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  1. Building engines in higher quantity will generally reduce the per-unit cost, be it a singe or multiple use engine. A commercial jet engine is deigned for high reliability, low maintenance, and a high rate of use(possibly even more run-time than non-running time: running for multiple hours then refueled and re-started after a quick maintenance check). Orbital rocket engines burn for tens of minutes(if that) then coast for hours and may or may not burn for a few more minutes. SH *might* get below a 1:5 burn:idle ratio (10 min burning up, 5 min burning down out of a 25 minute flight and < 50 minute time on the pad before the next launch might be a best-case scenario for re-use) Also, for an airliner with 2 engines, 'engine out' capability is not something you want to be relying on, but with >25 engines on SH, even one failed engine per launch is not critical, just annoying. (and long-run-time reliability is very expensive)
  2. Flex tubes are kraken bait. The recommended approach is disconnected bases(supported by MKS) which are supported by WOLF support bases.
  3. And when 10 of those houses don't want to pay, three of which prefer it the way it is and sue you to leave it alone? The lawsuits and permitting often cost more than construction, especially when you are talking about messing with someone's view/property. The US is the most litigious country in the world, and NIMBY is very big here.
  4. Most USI converters slowly consume machinery and loose efficiency based on how much machinery remains. If you have excess machinery, you can place an engineer in an assembly(?) module and have them re-fill the machinery in the converters with automated daily maintenance. Alternately, you can turn off machinery consumption in the settings(effectively switching to MKS light). At the very least turning off machinery consumption should allow you to verify that this is the source of your unexpected efficiency losses.
  5. Those would be modules on the part config. They can also be added by module manager scripts.
  6. The part you showed is for creating routes in the released version and I believe it has been replaced by the cargo crates and passenger berths in the pre-release version. I have not used the pre-release, but I would recommend looking under utility if it does not show up under WOLF(and if not there, look in your research tree to see if it is still locked)
  7. I have not heard anything about it being removed. Having a Home timer of 49 years and descending sounds like you have a big luxury space station and departed from it on a smaller vessel with less habitation, and now the home timer is counting down from max set by the 'best' vessel the kerbal has been on. But in that case the Hab timer should be less than 50 years, as a hab time of > 50 years should stop the timer. Is it possible that some of your habitation modules turned off or ran out of colony supplies perhaps? I have the latest release version, and my GameData\UmbraSpaceIndustries\LifeSupport\setings.cfg file has the following to lines: ScoutHabTime = 9180000 PermaHabTime = 459000000 where 9180000 = # seconds in 425 days of 6 hours each(sounds like about a kerbal year to me) and the higher number is that times 50. So as far as I can tell, the default is 50 years and 1 year for scouts. I think you can modify this in a given save, so you should check your in game USI-LS settings as ell as your settings file, just to make sure. Is it possible that your vessel only has 49 years of hab time, but you only see this once it gets above the 'HomeWorldAltitude'? (default is 25km above kerbin) You may need to switch on one or more habitation parts after leaving the VAB.
  8. A single engineer in your hab module can run all 50 of your assemblers and all 80 of your refineries. In fact, if you have 3 engineers (*, **, and ***) then the *** engineer will perform all work on all modules that benefit from engineers, and the other two are more useful going on a trip to get more experience so they can run their own industrial bases.
  9. For most parts a single kerbal of each type is sufficient. Outside of the experimental parts, I am pretty sure that Kolonization bonuses are the only benefit of having more than 3 kerbals on each base(one engineer, one pilot, and one scientist) (and Kolonists are better than engineers 2+, as a kolonist counts as all three for kolonization bonuses)
  10. There are more than technical delays to consider This means that the(expected) lawsuits about selection and other things, while they would likely delay other providers, will not really affect the Starship schedule, and already having hardware that has left the ground probably helps too.
  11. I believe that funding is milestone dependant. 'You successfully demonstrated X, so here is your money' where X includes things like 'getting your rocket to orbit'. 'demonstrating LEO fuel transfer', 'getting your rocket onto a lunar return trajectory', 'Landing an un-manned rocket on the moon', and 'landing a rocket on the moon with our designated payload and astronauts' If they do other things (like 'you landed your booster' or 'you landed your second stage') that would not have a negative impact on funding.
  12. 1) Download the zip file either from the Git repository (links in RD's sig) or the links in this thread 2) remove previous install if any(using ckan if that is how you installed it, or look in the game data folder in the zip file and remove those directories from your game data folder) 3) copy the files and directories from the game data folder in the zip file into your game data folder on your hard drive Make sure you don't drag the new folders on top of the old folders, as windows can try to combine the contents of the directories and that will mess up the install
  13. The Home timer is based on the 'best' vessel each kerbal has been on since last leaving Kerbin, and it never re-sets(but it can be frozen with 5+ years of hab(1+ year for pilots), or reversed with colonization parts+colony supplies). The Hab timer is re-set every time you change vessels. Note: KSP some times does not always count things to be a vessel change when you expect it to, so EVA is a good idea before heading down on a lander, as that always counts as a vessel switch and will reset your hab timer. If your lander does not have supplies, your kerbals will start their starvation timer(default is 2 weeks), but that will reset when they get back to a vessel with supplies.
