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  1. cool story man. pretty dark as well. how do you come up with this material? i also liked the way you post processed the pictures. this was surely not made in paint.
  2. I have to agree with NSEP on this one. The Eve and rock thingy win first prize!
  3. stunning collection. those surface drawings are really something else
  4. @theJesuit thanks! It took me quite some time indeed! It was a great way to neglect real life relations! @cratercracker wow, thanks for these kind words man! you make me feel all warm and fuzzy. We shared many messages and ideas the last couple of months and thanks to your tips, support and off course awesome flags you made my journey much more fun and interesting . I also would like to thank you for your fair criticism on my reports. It's awesome to see your pixel artwork is really taking off on the forum. You "infected" many other people with your inspiring artwork. I also gave it a try a couple of times, but I just lack the creativity and patience to draw art. I never came further than a crude version of the Mun ... :D I finally concluded that I just have to stick to engineering and leave the artistic stuff to creative people. thanks again. I feel proud that I can call you my friend!
  5. finally a proper collection of the mission reports of your circumnavigation! i think i read most of the reports already, but i will sure read them again. thanks for the interesting story!
  6. COMPLETING THE CHALLENGE I've been biome hopping my buns off the last couple of months. I visited many planets and extracted most of their science points, including: Minmus, Mun, Ike, Duna (not all biomes), Gilly, Bop, Pol, Laythe, Vall and Tylo! but with all reward sliders at 10%, that wasn't enough science to unlock the entire tech tree... (in case you didn't know: that's what I'm trying to accomplish). So I still have 4 planets left to visit: Dres, Moho, Eeloo and dreaded Eve! So the last couple of weeks I've been spending my free time on visiting these planets. Here's a small impression of the mission. This time I'll try to keep it short. First I went to Eeloo In order to biome hop in this dark environment, I had to upgrade my current biome hopper with some isotope reactors and some batteries. I also hauled in a better communication satellite. The biome hop mission was easy peasy. Next stop were Dres and Moho Dres was also an easy mission, but getting to Moho was a bit more challenging. I didn't have enough fuel to fly from Gilly to Moho and land on its surface. I was able to get into a nice orbit though. So I send refueler to give ye olde biome hopper some extra fuel. After that, the biome hop mission was also nothing out of the ordinary. I now collected 400 science reports and I didn't know if I had enough to unlock all nech nodes. I really didn't want to go to Eve so I was hoping this would be enough to complete the challenge! So with my heart pounding in my chest I flew back to Kerbin and landed the science pod near the KSC. After recovering the ship I received this mission report: 6504 SCIENCE POINTS!! That's not bad.. not bad at all! Let's see if that's enough to unlock the rest of the nodes! aaaaaawww yeaahhh! I did it: I proved that it's possible to unlock the entire tech tree with all reward sliders on 10%. I still have 1500 science points left to spend! During the making of this mission I did not use the mobile processing lab* and no animals got hurt. I did use the very important LEADERSHIP STRATEGY at 30%. Without it, I think I wouldn't have been able to complete my quest at all. A special thanks for @Cunjo Carl for giving me this golden tip! Bob and Bill are still stranded around Bop and Laythe... But I'll get them back home! *I actually did use the MPL once, but after that I cheated those earned science points back to oblivion. I only wanted to use the overpowered lab if there was no other option. So there you have it. It was a heck of a ride! There were times I thought it couldn't be done and there were times I really had to get out of my comfort zone to make any progress (which was really cool). All in all it was a great experience! Thanks for reading!
  7. i think your mission is so awesome. it takes a lot of effort and patience circumnavigate Tylo. I enjoy reading your updates.
  8. very cool idea. i will try your mod for sure when i finish my current career
  9. - when you realize there are other dutch people on the forum my last bump for this thread: 7:20 displays how big the doors of the VAB are... 9:45 drone movie above the shuttle.
  10. thanks for the heads up @Vanamonde. here is the complete video. it is in dutch but it does have English subs. @Joseph Kerman i think you're right
  11. My buddy bob visited the abandoned space shuttle in the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. He made a movie about his adventure. it's pretty cool! i don't know if it is actually completely legal to visit the shuttle so I want to ask a moderator if it's ok to share the link to the video? it's really impressive!
  12. very impressive
  13. very nice album and mission report. sounds like a great challenge! too bad your kerbal got stranded. but that gives you the opportunity to go and pick her up again. yay!
  14. how do you calculate how much delta v you need for each stage? do you use maths? or do you simulate stuff with hyper edit
  15. that's really impressive. I'm not even able to get into orbit with only srb's and you're doing a grand tour?? that's Amazing!