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  1. So that did work. I manually removed the registered parts from the registry and MKS was able to install.
  2. That is what I am trying to avoid though, because at 50 KB/s that is going to take a LONG time to redownload all of them. However you have given me an idea, which is to erase the Karibou installation lines from the CKAN registry. Will let you know how it goes.
  3. All of the USI mods. I had thought about doing that, but Karibou isnt listed in CKAN anymore. The other ones are updating just fine though, which is both annoying and gratifying at the same time.
  4. Hey I cant find a good CKAN thread right now to post this but maybe someone here will know, So I am trying to update MKS using CKAN, but the last version I had was from before Karibou was integrated. Right now if I leave the Karibou folder in GameData, CKAN wont overwrite it because of its internal safeties, but if I delete Karibou and try to install MKS using CKAN, then I get an error for every part saying "UKS wishes to install GameData/UmbraSpaceIndustries/Karibou/Spaces/(part name).dds, but this file is registered to KaribouExpeditionRover" It sounds like it is holding on to some weird old data about the mod installation, and I am not sure how to fix it. I am somewhere that has really terrible internet (I am pulling 50 KB/s max right now) for like the next 5 months, so wiping all of my mods and starting over is not really a viable solution.
  5. edit: nevermind I do not know what the problem was, but it got fixed.
  6. Can I put in a request? Can you please make the included supplies tanks have a method of jettisoning mulch? I just hit 30 days in to a mission and had them all quit working because even though they had about 3.5k supplies left, the mulch filled up and I guess that made them turn into tourists. edit: For those concerned, I did jury rig a resource converter module with no output to solve the situation short term, I just was asking for a solution that wont get broken every update of USI LS
  7. Hi I don't know if this has been requested before, but would it be possible to add in a feature to re-arrange the order of precedence for ribbons while in game? I do not mean physically dragging and dropping, but maybe add an option to assign a number precedence. The reason I ask is because some of my kerbals are totally cluttered with all of the "has orbited Kerbin, has orbited the Mun, etc." I would still like to have those awarded, I just think they are a lower priority than something like the Wings or Space Wings for RP purposes.
  8. You were right on Charlie_Zulu. While I was not necessarily looking for something that had lobes like that, the basic profile is what I am talking about. The Ballute will work fine for my purposes though, depending on it's capability to slow down.
  9. Ah well in that case everything is good to go.
  10. Hi, I was wondering if you could implement a slight change to the probe signal/remote control portion of it. Can you implement an idea from a recent re-pack of RT that allows you to always be able to control the antenna on a probe. This is not far off from real-life behavior of probes that will autonomously attempt to re-gain signal by re-positioning and re-purposing antennas. Full control of the probe is not necessary, but that one small change makes playing with signals much more fun.
  11. Kind of. What I am trying to find is basically a disc that inflates outwards, and then you would just put a normal heat shield on the bottom. So the disk part would basically have the effect of extending the edges out from the classic heat shield at the very bottom, thus allowing you the same sort of shielding and slow-down capabilities without creating unnecessary height in the vessel. However when retracted the disk would be like any other in-line component, flush with the hull. Currently with the stock inflatable shield you either create a ship that is about 30% longer than it needs to be by mounting it below the capsule (and then decoupler + tank + engine) or you eliminate the chance to have a docking port on the nose by mounting the inflatable heat shield on the nose. I am just looking for a less-tall solution. Hell even a size mod of the stock inflatable would be fine if you just changed the vertical height without altering how far it extended out to the side. Would look a bit weird though.
  12. So, specifically in the second paragraph of my post I mentioned that I did not want to create unnecessarily tall craft. While the new inflatable heat shield does serve the basic purpose, it is so tall when building with it that it kinda ruins the aesthetic for me. Basically the vertical height of the inflatable heat shield is what bothers me. I am just looking for solutions that might make it less tall. An in-line cylinder-type inflatable with a regular heat shield on the bottom might be the solution. Or maybe not. edit. In my mind, the height of my idea: The height of the stock one: I understand why Squad did theirs that way. I just want something smaller in height because I am picky like that
  13. Hi all, So similar things have been requested before, but I don't think it has been requested since the new aerodynamics have been implemented. As the title says, I am looking for an in-line inflatable heat shield. Something like what was in ADEPT/OLDD, but more streamlined. My thought was that you would have a sort of two-part inflatable. First an in-line of whatever size that held the inflatable bit, much like the inflatable inline floaties that have been around, but as a heatshield. Then you would cap the bottom of it with a regular heat shield. This arrangement would allow for a normal pod structure without having that huge inflatable heat shield on the nose or an overly tall craft unnecessarily. Attached is an *cough* artist rendering of what the system might look like. Ignore the height of the heat shield peak in the first phase, it is just meant to get the point across. Any thoughts? Ideas?
  14. http://imgur.com/6SKsTwM it works. Thanks kindly. I see what I was doing wrong in the config, I feel silly.
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