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  1. @Mycroft I'm also getting this as well. It's why I came here. @tomtom100 Sounds a bit like what me, Mycroft and alp3 have found.
  2. Oh, I never knew that. Yes, Ksp loads the persistent file, that's the actual save file. If you don't it will come up with a error I believe saying that one of the saves is a bad save and should not be their because it's bad. (and then get's rid of it). Have a look into your other save files, You'll have a "persistent.sfs" file in their, The other ones are quicksaves (saves, but not the main one) (Saves the current state so it can load it anouther time later on. Also no one has claimed save.
  3. Who put a RCS port on the docking port? There you go... The file is here: By clicking this text! How do i get the imgur album ID?
  4. The new save should be up tomorrow, Just adding my little part to the station, Also i'm asuming 3 docking ports count as 1 to the overall part count so I believe?
  5. @Enceos Ah. Ok sure. I'll get right on to a mission, does a "hanger bay" count? Or a shuttle? Anyway... Oh and the 5 part limit? (excludes 2 docking ports right?)
  6. So what can I do then? Just download the save from hoowuth, load it, build a part and attach it? Then post the file were? Would Kerbal Curse work ok? Also quick note: Is anyone making a part for it right now?
  7. Which assets folder? Unity\Editor\Data\PlaybackEngines\wp8support\Template\Assets Unity\Editor\Data\PlaybackEngines\blackberryplayer\assets Unity\Editor\Data\PlaybackEngines\androidplayer\assets and finally Unity\Editor\Standard Assets Which one?
  8. Were can i download Part tools for 1.0.5? I've only found a link to it by a dev that no longer works, Though that was some time ago One for ksp v0.23 and one for Ksp 1.0
  9. Ah! thank you but why did it work fine for pre 1.0 and 1.0 it's self? Also how can I solve this issue ( ie do i plug in a Nivida Graphics card or not? ) or do i replace it like you would in a PC? But that's not possible in a Laptop though? So apart from getting a new PC/laptop what can I do? Though why can Companys such as Intel say that the driver has so much Memory yet Actually only has very few? Also thankyou for you help!
  10. Ah! Right I'll do that right now. - - - Updated - - - Done, so if you click the link again you should be able to view it / download. Since it's set to " anyone with the link " and my self now.
  11. Oh... Intersting.. i tested it before I sent it and it worked. I just tested it now and It works so i'm not sure why it didn't.
  12. I have and it's made no diffrence... So could it be todo with my computer? Or the files not effected by the update? - - - Updated - - - Oh! Also I PM you the link to the files ( Dxdaig e.x. )
  13. Windows 8 But my question is about when i'm in the SPH or VAB not flying a plane. It doesn't crash then ONLY in the SPH or VAB. I'll have a go at turning stuff down see if it helps or not. But KSP runs fine and smoothly untill about 30 sec into building something in the VAB or SPH - which is when windows says " KSP.exe has stopped working " but i can still fly things.
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