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  1. Ah, I see. I always wondered why the maneuver node drifts just a little bit when warping in low orbit. However for Gilly, I think the 100 km are just a bit too high (sphere of influence is 113 km) and it can be a little annoying when your scanning satellite regularly runs out of power because the solar panels moved away from the sun. Thank you.
  2. Hi, I noticed a strange thing when orbiting Gilly under certain altitude. When time warping, a weird rotation of the vessel will appear. This rotation seems to be synchronized with the rotation of Gilly. This happens under a very specific altitude of 100 km. Here is how to reproduce it: Launch a vessel. Use Alt+F12 to set orbit around Gilly. Set semi-major axis to 114,000 and eccentricity to 0.1. Set camera to LOCKED. Start time warping. You will notice that when you get above 100 km the rotation will stop. Also, if you place a maneuver node, aim at the blue marker on the navb
  3. Yo what's up, thanks for the cool mod. It seems to be working on KSP 1.7.2 but I haven't been really focusing on testing the parts. I especially like those cargo bays but sadly, there are no 1.875m size variants. So I made them. They are just rescaled versions of the cargo bays in the mod. You can also do this with TweakScale. There is a short one and a long one. https://ulozto.net/file/3Sx7rLvMKEZc/mrs-1-875m-cargobays-zip Just copy them somewhere in the gamedata directory and it should work.
  4. I tested again and it does that even at LKO. When stopping time warp there is also a weird kick which makes the ship spin and requires SAS to stabilize. If I keep time warping the ship will either be cut in half or disintegrate. Well, I solved it by rerooting. But honestly I think the quicksave/quickload method would be less annoying because jumping in and out of tracking station requires two loading screens, whereas quickload only one. And you can do precise time warping without setting any alarms in KAC.
  5. Yes, that's how I managed to get near the probe. If I had to do it manually that would be bad. Even with the rendezvous function I was still 150m away so I had to do some RCS maneuvering which was pretty bad because the probe started shaking for no reason as I got close to it. And the adapter started coming out again. But reloading quicksave helped to move it back. I think HyperEdit is better for rendezvous (I haven't used it in a while). Thanks for your help.
  6. Thank you for the reply. I am not aware of any clipping or shift moving. Also the design of the probe is relatively simple so I was surprised by this issue. After removing most of the parts, leaving it with only the probe core, xenon tank and the two adapters, the problem still persisted. But rerooting helped. Sadly, there is no easy way of rerooting a vessel already in flight, so I had to use the KIS mod to reroot it in flight. If only there was a better way of rerooting in flight, this was a bit tedious. Not to mention I had to cheat to match the probe's highly elliptical or
  7. Hello, after coming out of time warp few times (in orbit, not on surface) the adapter connecting the inline battery and the xenon tank starts to move out of the probe. After some more time warping the whole adapter moves away from the ship. I built this in a modded version of KSP but tested in a vanilla copy and it does the same thing. Quicksaving and reloading resets the vessel but doesn't fix it. I tried messing with autostruts but nothing has helped so far. Any ideas? Is there any way to edit the vessel in the save file to make this stop? I can keep quicksaving and reloadin
  8. Hi, first of all, thank you for this mod. I can't imagine playing without it. It has taught me a lot of new things. Second, I have noticed that the horizontal speed behaves in a way I wouldn't expect it to. For example, right after a vertical launch it immediately starts to grow, despite no horizontal speed relative to the surface. Or when I land on Minmus and then go on a suborbital trajectory, horizontal speed changes, I think it should be constant. I don't know if that's a bug or I am just being stupid.
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