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  1. I think the exponential fall-off that was mentioned recently should address this.(I forget if it was in the squad-cast transcription of the dev notes) The current problem is that when you enter a dense atmosphere, you transition from space to quite a lot of resistance(and heating) instantly. When they add exponential fall-off to the atmosphere the transition should allow higher heating values over-all without killing everything that touches a dense atmosphere. This should make aero-braking much more feasible, at least for small changes. This should also make the atmospheric transitions much 'softer' so that there are fewer magic number altitudes.
  2. The Near future mod family has a VASMIR engine, it takes 2K charge/s to power, but you can go from ~34kn to ~200kn using LH2 if I remember correctly (the ~34 kn setting has an ISP of 16K) I use one powered by on on-board nuclear reactor to power my outer-plants Grand Tour ship(I shut it down between burns, takes about 25 min to get to full power and will run for 5 years at full power before needing a refuel) I am also using one to help my inner plants Grand Tour vessel get back from Moho(acceleration is a paltry 0.22m/s/s so it will take a while...)
  3. Launched my 'outer Grand Tour' vessel from Minmus and got a Duna intercept with a trajectory that kisses the orbit of Eve, making good use of the extreme ISP of the electric engine I am using, should arrive in about 230 days.(definatley *NOT* a good launch window) I also finished fueling my original Grand Tour vessel on Moho, Launched it and docked with my high-efficiency Fuel-rescue vessel and started doing burns with the high-efficency engine to leave orbit. A few problems though: Acceleration: 0.22m/s Ideal thrusting location: behind Moho Power source for electric engines: Solar Max physics acceleration without drifting off course: 1x Total planned thrust for node: ~3km/s So I first raised the orbit so that I can have longer burns before being occluded by Moho, then I started making un-accelerated burns during the parts of the orbit where I am even with or behind Moho's center of mass when compared to Kerbol but not occluded by Moho. Good thing I have some seasons to catch-up with on Netflix...
  4. Back in 0.90 I had a crash-landing that killed some of the crew and my last available save was from several real-time hours of play earlier. It was painful, but better than sacrificing Kerbals. After 1.0.4 came out I had a number of in-progress missions that were not prepared for the new physics, some of them took multiple landing attempts to keep the crew all alive, usually sacrificing the engines and most of the ship below the crew sections. Admittedly there was one time I may have sacrificed a cou0ple Kerbals unintentionally, as I was going to assign for a mission and noticed that a couple of orange suits mysteriously dropped down to 0 XP. (They were included in the next training mission of course to get them back up to 3 stars, and now they are all at 4 stars with some only needing a return to get 5 stars). Back in 0.90 there was also an occasion where I had a Kerbal land in a new biome and take some surface samples. The pod could only hold one copy, so I took a second sample to be recovered with the Kerbal, then recoved the ship(with the Kerbal standing on the ground outside) and then the Kerbal who had been standing safely on the surface of Kerbin went MIA before I could recover them. (I do not consider this a sacrifice however, I consider it an extended vacation as they were safe at home and were only lost due to a bug)
  5. For 'self-funding' I decide on an interesting mission and let the contracts add a few funding steps. Example: I recently launched an outer-planets grand tour vehicle(with ISRU, cost ~ a million funds) Contracts: Mine ore on Mun, Mine ore on Minmus, Rescue(Duna orbit), Rescue(Ike orbit) This means that even without any science or recovery this mission is profitable. (of course the original plan was to land on Minmus for fuel then go straight to Dres, but rescues were on Duna, so heading there too) Of course even with the Community science tree, I do not expect I'll use any of the science from that mission for anything but reputation, but it still has a couple 4-star scientists and the lab was filled with launchpad, kerbin, munar, and minmus data(I added the community tech tree to have more nodes to research, but I am only about 18K science from finishing that as well, and my inner-planets grand tour has already launched from Moho for a kerbin-return trip, so all that Gilly, eve-orbit, and moho science will probably finish it off, and as I already have 60M funds I have little no need to use it for that)
  6. I consider it a highly efficient container for multiple surface samples/materials experiments/goo tests. I used it much the same in 0.90, I just get a couple dozen bonus science points over and above the storage aspect(a few dozen over lots of missions, usually less than 10 points per mission). By the time I actually use it for more than storage, I have already unlocked all of the stock parts. Then again, I have never just filled up a station and time-warped to get science either, any research I do is during transit, and it is a good excuse to send a second scientist along. (in my only 1.0 game where I am transiting to other planets, I filled out the stock tech tree with Kerbin, Mun, and Minmus before doing more than quick visits to the Kerbol SOI for XP, usually with multiple trips in progress at a time, so time-warping was minimal, lab science was just a small percentage of the science returned, and half the time I forgot to start researching/never bothered to full up the lab with data)
