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  1. Download: Download from Spacedock Licence: Mission Based R&D is licenced under the MIT licence Description: This is the successor to my old little mod. The objective is to reduce the grind on career mode. I do this by nullifying the science points and making tech nodes ulockable by completing missions. Each node of the tech tree has a mission that unlocks it when you complete it. The missions themselves are simple, go somewhere and perform a certain experiment, the recovery method is specified in the mission. To balance this, the missions are organized in tiers (8 tiers), with each tier making you go further away from KSC and Kerbin. Some missions might be very difficult if not impossible without certain technologies (having completed other missions first), however I made sure that needed tech should be available when a mission shows up. Also it is possible to complete multiple missions in a single flight. Since missions were designed based on tiers you should try to complete all or most of the missions of a tier before doing the next one, although missions can become available as soon as the requisite tech has been unlocked. All the missions can be cancelled with little concequence, they will appear again. They can only be done once for obvious reasons. Unlike MBR&D1 there is no custom tech tree, so mods that add parts should be fully compatible, however any new science parts will be pretty much useless, you can still use them and read their reports if you like. Any mods that modify the tech tree are incompatible. New tech nodes will have pretty much no way of being unlocked. I might add support for CTT in the future. Maybe. Also, due to the workings of this mod scientists are pretty much useless, as their function (boost SP output) won't work. They can still reset materials bays and such, but that is not very useful now. Also the laboratory part has lost its function of generating SP, so it's useless now as well. Finally, there are sources of SP I just couldn't remove, so you will earn SP over time, however, since all tech nodes cost 9999 SP it shouldn't be possible to unlock them. So, if you're planning to play carrer without a modded tech tree and don't feel like grinding SP to progress you should try this mod. Required mods: Contract Configurator Module Manager
  2. How could I change the science point cost of a node of the tech tree?
  3. Well, I found the problem I had, seems like I was missing the KSPAPIExtensions dll (apparently absent on the 5.2.92 release) After I put it next to Launchpad.dll it started working properly.
  4. This is my GameData folder: And these are the contents of ExtraplanetaryLaunchpads: I think its properly installed, I can see the parts the mod includes, however the UI doesnt work. I also tried using toolbar, the EPL icons appeared in there, but they didnt do anything. Thanks.
  5. Well, I cant get it to work. In the VAB the panel with the parts const and kerbal hours to build a craft is missing, and when I open the contextual menu of the launchpad on flight it says "hide GUI" (should say "show GUI"), but still the button doesnt do anything and I cant build. I tried reinstalling in a fresh install of KSP (1.0.5), without any other mods, and the problem persists.
  6. The contract should complete when orbiting anything weighting 10 tons, fuel included. I checked and that contract pack works. What is exactly the problem you are having?
  7. Fixed that issue, apparently it was related to nested parameters in the contract not behaving like I expexted, now the condition for the experiments is lower atmosphere (under 18 km) That looks like an issue with Contract Configurator, Ill have to test it.
  8. Err, you have to launch a craft to the suborbital height and then use the experiment parts with that same craft after it lands. The contract binds to the craft that gets into suborbital, to complete it youll have to cancel the contract, take it again, and do the entire mission with one craft.
  9. Including a parts mod is easy because its just crating a MM config file with this code for each part: @PART[nameOfThePart]:AFTER[NameOfTheMod] { %TechRequired = techNode } Or yo can do it from the side of your mod: @PART[nameOfThePart]:NEEDS[MissionBasedR&D] { %TechRequired = techNode } However, your mod adds science parts, and as such, they should be used in some contract to be meaningful. The beep experiment could be in the manned orbit mission, and the other 3 in the orbital science mission. Missions can be altered with config files to add parameters (see the ContractConfigurator thread) Yes, I should revise the contracts writing, a lot of stuff happens in the wrong situations. It is hard to enforce the use of planes, Rockets are OP, and planes are hard to control. One thing I noticed is that FAR makes them harder to control. The research contracts give quite some money, but I havent checked the balance yet. Yes, the purpose of this mod was to get rid of the grinding, turns out the grinding was in there to extend the game lenght. The only way to extend the progression in this mod is add more contracts. Maybe some R&D contracts could be made to become available on conditions other than the prerequisite tech nodes being unlocked. However i wont do that, at least not now. You can use other contract packs, there are quite a bit.
  10. Yeah, I noticed, try using offset to move the fins down. I don't think so, each tech tree would need a contract pack to unlock it, and those tech trees were not built to be unlocked this way, although it is entirely posible. However I won't be the one doing it. I will keep updating and adding compatibility for other mods. Mods with lots of parts, like B9, are particularly tiresome to integrate in a tech tree, there aren't/I don't know any tools to do it, so its just the old copy/paste/write configs to make it work. And aero parts are the most bloatty and grindsome.
  11. Yes, as I said in the disclaimer no other mods are supported, which means parts from other mods wont show up unless they are assigned to the "start" node. I thought that too, but some contracts have parameters that bind them to a craft, and if that craft is destroyed or recovered the contract becomes stuck and cannot be completed. If you cancel or decline any of these contracts they keep showing up until you complete them.
  12. DOWNLOAD (from Kerbal Stuff) Licence: Mission Based R&D is licenced under the MIT licence Description: The objective of this mod is to overhaul the R&D system of career mode by neutralizing the science points and unlocking tech nodes as a reward for completing missions. For this purpose a tech tree and contract pack are provided. Required mods: Contract Configurator Module Manager Supported mods: -Remote Tech -Real Chute -Deadly Reentry -Procedural Fairings -Outer Planets Mod -Modular Rocket Systems -SpaceY Lifters (for this one a tech node and mission is added) Any mod that doesn't add parts should have no problem. -0.1 (4/6/15) Initial release -0.1.1 (4/6/15) Fixed some typos -0.1.2 (5/6/15) Added Remote Tech support Fixed an issue that caused certain contract to not unlock their tech nodes -0.2.0 (5/6/15) Added Real Chute support Added Deadly Reentry support Added Procedural Fairings support Added Outer Planets Mod support Fixed several bugs -0.2.1 (6/6/15) Added Modular Rocket Systems support Added SpaceY Lifters support -0.2.2 (11/6/15) Fixed bugs with the "Reentry Test" mission Moved Mystery Goo Containment Unit to Suborbital Flight tech node As a disclaimer I have to say that this most likely needs a rebalance, and probably clarification of the missions, feedback appreciated. I can guarantee you that the second rocket launch mission, the heavy lifter mission and the plane missions are possible with the parts available at the time. Thanks for playing.
  13. Hey Nightingale, I know this is not Contract Configurator related, but do you know how to make all stock contracts reward 0 science?
  14. I seem to be having an issue with the 5m decoupler, its not rigid enough. Like seriously, in my latest rocket it would bend a lot, so i changed it for a 3.75 m stock decoupler and it didnt bend anymore. I looked at the config and couldnt find anything about rigidity, maybe the bulkhead whatever entry?
  15. Maybe its the new aerodynamics, I've had rockets flipping upside down.
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