree? Or visiting all bodies? Or retrieve all the science possible? Or something else maybe? It sure does sound like an interesting mod to have, although it wouldn’t be useful in this particular case, since I’m not able to check other screens while I’m wearing the VR gear. I looked at your current outdated version and it really looks slick! I bet you invested a huge amount of time in it! It’s stunning! I would surely download this mod if you would make an update.
  5. xendelaar

    Any cool up to date cockpit mods available?

    yeah, guesstimating a final orbit is one thing, but getting a encounter with a planet with just a guesstimate is a bit too much for me. I just installed this gem and it's working great in VR! you can actually really push the buttons with the motion hand controllers. It is feaking epic! Thanks for the tip! Hi there friend! it sounds like an epic journey! can't wait to start my own IVA missions! I only don't have a dad who's able to build me some cheap ass vessels for me to fly. but then again. I really enjoy engineering the rockets myself! how do you plan your trajectories? from out the cockpit? or do you allow yourself to use map mode-view? In VR, it's not possible to exit IVA mode, so I'm completely dependent on the things i can arrange from out the cockpit. Do you have any tips on planning launch windows, and setting up nodes without going to map mode-view? I installed vessel viewer! It looks awesome in IVA!! THanks I believe there are camera's available in rpm. i tried them but could figure out to get the screens to work. I will have to look in to it. never heard of partcommander before! thanks for the tip! I'm thinking RPM covers almost all of the options available in the game, but I must admit I haven't checked all af them... the are SO MANY buttons inside cockpit!! It's unbelievable! hehe my missions never go wrong (*nose growing by the minute) so I don't need F3 Thanks for the tips everybody! Any additional VR or IVA only tips are always welcome!
  6. xendelaar

    Which VR headset to get? [resolved]

    Hey there @p1t1o I just like to necro this post and give my sincere apologies.. In a previous post in this thread, I said VR isn’t all that great for KSP. I just installed the oculus rift on my pc and added Kerbal-VR to KSP. The game has real potentiaal in VR! I’m currently upgrading the mod list with IVA can props so I can see all important reading inside the cockpit, since Kerbal VR only works with IVA. After that I will try to fly to the Mun. Sounds like a blast to me! Just wanted to let you know… Did you finally purchase a VR set?
  7. xendelaar

    Any cool up to date cockpit mods available?

    interesting mod! will definitely check it out when I get more flight information from the interior. what a cool dad your friends got! doing iva missions without any information about your apoapsis sounds pretty difficult to me
  8. I've been looking for an up to date cockpit interior mod so I can make an complete IVA trip.. the stock layout does not provide enough info for me to get off the planet. are there any easy to install mods available to help me on my quest? I can't seem to find one that works. which mods would you recommend?
  9. Hey Fellow kerbonauts, I just borrowed the Oculus Rift from a colleague of mine so I could play some cool 3D games (namely Subnautica and ye olde Skyrim). This morning I had a moment of clarity and wondered if there is a VR mod available for KSP! To my surprise, there is!!! It’s called Kerbal-VR: https://github.com/Vivero/Kerbal-VR Does anybody have any experience with this mod? It looks like the mod is made for the VIVE.. does this also work with the Oculus Rift? I saw a pretty neat video of a guy flying in a Kerbal plane, but of course I would love to get a real SPACE ship to another planet (preferably without vomiting)! Any tips and tricks are also welcome off course
  10. xendelaar

    tips on building a trip master/ tachometer/ odometer

    just wanted to let everybody know we won the contest! the Arduino worked like a charm! we did have a fairly large deviation at the end if the day: 300 meters per 100 kilometers... we noticed that the error the route maker makes was larger than the error we made by only using a sensor on one tire... still.. I will make an even better version next year! thanks again for all the help!
  11. xendelaar

    Stock helicopter with cyclic

    wow it's really flies great huh! amazing job
  12. what kind of projects were you thinking of? my colleague uses several raspberries in his home. one for video security and another to temperature monitor his garden pizza oven! very cool stuff! im more into arduino myself. I've been making a odometer for a silly rally i compete in for farts and giggles... and I want to make a temperature controlled fermentor for my home brewing someday.
  13. xendelaar

    tips on building a trip master/ tachometer/ odometer

    GPS is not the right way to go for my case. My odometer also works with the # of the wheel turns. only my setup uses only one wheel, whereas the odometer from my car probably uses all wheels or just the ones from the main shaft (I think). Averaging the distance between two wheels would be the perfect solution! I'm sure of it! Thanks for your Ramblings. yesterday I did another test. Aims of the test Test the arduino over a large distance in urban area with a lot of corners. If the inaccuracy is less than 200 meters (0.124 miles) per 100 km (62.1 miles), then the setup is acceptable! Method I drove 10 km (6.2 miles) on the freeway, I then calibrated the Arduino I drove into an urban area and started driving through the neighborhood. I took as many corners as possible. I didn't count the left or right turns and just drove a bit at random. This will happen also during the real "rally", but in less extreme extend.. After 26 km I stopped and measured the difference between the Arduino and car odometer. Results The difference was 21 meter at 26 km. Which corresponds with < 80 meter (0.05 miles) per 100 km (62 miles).. This is far from perfect, but for my application is accurate enough... Well.. it is acceptable I would still like to install another sensor on the opposite wheel, but the car we are using isn't my own and the owner (my father in law) doesn't want another magnet on a tire. So there is little I can do about that.. What's next? The rally will take place next week. There is little time to think of another way to measure the number of wheel turns on a car without placing a marker on the tire. I’ve been flirting with the idea of using sonar to measure the spacing between the tire rims, but I don’t know if this method is fast enough. If I don’t find a way, the current method will perform ok, but it does feel a bit sloppy… If any of you have any suggestions I’m eager to listen.
  14. xendelaar

    tips on building a trip master/ tachometer/ odometer

    Thanks for the reply! Wouldn’t the pressure being governed by the ideal gas law (p * V = n * R * T)? In that case, the pressure would be independent of the gas composition, assuming all vapors remain gaseous during the trip, right? If condens is formed then you're completely right off course! Also, if the composition/temperature or pressure does change the circumference of the tire, the same error would be measured by both car odometer and Arduino. In other words, the error would occur in both systems at the same order of magnitude so you wouldn’t measure any differences at any given temperature or pressure.