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  1. Probably transmission power and spectrum licensing. A smaller receiver requires a higher power signal to receive clearly. I believe part of the transition to digital broadcasting was intended to free up part of the TV spectrum for other uses, so you would probably need a license to broadcast on TV frequencies, and as I think those are regional, you would need a lot of them if you are broadcasting from a satellite(assuming you could find a frequency that is not already licenses in part of your service area).
  2. By my understanding, you are asked to swear on something you hold sacred(traditionally an appropriate religious text like the bible for Catholics or protestants), but the court can only go after you for falsehoods they can prove you knew were false, or more often, contradicting yourself(which means you must have lied at least once) I am hardly a lawyer, and it is entirely possible that taking the 5th is a silver-bullet for any question you do not want to answer in a criminal case(but be careful because they may try to trick you by asking things in different ways). Taking the 5th for every question, is sort of like refusing to talk to the police without a lawyer present. It is the safest way to go but may cause a lot of head-aches(like turning a speeding ticket into an arrest because they do not have a lawyer for you sitting in their back seat). If you are or may be under suspicion for a crime, then you really want to talk to a lawyer before taking the stand, because that is their field of expertise.
  3. Taking the 5th is roughly the same as 'I do not wish to comment on this and the constitution ensures that I cannot be coerced or punished for that' It may not be the truth they are asking for, but it is still a full and complete truth in and of itself. If you are called to testify, you can take the 5th on everything(up to and including your name), and there is nothing they can do so long as you are consistent. (if you answer a question for one side, the other side can ask questions about that, and I am uncertain if you can take the 5th on a topic after already talking about it) The prosecution can try to take advantage of this by asking you questions that make you look guilty to the jury if you refuse to answer, but that is all they can do if you consistently take the 5th.( to the best of my understanding, not a lawyer)
  4. I strongly suspect that modern stealth aircraft could be below the noise floor of early radar.
  5. Unless things have changed, MKS drills do not work on non-planetary bodies. The stock drills are the only way to harvest asteroids, but I think? that they will fill any sort of ore storage you have on-board.
  6. He was talking about recreational diving, 50m is a good 34 feet deeper than the recreational diving limit, so if that was 'according to plan', you were not doing recreational diving. Also, when I was certified (2014) they were no longer teaching 'no stop' dives, and every dive requires a 3 minute safety-stop at 15 feet. He also specified 'fatal' decompression sickness. A far as I can tell, it looks like you survived both of your cases, even though neither dive complied with the current recreational diving guidelines.
  7. You can always send a rover with a Klaw and additional drills/power. Also, as it will use the stock catch-up mechanic, you can also do other things(including fast forward at KSC) then come back from time to time to let it catch-up.
  8. When the storage tank of your water miner gets full, it should automatically deposit half of its contents into planetary storage. This also happens between 'chunks of the stock 'catch-up' mechanic which lets processes like ISRU 'catch up' to the current time by processing 6 hour 'chunks' of the back-log at a time. Once you have water in your (Minmus) planetary storage, if you have a MKS process which consumes water turned on and attached to your empty water tank, it should attempt to 'pull' water from the planetary warehouse to fill the tank. note: Kerbals count as a MKS process that consumes supplies for the purpose of pulling supplies from the planetary warehouse.
  9. As we have binary(and trinary) star systems, and the only required difference between a star and a gas giant is the total mass(ie heavy enough to maintain fusion), I see no reason an early star system could not have one or more gas giants(aka brown-dwarf stars which are not the system primary)
  10. I remember seeing a picture of a prototype door section at Starbase. While enlarging a fairing is non-trivial, it is something that we have seen on a number of rockets without causing major problems or vehicle re-designs. Unless I am mistaken, currently a starship can support it's own weight without being pressurized. Put those together, and it sounds like the changes to go from test vehicle to cargo vehicle fall into the 'known solutions' category. Also, I think I remember hearing mention of a 'stretched fuel delivery' version? If they try testing with this configuration, they might only need to move the tank bulkheads and add the door-version of the top section as far as design changes needed to get to a cargo carrying vehicle.
  11. Falcon 9 usually lands inside the rings on the barge using a margin of error of less than a second to get the hover-slam correct(margin provided by the throttle range of the engines in use. I have not done the math, but I would not be surprised by a margin of 0.1 seconds or less). Super Heavy and Starship can both hover. This provides a margin of error in the range of multiple seconds, possibly even a minute or longer when testing and there is plenty of fuel available. I'm not sure about you, but if I can generally do a job in X time, and I am given 10x or 100x to do the same job, it gets a whole lot easier.
  12. You might have greater success with a water rocket. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Water_rocket That gives you non-instant thrust with no worries about reaction rates, hazardous materials, or fire-codes. It is also very easy to come-by disposable launch vehicles(aka soda-bottles) if you build a launch stand for them.
  13. CKAN will often have difficulty identifying manually installed mods. CKAN also will generally not be willing to replace/update manually installed mods, so as long as you keep an eye out for duplicate dependencies(like module manager), combining CKAN and manual installs are usually not more problematic than other CKAN installs.