  7. I currently have a ship with 24 kerbals returning from a Duna/Ike training mission(3 are rescues and 2 are in a Mk2 passenger module retrieved from around Duna), I also have an ISRU vessel ready to launch from Moho as it has now visited 8 of the biomes there(it has also visited Duna/Ike and Gilly since it's launch). I also have a freshly refueled ship ready to launch from Minmus that is intended to visit every moon and planet(with a surface) that is outside the orbit of Kerbin(Duna and Ike are mostly for a couple rescues that make the craft profitable). I'll need to run simulations to make sure it can get back to Lathe orbit, but everywhere else should be pretty manageable. (Before I added the discarded solid boosters, it could get into space on Kerbin but not achieve orbit before re-entering the atmosphere)
  8. Made several hops on Moho, so now I have collected the science from 8 of the 12 biomes. Unfortunately I suspect the other 3 lowlands and the canyons are currently on the dark side, so I set up to leave the next time I have some time to play.(all tanks topped off, emergency refueling vessel in orbit all topped-off with super efficient electric engines. Just need to time my lift off for a rendezvous with the refueler, Klaw the two ships together and head back to Kerbin(needed the refueller to be able to land on Moho, so plan to play it safe and leverage it for the initial burn back to Kerbin with those 16Ks isp VASMIR engines). Lots of uneven ground on Moho. Also landed and refueled my second generation Grand Tour vessel on Minmus, so I just need to head out to Duna and Ike for a couple rescues then I can start exploring the outer Kerbol system (Second Generation Grand Tour is using those same 16Ks ISP VASMIR engines backed up by a ring of radial LF engines for higher gravity planets/moons, also has a drill mounted next to the nose klaw so that I can go asteroid hunting if I need more ISP than I can store on-board)
  9. He said they would be ejecting them by the time they were at that altitude on Eve. As in they are to be dropped during the Eve ascent.
  10. That made it seem very likely that the death scene was an alternate universe flash-back, but I could not find a visual cue that there was such a transition so I was not certain either way.
  11. *Constructive* criticism is good and can help a product get better. This involves pointing out specifics and making recommendations on how to improve that facet. This is not in any way constructive: "This game is slow and the developers are mediocre" This identifies a specific issue and makes a recommendation that may fix the issue under consideration should it prove to be a viable approach: "Reconstructing the resource tree for every resource request(which happens multiple times per frame) requires a lot of CPU cycles, a better option would be to use a buffer type system where the size of the buffer is based on the available storage(such as batteries and fuel tanks), then as you cycle through the parts you can update the buffer for each resource producer or consumer in turn. When you have finished with a cycle, you can update the storage with the change in the buffer. This should be much faster, and while it may cause problems when your producers and consumers are on a larger scale than your storage, such problems are hardly unrealistic. The primary down-side is that you need to either calculate the tree each cycle(once as opposed to the current multiple times) or you will need to track vehicle changes so you can update the tree when things attach/detach/explode" Do you see the difference? One is whining and complaining, serving no purpose than to potentially make the whiner feel better, the other is offering helpful suggestions, and while those suggestions may not work, it is clear that the the intent is to be helpful. One is also much easier than the other. If you are not offering specific steps to address the issue, you are not being helpful, just negative. (Note: 'Fix it' and 'Make an optimization pass' are not specific steps, they are cop-outs that mostly ignore the difficulties involved)
  12. Just a bit of maintenance today. Finished refueling and grabbed a bit of ore in the Moho highlands(3.1% ore), then headed north towards a dark area hoping for a biome with richer ore and to get more in-line with the inclined orbit of the refueling drone and found the Moho Midlands with a much more attractive 7% ore, so I landed(did research) and topped off everything, then headed up and klawed the refueling probe to top off all of it's tanks. I also aero-braked my ore rescue drone around kerbin and brought it in to a nice soft landing, only to have it fall over in the water and break some of the more expensive components, ah well, nothing important was lost.(need to remember to turn on stability assist when landing in water. It often provides an opportunity to recover before the vessel falls over) Hopefully if I visit all the Moho biomes I should be able to get all the remaining 4K science nodes just from transmitted data and be fairly close on that last node that costs 10K. Not sure what I will do with all the non-transmittable science from Gilly and Moho when I get back to Kerbin though.
