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  1. Actually.. that's a very good suggestion! It's not that expensive at all! Thanks man. I must say I started with a 1500 euro ($1650 ) budget and ended up with a 2000 euro ($2200) design.. I'm still wondering if should skip the i7 and go for an i5 (9600k) because I'm only using it for gaming.. I'll have to sleep on that :)
  2. I was thinking of the 3000 MHz strips (Link). What would you suggest? That means I will buy one in december when red dead redemption 2 joins the pcmasterrace
  3. the "s" wasn't meant as plural hehe. It's the RTX 2080 Super. thanks for commenting on the setup. I'm still wondering if i should wait for the next gen GPU's or not..they're being released somewhere next year.. Also the new Icy lake CPU chips are released in 2020, but I believe this is only for laptops... just thinking out loud... I could always replace a gpu with a new one, but replacing the CPU is more difficult since we don't know if we can use the same motherboard or not. Maybe I should buy the new setup when KSP2 comes out...
  4. I've been thinking of buying a new game pc.. my current setup is ok (i5 4690 + gtx 970). WHat would you guys do: Wait until the next gen RTX GPU's come out next year or go for this setup: Part Item CPU i7-9700k MB Asus PRIME z390 A Atx lga1151 GPU MSI RTX2080s COOLER Be quiet! Dark Rock 4 RAM Corsair Vengeance LPX 16 GB DDR4 SSD intel 660p 1Tb POWER Fractial design edison M 650 W 80+ Gold CASING Phaneks Enthoo Pro ATX Full tower case In total, this setup is around 2200 euro (including windows 10, installation and assembly ) I mainly use my pc for gaming: KSP, rimworld, witcher 3, fallout, red dead redemption 2, KSP 2 (!).. it would be nice to play games at 60hz and 4k resolution, but I really want to play RDR2 and KSP2 with all sliders to da maxxxxx
  5. thanks for asking not yet.. i designed a 20 tonnes helicopter/spaceship hybrid for the occasion but somehow lost interest after posting this mission report. maybe I will try it again when I regain the KSP-virus. I'm currently working on other stuff
  6. your artwork is outstanding! I also love the layout!
  7. Interesting design. you went all in adding scanning tools and setting up a communication network relay. Can't wait to read the next chapter
  8. wow, your designs looking really stunning! you put a lot of effort in them, and the story as well! I love the idea of an ironman playthrough but I haven't got the guts to do so!
  9. I actually took over 1055 screenshots with a autohotkey script I wrote haha XD. I tried to record the whole 10 hour mission, but then got a nag screen from my recording software that my 10 minute demo was expired... so I had to think of something on the fly! so that's why I made the autohotkey script to help me out. the script took a picture every 30s en 60s. Stitching all the pictures together (in VideoPad) was a poodle and the result is less than ideal, since it's kind of choppy... but it's better than nothing I guess. Next time I will try to get proper recording software before i start a mission haha. In hindsight I don't think my hard drive would be pleased if it had to store 10 hours of 2k footage haha..
  10. thanks for the tip! I notice I forget to take screenshots during important of interesting events, because... well.. my mind is caught up by the interesting or important event haha. so that's why the authotkey-print-screen-script was ideal for me. The result isn't what I hoped for, so I will definitely try to record only the interesting bits from now on.
  11. No YOU'RE WOW! thanks for watching. the mission was really fun and pretty easy! It only took most of my Saturday (starting at 9:00 and finished up around 22:00). I was AFK a lot of the time, but I did enjoy watching the scenery!
  12. you're absolutely right! It's 10 hours of screenshot footage. at that time, I didn't have any proper recording software. I used bandycam and that only allowed me to record 10 minutes of footage. I was already busy with the mission when I noticed the 10 minute cap, so I then decided to write an autohotkey script on the fly (pun intended) that would take a screenshot every 30 to 60 seconds. The result is what you see above.. If I ever decide to do this kind of (10hr) mission again again I will still consider the autohotkey script method, because 10 hours of 2k movie footage takes up a lot of storage haha. but for smaller missions, I will definitely record a proper video and time accelerate it within the movie editor. the choppyness in my latest video is hardly bearable to watch. thanks for watching btw!
  13. aaahhh! that makes sense! didn't test that option! thanks.
  14. circumnavigation around Eve with a stock propeller plane. weight: 3,400 kg top speed: 130 m/s total duration of mission: 12 real life hours ksp version: 1.7.3 (Breaking ground DLC)
  15. just made my first video with Videopad.. adding text to a scene went tediously slow, but other than that it's a perfect program! Thank you!! (shameless link to video)