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  1. What sites do you use to share craft files? I've got an Apollo style Minmus lander that I made in my career game that I'd like to share, but I don't know where I can host the .craft file.
  2. My opinion is to go ahead and learn it now. Once you get a feel for how drag forces affect your launch, it's pretty easy to adjust your speed accordingly when they make changes. Learning how to design a ship that can fly through soup will make you a better designer if they nerf the aero (more power, less drag) or it will give you a step in the right direction if they buff it (more lift, more drag).
  3. This. I actually did a 1 seater jet with a probe core, batteries, reaction wheel and goo containers in a service bay. Strap Bob in and take him for a ride around Kerbin. I can post screenshots/craft file later if you'd like.
  4. @Lord Aurelius Thanks for the welcome. I'm normally not one to post -- I'm more of a lurker, but the KSP community has been very welcoming which is awesome. I probably shouldn't have used that quote as it's not fair put words in another person's mouth or take them out of context. I found out about KSP around a month ago, and I bought the early access because, well, SCIENCE! Playing in .90 weeks before the launch, the bugs that existed could be game breaking, but I've played so many games that are WELL out of launch that have worse bugs than even .90 did. In 1.0 I sent a rocket to an encounter with the Mun and Minimus in a single flight and was able to aerobreak and land back on Kerbin without taking much heat damage at all (no parachutes were needed until after the re-entry too). Nothing to brag about, just listing my experiences thus far. While we can argue about whether or not they should have made a .99 version or "Beta than Beta" or whatever we would like to call it, they made the tough decision to release KSP. I say tough because no matter how much it's polished, there will still be bugs, there will always be bugs, nothing is perfect. Squad gave it their best, and their "buggy" product still has me feeling like a little kid on Christmas Day. DeltaB
  5. But the QA and Experimental team IS good. They caught so many bugs before release and are extremely quick at swatting the bugs even now. It's not like the team has released the game and left us stranded in orbit. They released a great finished product and have every intention of polishing it up even more and adding new content to boot. Also, keep in mind that some of the reasons things are breaking at the moment could be contributed to PEBKAC. I mean, I don't know about you guys, but I don't have a degree in rocket science... I'm just an armchair astronaut excited that I get to live the space race, considering that I missed it the first time around... you know... not being born yet or something silly like that. I'm just not qualified to tell Squad how the physics should be working in their game. If I can get a rocket to the Mun and back in my new career, then it must be working fine! PS. The quote from above is only included to show the love/hate that most people are feeling right now when ranting. Show Squad and the QA/Experimental Team more love... they really deserve it because this is one of the most exciting game launches that I can remember. Mainly because I get to do my own launches now, and who isn't excited about going to space and/or blowing things up?! DeltaB