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  1. Which VR headset to get?

    just watched some PR video's of VR with Skyrim and to be honest... I was pretty amazed! Maybe I will buy one too
  2. Solar System In 3D! [Japanese Clay] [Panel]

    wow that is really stunning! how long did you work on this project. looks like it took a lot of work.
  3. Which VR headset to get?

    I don't agree with you one this one. As I recall, if the camera is rotating while you're standing still... your brain will literally flip because it doesn't understand what is happening. This will result in an instant headache. That's what I noticed during the flight simulator. SO when you're plotting a course and rotate the camera to see where your orbit is heading, things will get messy. Maybe your brain can get used to this… I don’t know.. hmm… come to think of it.. you could use the kerbal as a fixed viewing point and have the internal dashboard as a tool for plotting courses.. for instance.. you could look on a large 2D screen in the cockpit to plot your course? You’ll be the kerbal the whole trip… damn… I want VR goggles as well now… darn you! It would be awesome to peform Eva tasks in Low orbit arount a moon/planet. I haven't played the VR mods for skyrim or fallout though, so I don't know if it is any good.
  4. Anyone watched "Europa Report" yet?

    @kerbiloidDon't know if that's the correct term for this kind of scenario, but it was the only thing I could come up with. I'm glad you understand what I meant. I just realized that the specific gravity on Europa is less than on the moon. They didn't really demonstrate this in the movie, which is a shame. Fun fact: a return trip from Earth to Europa would cost approximately 41 km/s delta-V... (assuming aero braking on Earth and no gravity assists)
  5. Which VR headset to get?

    I also played a flight simulator and I have to admit that worked perfectly! man.. It felt like i could reach out and touch the interface. Only bad thing was crashing... when that happened, the camera would move out of the cockpit and circle around the plane, which caused an instant headache. But this only happened because the software wasn't really made for VR.. It used a mod for this. I wish you lots of fun with your new investment. I also wish there was a way to make VR applicable for RPG shooters (Fallout, Skyrim etc)... I don't see the benefits of VR for KSP at the moment though...
  6. Which VR headset to get?

    Sorry for not answering your initial question but: have you ever played VR games? I have, but only several hours. It was highly immersive, but also a bit tiresome. I wouldn't want to play this a whole evening for instance. Also, the fact that you're not able to realy walk in a shooter game, but have to teleport everytime, is for me a big no-no.
  7. Hey, y'all...

    you must have faced this phenomenon before.. but behind a window. It's when you have to close the curtains in order to see what's on your monitor...
  8. tips on building a trip master/ tachometer/ odometer

    Wow! Thanks @GoSlash27 for going out of your way to gather this much information about my friends volvo! It’s a shame it is not possible to retrieve the rotation pulses from the OBD2 plug. It still is a mystery to my why it is possible to retrieve the distance the gas paddle is being “pushed in” while it is not possible to get the milage from your darn digital dashboard! In the past, the thought occurred to us to “hack” the signal from the cars pulse sensor as well, but we never had the guts to cut the wires and tamper with the electronics. I can imagine that it would be pretty bad if something went wrong… Your post gives me encouragement . Since I’m not an electrician, nor a mechanic, it would be best to let a professional take a look at it. Maybe he can attach a copper wire to the signal wire for me. After that I can try to count the pulses with the Arduino, like you suggested! We’ve already found that the ODOmeter of the car is very accurate compared to the distances provided in the puzzle description so this solution would be perfect!
  9. Anyone watched "Europa Report" yet?

    the story was pretty predictable: **WARNING SPOILERS IN SPOILER** But besides those flaws, I really enjoyed it. The whole premise of visiting Europa is so fresh and intriguing to me that I just had to see it. I wanted to see how the director would display the surface of the planet to the viewer. I was not disappointed ! I'm glad you guys liked it as well.
  10. I just watched the movie Europa report (IMDB = 6.5) and must say I was pretty blown away by it. It captures perfectly the way a return trip to Europa could be when done in real life. The story itself isn't Oscar worthy or anything, and there were several inaccuracies, but still..I really did enjoy watching it. What did you guys think?
  11. tips on building a trip master/ tachometer/ odometer

    During the rally, we drive an Volvo XC70 (2013). It doesn't have RWD. I found this list on the web with all the signals you can retrieve from the car computer. I wasn't able to find the code for the odometer or the pulses from the antilock brakes. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OBD-II_PIDs is there a way of getting information from the wheel rotation? Am I missing something in the list? THat would be awesome, because that would save me a lot of work! I would still make the arduino unit though, just for fun hehe.
  12. Eve orbit for only 3.6 tons

    this is truly an amazing design!
  13. tips on building a trip master/ tachometer/ odometer

    good to know record speed won't be a problem. i bought a non latching version. but it's a cheap one. maybe I have to invest in a more expensive one that is more sensitive? we'll see... like you said the software will be really array. just a counter that writes a number to a file. didn't think about the noise from the car. I'll have to test that as well. maybe I can shield the signals with extra magnets? the mounting of of the gadget will also be tricky. but first things first: learning to assemble electronics and programs some daq software. i also have to wait a couple of weeks before i get the gear.... that sucks
  14. hi everybody, quick question: What is an appropriate wing surface to mass ratio in order to glide towards a proper landing zone on Eve with a space plane?
  15. tips on building a trip master/ tachometer/ odometer

    just ordered the arduino uno start kit. Can't wait to start playing with my new toys! With @Shpaget's tutorials I will be able to create the device I need. the only thing I don't know is how constant the detection and noise signal will be. By this I mean what the spread is in the detection time when the magnet passes the hall effect sensor (at different velocities). If the spread is small the accuracy is higher.. maybe I can reduce noise and increase the sample rate somehow after I finished the proof of principle. Also I'm worried about connecting the device to the car. It will have to be a rigid contraption and I wonder what will happen if the sensor starts shaking/vibrating while driving. I wish I had KSP struts haha. I guess I'll have to test this in order to get answers any tips are still welcom off course