  14. I know nothing about CPM, but MKS has Kolonists kerbals that are needed for some WOLF base functions, as well as providing all three types of colonization bonuses when in a normal/rendered base. There is also a reproduction function of one of the Kolonization modules that can (slowly) increase your population without shipping in new kerbals. In the newest versions of MKS, there are also large(20m?) dome components that can provide lots of production/living space/life support and are intended to be manufactured in-situ using MKS. WOLF also supports shipping kerbals around between established spaceports in the background(using established transportation routes similar to the ones used to ship materials between biomes or planets). Note: Wolf is the background/non-rendered portion of MKS that allows an inter-biome or inter-body support network that doe not need a lot of active maintenance.
  15. There is a stock replacement for KAS and KIS which is supported by MKS. MKS previously supported KIS, so I do not think that the configs have been removed. Note: Flexi-tubes are kraken bait! MKS supports disconnected bases as an alternative that will not launch your base into orbit every time it comes into rendering range.
  16. Last I heard they are compatible, but MKS also includes ship and base building, so EPL is not needed with MKS. (MKS is more feature-rich, with more resources, recipes, and with WOLF, you can even create 'background bases' which do not have any catch-up or rendering load.
  17. Did you try sending some of the oxygen back? (assuming you have available capacity) Even if it does not work, you can at least cancel the return shipment...
  18. A nuclear weapon is a very precise and delicate piece of machinery. The conventional explosives must detonate in a particular pattern/shape/timing to cause the bomb to become super-critical, his cannot happen by chance, and even minor damage could turn it into a very expensive IED that happens to throw around radioactive materials instead of a nuclear bomb. They also have lots of built-in safeties. If they 'push the button' then it has a good chance to explode(if not damaged). If the bomb has not been armed, no amount of external stimulation will cause it to detonate. A satellite should stay 'stable' until something causes its moment of inertia to change, even if it is out of fuel. A spin stabilized satellite might stay relatively 'stable' through multiple impacts. Water is an excellent radiation shield. The ocean has an estimated 4 bln tons of uranium, which is roughly 500 times the known mineable ore. https://www.pnnl.gov/news/release.aspx?id=4514#:~:text=It's estimated that there is,extracting it from the oceans. If there is a looming environmental crisis, it seems more likely to be due to other materials on the boat(lead, gunpowder, etc.). Remember, the reactor was shielded well enough for people to stand right next to it and get less additional radiation than an airline flight, and that was before it got covered in water. Most engines use atmospheric oxygen, so it will not be traveling anywhere. Most ammunition includes its own oxidizer, so it should fire just fine. (I would not expect vacuum welding on mars, but lubricant might freeze or evaporate) Parachutes tend not to be sufficient on Mars however, so it may need a different form of delivery.
  19. I thought the videos showed a membrane covering the exit which is perforated by the rocket. No worries about timing, just use your reinforced rocket holder to poke a hole.
  20. Some of the municipalities can get pretty grumpy about it though. Unincorporated parts of the sate only get concerned if you start fires or blow up stuff that was not yours.
  21. This allows zero-cost transfers for routes that can be managed with a single stage vehicle. I don't think that Real Solar System will allow for a low cost to orbit option due to the amount of staging involved. Perhaps it would work better if the trip were broken into parts: least-staging you can manage from KSC to orbit(with in-orbit refueling to further reduce costs) From LKO to Mun orbit should be doable with 1 stage, so refueling in Mun orbit should allow a zero-cost transfer for this leg. A single stage from Mun orbit to the surface should also be possible, so refueling should also allow this stage to be free. Bon Voyage should allow using an electric rover to create zero-cost routes between surface biomes. With refueling infrastructure in-place, it should be fairly cheap to make any single-stage runs you can manage(as it would be in real life), but trying to land something on the Mun in RSS with no in-place fuel infrastructure will not be cheap.(in either funds or transport credits)
  22. The transport credit cost is based on the mass lost from the original vehicle(fuel, stages, etc). Refueling at the destination can reduce part of this cost, but staging will always be expensive.
  23. I would consider an assembly plant as being able to make a chair out of blocks of plastic or lumber, while a refinery needs to make ingots out of ore or chemicals out of rocks. Considering that an assembly plant might not need to be much more complex than a well equipped garage workshop, while any sort of refinery generally involves, high temperatures, noxious fumes, toxic reagents and/or catalysts, an assembly plant seems much less demanding than a refinery in my mind. You can always send up refined resources to be turned into parts on-site before you have the infrastructure in place to refine the resources locally. (like 3-d printer spools taking less space than all of the things you can print form them, even if you can't make more spools locally)
  24. Generally speaking, nuclear is 'heavy but efficient'. As such, nuclear does not make sense if your payload is light, as most of the dry-mass is engine. It also does not make sense if your dV needs are small, as you are pushing around a heavy engine that is not really needed. Nuclear really shines when moving heavy loads a long distance. If the load is large, then the additional mass of the engine is not a big deal and the higher efficiency engine saves large amounts of fuel for the large mass. Looking at existing missions, you will not find many that would benefit from a nuclear engine, because they were optimized for the trade-offs of a chemical engine.
  25. Agriponics takes 10 mulch+1 fertilizer to produce 11 supplies, so you will slowly accumulate more supplies/mulch as you convert your fertilizer, but only if you have kerbals in the loop.
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