  13. As far as I can tell, this is not a test, this is the new format. It is only to be expected that when changes are made to any product with a passionate fan-base that some will love it and some will hate it, I am sorry that you happened to fall into the second category with this particular change. Better luck next time. (and if you have a popular product and manage to make changes that no one likes, it will not stay popular for long... unless you have vendor lock-in like Microsoft)
  14. Managed to get a number of things done over the weekend. Managed to capture my Grand Tour ship at Moho, then brought my Moho Refueling drone over to give it enough fuel to circularize in LMO and land. Decided to try an experiment and used the drone engines to circularize, but the low thrust and slow frame rate(nearly 200 parts, so apparently my gaming computer is in need of an upgrade...) means it took a number of passes. After reviewing the performance of my refueling drone(using the large VASMIR engine from near future with a whopping 16K ISP using LH2 fuel and 2K charge/s), I decided to try a new grand tour vessel, perhaps even one that could land on Lathe and Tylo. After many iterations of attempting a SSTO with both ISRU and an 8 ton nuclear reactor(need to get those 2K charge/s some where, and solar will not cut it at Jool, it barely was manageable for the drone at Kerbin using panels that nearly doubled the length of the ship), I took a look and discovered that Lathe and Tylo have only 80% of Kerbin's gravity(7.85m/s/s vs 9.81m/s/s), so I went back to a design that got into space but was not able to get orbital before falling back into the atmosphere and just slapped some solid boosters on it for leaving Kerbin. Due to contracts that I picked up to pay for the mission(just a habit as I have 60M funds and this was less than a 1M funds ship), I first wen to the Mun to collect some ore. During my descent I discovered that I could choose to either have enough thrust to land, or have enough delta-v to land, but not both, so I aborted back to Mun orbit and sent a refueling pod with 300 ore I could refine into whatever I needed. With LH2 refilled and a bit of LF in case I needed it (about 3 seconds worth for my 8 Thuds), I managed a safe landing and started refueling, sending the ore drone back towards Kerbin(with much improved D-v now that it's payload was empty). I was impatient and still had to make a stop at Minmus, so I used nearly half my thud fuel to get into Mun orbit and and the ship is currently on route to Minmus. During that transit, I managed to get my Grand Tour vessel pushed into Low Moho Orbit(had to load a couple times as something cause one ship to tear the other apart, possibly SAS oscillations or some such), so I detached and tried for a landing(staying attached was not working very well during my first landing attempt). I was coming down over an area with a 20 degree tilt, so I changed my descent(including some hovering) and finally managed to land at a site with about 3 degrees of tilt(and all of 3% ore). As you can see I had quite the safety-margin as I had 25m/s left after landing(good thing I sent that fuel courier) (plus about 95 monoprop left which I had already refilled before thinking to take a picture) I still need to get Jeb and Bill out to plant flags for XP(which is pretty superfluous at this point as they have more than 80XP from this trip alone and 5 starts only takes 64) After refueling I am planning to re-fuel the fuel drone while visiting all the Moho biomes I can find.(no scansat here just yet, so unlikely to get all of them)
  15. I would expect that many existing and older bugs will likely be fixed in the re-write, but other(and possibly similar) bugs will take their place. Such is the nature of software.
