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  1. your artwork is outstanding! I also love the layout!
  2. Interesting design. you went all in adding scanning tools and setting up a communication network relay. Can't wait to read the next chapter
  3. wow, your designs looking really stunning! you put a lot of effort in them, and the story as well! I love the idea of an ironman playthrough but I haven't got the guts to do so!
  4. I actually took over 1055 screenshots with a autohotkey script I wrote haha XD. I tried to record the whole 10 hour mission, but then got a nag screen from my recording software that my 10 minute demo was expired... so I had to think of something on the fly! so that's why I made the autohotkey script to help me out. the script took a picture every 30s en 60s. Stitching all the pictures together (in VideoPad) was a poodle and the result is less than ideal, since it's kind of choppy... but it's better than nothing I guess. Next time I will try to get proper recording software before i start a mission haha. In hindsight I don't think my hard drive would be pleased if it had to store 10 hours of 2k footage haha..
  5. thanks for the tip! I notice I forget to take screenshots during important of interesting events, because... well.. my mind is caught up by the interesting or important event haha. so that's why the authotkey-print-screen-script was ideal for me. The result isn't what I hoped for, so I will definitely try to record only the interesting bits from now on.
  6. No YOU'RE WOW! thanks for watching. the mission was really fun and pretty easy! It only took most of my Saturday (starting at 9:00 and finished up around 22:00). I was AFK a lot of the time, but I did enjoy watching the scenery!
  7. you're absolutely right! It's 10 hours of screenshot footage. at that time, I didn't have any proper recording software. I used bandycam and that only allowed me to record 10 minutes of footage. I was already busy with the mission when I noticed the 10 minute cap, so I then decided to write an autohotkey script on the fly (pun intended) that would take a screenshot every 30 to 60 seconds. The result is what you see above.. If I ever decide to do this kind of (10hr) mission again again I will still consider the autohotkey script method, because 10 hours of 2k movie footage takes up a lot of storage haha. but for smaller missions, I will definitely record a proper video and time accelerate it within the movie editor. the choppyness in my latest video is hardly bearable to watch. thanks for watching btw!
  8. aaahhh! that makes sense! didn't test that option! thanks.
  9. circumnavigation around Eve with a stock propeller plane. weight: 3,400 kg top speed: 130 m/s total duration of mission: 12 real life hours ksp version: 1.7.3 (Breaking ground DLC)
  10. just made my first video with Videopad.. adding text to a scene went tediously slow, but other than that it's a perfect program! Thank you!! (shameless link to video)
  11. thanks @qzgy and @5thHorseman! I will try Lightworks and Videopad (Demo)! I'm not looking for fancy transitions just yet. A neat little stop motion time lapse with a layer of text and perhaps some royalty free music.
  12. I see all these great KSP video's or gif's going around on the internet and I'm wondering which (free?) ones you guys use to make them? Which ones do you recommend? Last night I tried to make a KSP movie with some "free" software and noticed a HUGE watermark was embedded into the movie, making it unbearable to watch haha. It took me hours to make the video... I felt so stupid haha. Maybe I'll buy a pro version in the future... but for now, I just want to test if the movie making hobby is something I enjoy doing.
  13. lowering the rpm to 300 does make the craft more stable in time warp.. but due to deformation, the blades get oriented in a weird way.. which causes the velocity drop almost tenfold!
  14. didn't even think about reloading problems! thanks for the heads up. so prior to saving, I should brake the propeller and save after they come to a stop? did you experiment with a maximum rpm of 300? I haven't tried it yet. Or maybe there is a way of "welding" the parts together?
  15. Is there a way to attach propeller to a motor in a way that the propellers don't fly off the vessel when you initiate a 2x time warp while the blades are spinning? In my case, the craft gets very unstable and the whole vessel eventually disassembles. I read somewhere that lowering the RPM to 300 could help? Any other tips would be great! I’m planning on circumventing a planet with a propeller plane.. so it would be helpful if I could speed some stuff up.
