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  1. All we need now is a stock docking port alignment indicator, and my wishlist from four years ago will finally be finished.
  2. Community: "Would you please just spend your time fixing the bugs?" SQUAD: *Screams and releases the Making History expansion* I love this place. Keep on space truckin'!
  3. The numbers were always there, however shading them out when they appear behind a planet or body does, what, exactly? It's the shading I'm referring to, not the actual presence of the UI information. Keep up please.
  4. What use does it serve then? Does it provide some new layer of understanding or capability to the player that was absent before?
  5. It's no wonder I haven't bothered to play KSP for quite a long time now. Every single update contains some useless feature change. It's like you are purposely trying to irritate your player base. As I was saying...
  6. Man, there are so many mods now you need CKAN just to keep track of them all...
  7. You know, when I first heard about this thing, I thought it was going to be a contract builder for use in career mode. Oh well...
  8. If you could split the contracts into nation specific packs, that would be great. Like a 'U.S. Pack', or a 'Soviet Pack'.
  9. Just heard from the support folks, there was an issue with steam that has since been resolved. DLC should be moving right along now.
  10. Add me to the list of people playing the darned waiting game. Purchased v.19 on Steam on April 13th, 2013.
  11. Thank you for the update. I saw quite a few small things that were bothering me have now been fixed. Excellent.
  12. Is there an edit I can make to the Config file to only enable the American missions?
  13. You're welcome. I too was taken by surprise when the normal toolbar icon was removed, and replaced with an entry in the game settings menu.