  16. Not a lot today, made a couple Duna landing attempts with my Grand Training vessel(turns out that I can't manage a 7 degree slope on Duna with a Mk2 passenger module in my klaw, even with RCS) Then I spent a lot of time getting each of the 24 kerbals(21 trainees, 3 rescuees) out and planting flags with them for XP. After getting everyone re-situated I made a long, slow ascent off Duna(1.19 TWR, engines that over-heat fairly quickly without radiators and the likely loss of radiators if deployed above ~45m/s below 10km means I had to cut engines at ~65m/s and re-engage around 40m/s a few times on the way up) Should probably have dumped most of the ore I was hauling around for a better ascent... Got all the trainees/rescuees safely to orbit though, so now just a quick hop over to Ike to refuel and then back to the Kerbin SOI(where Rescuees will get to visit the moons on their way home)
  17. Quite the busy weekend. Finished getting the Moho Tanker into LMO. The retro-burn(the one that started an hour before the SOI entry) did not result in a capture until 2/3 of the way through the Moho SOI on the way out(periapps was less than 300km but got past 6Mm before it was actually captured. ) Talk about a long burn. I think it is now orbiting at ~100x100km with the nose-cone pointed at the sun to minimize non-solar-panel heating(and because that is the attitude I want it in for Klaw-capture as it keeps the non-retractable solar panels as far from the Klaw as possible). After that, it was time to capture at Eve with my Eve Rover. Capture went pretty routinely, with roughly 4km/s left in the tank once in LEO. First attempt to land went poorly, but after most of the ship exploded, the probe core with drogue chutes still attached managed a reasonable descent velocity even without opening the chutes. Second attempt I dropped the (still thrusting)remains of the transit stage at the first sign of reentry heat and things went much better. Used far more chutes than were really needed and had a nice safe touch-down. After touch-down and some science I discovered that because of how I attached the rover wheels, they would not work. Attempting to tun moved the top and bottom of the wheels in and out not the front and back, and the wheels are all providing some sort of heavy drag effect. After experimenting for a while with enabling/disabling various motors, steering and inverting steering, I discovered that I could drive the rover in a rather tight little circle in one direction. Not great for my plans to explore Eve via rover. On the other hand, I had this electric propeller I installed in case I needed to get around in the oceans, and generally as a 'just in case'. (note: installed on the top node of the cargo bay but rotated and positioned to stick out the bottom as I could not reverse the direction of the thrust, so conceptually it is a nuclear-decay powered small-propeller electric helicopter). Aside from some delicacies in taking off with a tilt, it seems to work pretty well(on the surface the maximum spooled-up twr is like 1.07 so not much to spare). While traveling to the nearest biome, I discovered that the rover is apparently aerodynamic enough for quite a lot of lift in the lower eve atmosphere, getting over 70m/s horizontal velocity while still climbing at > 3m/s when tilted around 45 degrees(if I close the service bay). Using only re-useable science tech(Basically everything but the goo and Science Jr basic science parts), I managed to unlock the last couple 2250 science nodes in my community tech tree, leaving only the 3 4K nodes and the 10K nodes to be fully completed. No visits to the lowlands, Sea or the poles, but got everywhere else, may do the shore just to get splashed down at some point) Eve play time: After my play-time on Eve, my Duna training ship 'Grand Training' arrived, landed on Ike to collect a stranded Kerbal, refueled, collected a stranded Kerbal and their Mk2 passenger module from Duna orbit, Accepted a contract for yet another Kerbal on Ike(since I had capacity I had to being back anyway) and went and fetched them as well. After collecting all those Kerbals, I remembered that I had planned to refuel my scansat probe, so I matched up with it, got within about 20m, dropped my rescued Mk2 passenger module(with 2 kerbals in it) and maneuvered the probe into the klaw. After pumping as much fuel as the probe could hold, the probe thrusted a bit to get out of the way and the drifting kerbals had only gotten bout 100m away, making retrieval relatively simple. Now, with all kerbals on-board and having planted flags on Ike, it was time to make the Duna landing attempt. First attempt went poorly as I had forgotten to adjust my chutes and they were still in their default configuration which does not provide much braking on Duna. Second attempt involved adusting chutes on the way down and went somewhat better: But still not successful. (burned the engine too much and it exploded at about 50m) For the next attempt(tonight) I have adjusted the chutes before starting the retro-burn and expect a nice soft landing.