  14. Anything that can move information faster than the speed of light, can allow effect to happen before the cause from some viewing angles, thus time-travel. Relativity tells us that there is no universal 'Now' and any viewing angle as is valid as any other, so if you have the two sides of your portal 1 light second apart, you can see the object come out of the portal, then look in your telescope and see it go into the portal 1 second later, thus having effect before cause, ie time-travel. FTL may not feel like time-travel, but the math says that it really is.
  15. You just lose the photons carrying internal black body radiation between the component atoms of the physical object, causing a very slight amount of cooling with each pass through the portal. (the Mk1 also transmits gluons and W/Z bosons, thus causing the strong and weak nuclear forces to break down at the threshold, but the Mk2 only transmits photons which is much safer)
  16. It depends on what you want. Carbon fiber is much more expensive to fabricate and is much less heat tolerant, but it is also much lighter. Elon said that for the thermal robustness needed for their reentry regime, Steel is actually the lighter option compared to all of the protection that carbon fiber would need. It is just a bonus that steel also happens to be much faster/easier to work with and is dirt cheap by comparison. (you don't see actual water towers made out of carbon fiber after all) In the shuttle they used aluminum protected by heat tiles, and at least one loss was caused by thermal leakage melting thorough the aluminum(and another vessel only survived because there was a steel support right behind the burned-through aluminum). I would not be surprised if SS had small gaps between the tiles and could survive losing some tiles, so long as enough tiles remained to reject most of the heat. Yu also have a lot more options for doping your steel to have different properties compared to carbon fiber.
  17. If the portal structure is pushed by the energy going through it, then just point it backwards for laser propulsion. If the portal structure is not pushed by the energy pushing through it, then point the laser at a mirror for laser propulsion. Might be low-thrust, but ideal for tiny probes to other stars. A return portal also allows real-time communication for controlling and receiving data from said probe from lightyears away...
  18. Current rockets burn more like a candle, as rockets use combustion not detonation. There is research into continuous detonation engines(which would have a higher isp), but that is not something that is useable just yet. ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rotating_detonation_engine ) Even a roaring fire is only loud due to tiny detonations of vaporized fuel, something that does not happen in a happy rocket.
  19. I thought SpaceX already sold the 'Dear Moon' mission to a rich guy. It may not be a lunar landing, but looping around the moon does sound rather lunar to me... Once they have demonstrated the capability(and possibly even before), I rather expect that there will be at least a few non US gov buyers for payload to the moon.
  20. MKS uses community resources (which is configurable), so there is probably a patch out there for RSS but I have no idea if that patch has been added to the community resources install files.
  21. There is no need for Tanker SS to ever land anywhere but the launchpad, and you will have multiple tanker landings for each Moon or Mars landing, so at worst the median SS launch as no need for legs. Not to mention that every pound of legs you leave behind you can deliver at least one additional pound of fuel to orbit on Tanker. (and leaving your sacrificial legs behind on mars save a lot of fuel for the return, not to mention the pre-refined steel that is easy to re-purpose by colonists) (and as an extra bonus, the cheaper tankers(mission parts cost = just a bigger tank) will almost always be life leaders for verifying all of the common parts(engines, tiles, flaps, metal fatigue, etc))
  22. I'm pretty sure that they did not expect the FTS going off during this flight, as such, the FTS auto-triggering would be a RUD. While it is possible that there were multiple events, I see no reason why they might not both be referring to the same event in different ways.
  23. My understanding is that if you are able to refuel(be it a fuel station, or ISRU) then it is reasonable to have a zero cost route(and faking ISRU with just harvesting ore is up to you if you want to do that, after all, it is a single player game)
  24. The Home and hab timers will update, but the hab timer will not reset when docking to a vessel(as opposed to when taking a walk 'outisde'). If you set up one or more WOLF facilities on Kerbin, and have routes from Kerbin to LKO, then you can use WOLF to populate any of the resources from Kerbin into an appropriate hopper in your LKO base. (usually you would use electric rovers to set up free on-kerbin transport then send resources from the KSC biome to LKO, as moving a rocket to a non-KSC biome to create a WOLF route would be a lot more difficult) note: if you use a SSTO and you can fully refuel it at your station, you might even be able to get a zero-cost KSC->LKO route for supplying your station
  25. Does this count as a successful test of the abort system?
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