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  1. There comes a time when I am compelled to simply express my appreciation for one simple, yet amazing mod. Thank you.
  2. Well life has taken me on quite the surreal journey since the last time I was here. I started a new job, moved three times, bought two cars, and spent a long time reading books. I spent some time reading the NASA technical history series, and quite a few memoirs. One thing I am left with is a much greater appreciation of the challenges faced and overcome by both astronauts and cosmonauts. That deeper understanding is what brings me here today. I want to continue this story. The problem I have is that in the intervening years I am not quite in the same headspace as that lackadaisical youn
  3. Well what to my wandering eye should appear, but a BDB update presented in CKAN just as I'm building a new installation. Well, shoot. This is still just the best mod anywhere.
  4. >Listed as "In-Progress" Aw geez, I'm going to have to write some more, huh? Well, I guess I'll get started.
  5. I dunno what to tell you, it was a fresh clean install with a brand new career save game specifically to run this contract pack. Oh well....
  6. Aside from the Field Science pack and whatever contracts come with Strategia yours is the only one I have, and all I've done to it is to go into the Missions folder and delete everything but the USA Missions folder. That specific problem seemed to only occur because I hadn't actually left the atmosphere. Once I reached space everything is moving along as expected. Moving on, can someone tell me why neither mission thinks I'm not in orbit, despite the fact I definitely am? This is the second satellite I've launched, the first was recognized as in orbit, but the inclin
  7. Well, I think you've written just about the best thing on this site. Wait, let me check... Yup, definitely. Man, what year is it?
  8. Using the pocket sized contract pack, with the USA Missions only, one is offered both Vanguard TV-3 and WAC Corporal as first missions. Completing one or both of them results in being offered either Vanguard TV-3 or WAC Corporal again. Declining one or both of them results in the same. EDIT: Okay, so once you have left the atmosphere you are offered the next group of contracts. Could we have Blossom-1 trigger immediately after the WAC Corporal mission? That would give us a 'Leave the Atmosphere' objective and allow moving on to Vanguard-1 and Explorer-1.
  9. Destroying the Vanguard results in it's not having been launched successfully.
  10. All we need now is a stock docking port alignment indicator, and my wishlist from four years ago will finally be finished. https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/109509-user-interface-improvements/
  11. Community: "Would you please just spend your time fixing the bugs?" SQUAD: *Screams and releases the Making History expansion* I love this place. Keep on space truckin'!
  12. The numbers were always there, however shading them out when they appear behind a planet or body does, what, exactly? It's the shading I'm referring to, not the actual presence of the UI information. Keep up please.
  13. What use does it serve then? Does it provide some new layer of understanding or capability to the player that was absent before?
  14. It's no wonder I haven't bothered to play KSP for quite a long time now. Every single update contains some useless feature change. It's like you are purposely trying to irritate your player base. As I was saying...
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