  18. I have clipped lander cans together on occasion to carry tourists/more station seating early on and on one mission I could see the two lander can Kerbals clipped over each other in the little boxes on the bottom right of the screen. That seems like strong evidence that they are actually 'in' the appropriate parts in some way, even if the graphics don't actually penetrate the 'windows'. Of course when adjusting parachutes for entry while in orbit around Duna I have clipped inside a Mk3 cockpit with the camera quite a lot and not seen any Kerbals, so perhaps the IVA/indoor Kerbals are actually in a different dimension/rendering buffer in some way.
  19. Launched a hydrogen fueled Fuel tanker to Moho so that my Grand Tour will be able to land and refuel. (largest VASMIR engine from Near Future mod, ISP is like 16K on the lowest thrust setting giving like 30km/s with a payload of 1200 liquid fuel for the Grand Tour vessel, but very long burn times...) My Eve Scansat arrived, and I played around to get as much coverage as possible(Low resolution and biome scans complete, currently working on finishing the high-resolution scan before moving to Gilly) Fuel tanker arrived at the Moho SOI only to discover that it was an hour over-due to start it's burn, fortunately my latest save was only a couple days of Eve scan passes earlier, so I was able to set a better alarm(I guess KAC either does not like VASMIR burns or does not like burns where the burn needs to start an hour before even entering the SOI where the burn is centered) Managed to do about 3km of the 9km burn before the wife pointed out what time it was(she objects to me getting less than 6 hours of sleep a night, something about not wanting to be married to a zombie or some such. Might be why she regrets getting me KSP for my birthday...) Tonight I'll see if I can get the tanker into Moho orbit before our gaming group arrives... (I can see the Grand tour when I am in the map view, it is about 20 days out from Moho. If I can verify that ISRU makes the right fuel for my VASMIR engine, I may dock and circularize with that engine to save even more fuel)
  20. The 'Accept all rescue missions' rule adds a bit of Russian roulette, one or two 'low Kerbol orbit' missions and you could get into major trouble due to needing to spend all your funds to satisfy them. Do you intend to add some sort of off-world launch-pads at some point? Otherwise any lost parts will become irreplaceable after year 3... I foresee lots of Kerbin surveys in your future unless you restrict planes as part of the 10 days per launch restriction. (if planes are also restricted, you probably need ISRU ASAP so you can reuse a single launch several times) Does a KSC science rover or a pod or used to either pop-out a kerbal or recover data from a reusable vehicle count as a launch? Good thing the science tree can be filled in the Kerbin SOI...
  21. I'd like to see a dev note in the new format when they have not just announced a whole slew of things through other channels and they still have some interesting things left to say. I think the new format has potential, but we have seen a lot of old-style dev notes with lots of interesting things going on, and no new-style dev notes that were not preempted by other announcements, so it is hard to make a comparison just yet.(sort of like trying to compare and contrast a Chevy Volt and a Tesla Roadster when you have driven a volt for years but you have only see one roadster in person, and it did not even have wheels yet)
  22. Launched a scanning probe to Dres in hopes that it gets there before my Grand Tour ship does. Adjusted Inclination of Grand Tour to mach with Moho, I only have a 9m/s burn left to have a low-altitude fly-by, but my capture burn needs almost 5km/s to get into low orbit and I don't think I have that much left(about 350 ore left on top of 4.1km/s in fuel). I think I'll be sending a tanker to Moho to make sure my Grand Tour does not end up stuck in orbit without enough fuel to land.