  16. TLDR I built a sealevel worthy helicopter lifter for Eve. It’s able to lift a 15 tonnes craft up to 22km without breaking a sweat. Because the craft is out of the soup, I can get it into orbit for a relatively small delta v budget: ~4800 m/s. If you like, you can check my video (3:55): Long story Ever since I got KSP since version 0.90 I’ve thought prop vessels would be a perfect way to move through the dense atmosphere! I tried building many stock propellers but I never got one to work properly on Eve. With the new expansion, I finally got the ability to make a proper prop vessel and this time! To make things a bit more interesting I attached a rocket so that I could get the craft in to orbit. I made 5 tonnes helicopter ( with help from this tutorial)that’s able to lift a 15 tonnes payload up to 22km. From here, I can launch a vessel with a vacuum rocket engine and get to space with less than 4800 m/s delta v. I actually deliberately didn’t check if there are any other designs already posted on the internet, because I really wanted to design something myself. I’m convinced that this is not the most efficient design out there...but man, I had lots of fun designing and testing everything! Maybe I can turn this into a challenge If there are any people up to it? Maybe in the order of, getting into orbit with a chopper-rocket combination? Scoring on weight and delta v required to get into a 100x100 km orbit?
  17. incredible work CC! I really love the picture with the mountains of pluto.
  18. really? that's awesome. i can't wait to test it tomorrow after work!
  19. good thing you invested in the upgrade. while I'm pretty enthusiastic about the oculus rift, vr gaming to me still feels more little a nice gimmick than a must have. still.. kerbalVR mod is really a cool experience. with the proper interior mods you can even push on the switches inside the cockpit with you touch controllers. so I'm able to fly the vessel completely from within the cockpit. that's really awesome!
  20. So how does this actually work? You and your dad are sitting next to each other and he does the vessel building and node-placing? And then you get behind the keyboard and fly the contraptions he builds? Sounds like great way of spending time together! Setting the reward slider 20% sure makes this an interesting challenge! It will take quite some time before you unluck the entire tech tree! What’s your main goal of this career game? Unlocking the tech tree? Or visiting all bodies? Or retrieve all the science possible? Or something else maybe? It sure does sound like an interesting mod to have, although it wouldn’t be useful in this particular case, since I’m not able to check other screens while I’m wearing the VR gear. I looked at your current outdated version and it really looks slick! I bet you invested a huge amount of time in it! It’s stunning! I would surely download this mod if you would make an update.
  21. yeah, guesstimating a final orbit is one thing, but getting a encounter with a planet with just a guesstimate is a bit too much for me. I just installed this gem and it's working great in VR! you can actually really push the buttons with the motion hand controllers. It is feaking epic! Thanks for the tip! Hi there friend! it sounds like an epic journey! can't wait to start my own IVA missions! I only don't have a dad who's able to build me some cheap ass vessels for me to fly. but then again. I really enjoy engineering the rockets myself! how do you plan your trajectories? from out the cockpit? or do you allow yourself to use map mode-view? In VR, it's not possible to exit IVA mode, so I'm completely dependent on the things i can arrange from out the cockpit. Do you have any tips on planning launch windows, and setting up nodes without going to map mode-view? I installed vessel viewer! It looks awesome in IVA!! THanks I believe there are camera's available in rpm. i tried them but could figure out to get the screens to work. I will have to look in to it. never heard of partcommander before! thanks for the tip! I'm thinking RPM covers almost all of the options available in the game, but I must admit I haven't checked all af them... the are SO MANY buttons inside cockpit!! It's unbelievable! hehe my missions never go wrong (*nose growing by the minute) so I don't need F3 Thanks for the tips everybody! Any additional VR or IVA only tips are always welcome!
  22. Hey there @p1t1o I just like to necro this post and give my sincere apologies.. In a previous post in this thread, I said VR isn’t all that great for KSP. I just installed the oculus rift on my pc and added Kerbal-VR to KSP. The game has real potentiaal in VR! I’m currently upgrading the mod list with IVA can props so I can see all important reading inside the cockpit, since Kerbal VR only works with IVA. After that I will try to fly to the Mun. Sounds like a blast to me! Just wanted to let you know… Did you finally purchase a VR set?
  23. interesting mod! will definitely check it out when I get more flight information from the interior. what a cool dad your friends got! doing iva missions without any information about your apoapsis sounds pretty difficult to me
  24. I've been looking for an up to date cockpit interior mod so I can make an complete IVA trip.. the stock layout does not provide enough info for me to get off the planet. are there any easy to install mods available to help me on my quest? I can't seem to find one that works. which mods would you recommend?