  23. Sounds like you forgo to turn off the torque of your pod+reaction wheel(s) For my activities, I managed to get my Grand Tour into the EVE SOI, fly by low EVE orbit and land on all 3 biomes of Gilly(only 1 of those landings actually had more than 2 landing gear touch the surface, but that was only a problem when I pulled Jeb out to plant his flag... had to switch back a couple times to keep the ship from toppling) Ran into a bug where as soon as I started harvesting ore my tanks filled up, but I am not greatly concerned by that, as I would have just taken as much time as was needed anyway. (I previously encountered that bug when dealing with asteroids) Having visited all the Gilly biomes, I launched towards Eve(I intended to orbit Gilly, but was making a minmus-like ascent and over-shot Gilly orbit. After experimenting with many nodes, I got a Moho intercept that also touched the Eve atmosphere on the way out. Thinking about Eve, I made an Eve rover and Launched it from Kerbin. It is probably a lot more transit efficient than it needs to be and will no doubt have issues when I try to enter the atmosphere, but hopefully it will land safely with 6 radial drogue chutes and 6 radial chutes as the 3 heaviest pieces are the Asteroid Day probe core, a 1.25 service bay, and a single Radioisotope generator(4 rover wheels, 3 landing gear, an antenna and a set of reusable science gear finish out the package, I am hoping to get science from most of the land biomes if I can). It is due to hit the Eve SOI around the same time the Grand Tour hits Moho. Images: Gilly landing and Eve probe: After launching the probe, I did my low eve fly-by of the Grand tour, even getting an EVA report in the EVE upper atmosphere(stayed within a couple dozen meters of 90km, so I did not even bring in my Gigantors), and set my sights on Moho(that place has a *LOT* of biomes). I was a little disappointed that my scansat did not get to EVE for scanning purposes until after the Grand Tour left the SOI, but it should be there before it returns from Moho, so there should still be a chance to refuel it and send it on to Moho. Hmm, looking at the upcoming lull in activities, it may be time to send a Scansat to Dres, and perhaps Eeloo.
  24. Just a couple quick things. Landed/refueled/flagged/launched my Grand Training mission on Minmus, so now the 1 and 2 stars should have all the Kerbol SOI XP, then headed out for Duna/Ike. Lousy transfer of > 200 days, but I am hopeful I will be able to make a mid-course correction and get it there sooner. Before doing that however, I managed my closest ever rocket landing, only a couple hundred meters from the edge of the runway(possibly less as I was actually concerned I might land on the sloped part). When I recovered, I got > 18,000 science(every biome on Duna and Ike except for the Duna Craters using all stock instruments plus Roverdude's 4 Sounding Rockets mini-experiments). Let me fill in every unfilled node on the community tech tree that needs less than 2250 science. I think I now have fewer than a dozen unpurchased nodes, including that 10K one on the end.
  25. Did a few things. First my rescue ship was launched, rescued a stranded kerbal(to pay for the launch) and then was klawed by the Duna Mission ship. Bob got out and transferred as much science as possible to the rescue ship then I sent the engineer and most of the scientists to go home n this reentry-safe vessel, leaving Val(who piloted the rescue vessel which will return using a probe core), Bob and another scientist who's seat was stolen by a tourist. After everyone was transferred, I detached the 'reentry assistance pod' from the rescue vessel and klawed it with the Duna Mission vessel. The rescue vessel landed safely, then, inspite of some white knuckles and prayers for the Klaw to hold, the Duna Mission ship also landed safely, only needed a few seconds of main engine burn to land below 8m/s Rescue images: (Yes, the reentry assistance pod had 16 air brakes, 8 drogue chutes and 16 chutes. Don't know if the ship-mounted chutes being still set for Duna and so fully opening around 5km kept the podt from being ripped out of the klaw when the pod chutes opened or not) After some conversations with Bob and the other scientist on the way down, Val decided that Duna was not a big challenge and she did not want to be the only orange suit to be left out. So, while waiting for the second Duna mission to make it's way from Minmus to Kerbin, Val set off in the 'Grand Training', based on the Grand Tour Jeb and Bill are taking around the system, but with a Mk3 crew module to haul along 15 additional Kerbals in need of training up to 4 stars(plus room for picking up one Kerbal stranded on Ike). As there had been a few rescues, everyone with fewer than 3 stars were loaded into the passenger module, along with all the engineers and most of the scientists with 3 stars(with Val and a few other 3-star female pilots to help gender-balance the crew). First stop was Mun for the trainees to plant flags, and now, after a sling-shot around Kerbin, they are all on their way to Minmus to top off the fuel, (plant a few more trainee flags,) and set out for Duna.
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