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  1. NASA is not the one allocating and ear-marking those funds for SLS. They may have more discretion on other things, but NASA is being given that money and being ordered to spend it on SLS. As a government organization, they don't really have a choice in the matter, refusal will just mean the people trying to refuse will be replaced by those willing to abide by the legal requirements being placed upon them. If you want to say that the US government is wasting that money, I can only say: meh, it is hardly the most egregious budget item in a given year, and at least it is helping to pay some NASA salaries.
  2. This is why flex-tubes are deprecated and RD implemented unconnected base logistics. If you have a manned logistics module, you should have materials automatically transfer between logistics enabled containers as needed(if you have a USI consumer attached to a logistics enabled container, then it should pull from other logistics enabled containers within range any time it goes below 50%. Kerbals are considered consumers of supplies if you are using usi-ls) Se here for further details: https://github.com/UmbraSpaceIndustries/MKS/wiki/Functions-(Logistics)
  3. Wouldn't the much higher thrust/lift ratio help lessen pad wear by greatly shortening the duration of the high-stress period of the launch? No idea if this would reduce the stress more or less than a deluge system would, but it seems like it should help at the very least. They may also be testing out a different launch pad design intended to reduce wear and tear on the pad. (if your pad can only manage 1 launch every couple of days, it does not matter how much faster your rocket is ready to go, and I have no idea how long it takes to get all that water pumped up and ready to go)
  4. Scenario: You are harvesting 100 units of rare metals, and all of them are being used or transferred to another depot. Available is already set to zero, so setting harvested to zero means you can now harvest another 100 rare metals at this depot, even though they are actually all in use elsewhere. Or perhaps you have 40 available, how does WOLF know if you used the low efficiency harvesters and 40 available represents 100% of the harvest and available should be set back to 100, or if you are using 60% of the harvest and the available should be set back to 40? Take a look at Routes in WOLF. This will allow you to transfer resource points between biomes(including orbital or different planets) once you have set up a transport route. Then, just like elsewhere, if you want to pullout available resources, you just use a hopper.
  5. There is no history on what was or was not added to a WOLF biome, just the results. (as you saw in the save file) As such it is not feasible to 'remove' parts automatically. The best option is to edit the save file like you did when a mistake has been made and you cannot revert it by using an older save file.
  6. You know, RoverDude worked on ISRU in KSP1 and he is working on KSP2 which is going to have colonization... I would be happy but unsurprised to find a lot of very familiar functionality in KSP2 after using MKS for so long...
  7. Yu sould not be the only person ding this, and I see no reason to think that MKS and WOLF infrastructure would not readily support the new parts and processes needed for off-kerbin construction.
  8. Support for 1.11.x has been referenced in the thread name for a while now, yes.
  9. Example: Any MKS base that is not yet fully self sufficient and thus requires some parts/resources to be shipped in. DumpExcess = FALSE does *not* shut down the process, it pauses it until there is storage available for the output, at which point it resumes until storage is full again. Just like the stock ISRU processor that will turn ore into fuel until the tanks are full, then wait for free space in the tanks before processing any more.(your recommendation would have the ISRU keep making fuel, that would be dumped over-board, until the ore tanks are empty) Like with my example of a uranium enrichment processor. Most of the time it just sits there processing at a small % of capacity, but occasionally I deploy a new reactor and need to refill my reserves, at which point it kicks in to full gear, all without any action on my part directed to the enrichment processor. To calculate your 'boost' from efficiency parts, add together the weight of all efficiency parts and divide by the weight of the parts being boosted, and that is the % of boost being provided. If you have 10t of efficiency parts running at 100%, and 10t of processing parts, the efficiency boost will double the production of your processing parts, just as if the efficiency parts were doing the same processing. Efficiency processes basically let you perform more advanced processes with lower-tech parts. So those 43 ranger rock-crushers(0.08t*43=3.44t) you sent up for your early bases, instead of becoming useless dead-weight, can be set to efficiency mode, almost doubling the production of your new Tundra refinery(3.471t). Almost as if you sent up a second tundra refinery from the start(using the same launch capacity).
  10. If you need to ship-in specialized parts(or exotic minerals, or ...) do you really want all of those shipped-in resources to be consumed to manufacture something that will just be thrown away? Most colonies have at least one resource constraint. Planetary stockpiles and WOLF make that issue easier to deal with, but it does not eliminate it. Even colonies without a current resource constraint may well develop one in the future(colonization multipliers can do this), so wasting rare or hard to find resources on something that is not useful seems like a generally bad idea. The only reason things like Recyclables and Mulch dump excess, is because these are by-products, and you do not really want your Kerbals to starve to death or stop manufacturing just because you might lose some potentially recyclable materials. I would often have bays producing enriched uranium and machinery just for the sake of keeping my resources 'topped off' while using a majority of the resources for other things(like colony supplies). I could not supply enough raw materials to keep all of my processes running at full production, but as some of them would only produce 'as needed' I had plenty of resources to do everything I wanted done.
  11. Light has non-zero energy, and as such, it has non-zero mass. Any object with non-zero mass will warp space-time and thus bend light. I think the key word in that statement is 'weak' as we would expect this scattering theoretically, but I do not think we could measure it...
  12. It is basically saying 'something changed here, and unless you did this deliberately, you probably don't want this change and should go back to the known state' Seeing as how you did indeed make changes, this is normal and expected. You should not try to reinstall because you want the beta version(which is not yet in ckan and that is why it is complaining). I usually find it less troublesome to remove any ckan supported versions of the mod before I try to manually add it, just to avoid this sort of thing.
  13. Hover capability covers a multitude of sins. That is how helicopters can land on helipads mounted on ships or buildings or after all...
  14. I live just outside the city limits of Austin, TX(aka 'silicon hills'/'Silicon Valley II'), and the Starlink beta has a lower monthly cost and higher bandwith that any other broad-band provider to which I have access at my current address.(which is less than a mile from the GM innovation and Amazon distribution centers on the old Dell Campus, so hardly out in the sticks). If I was not in the process of buying a new house (which may or may not be in a different Starlink 'cell' which may or may not require a new dish), I would already be on the waiting list for service in 'mid 2021' just for the service improvement and cost reduction. If I can't get better service in a tech-hub living less than a mile from a Dell/GM technology/Amazon campus, I imagine that the number listed above for potential subscribers to be a very pessimistic estimate.
  15. There will always be specialists that understand a given technology. Even today, no one can be a specialist in all technologies. If you are a rocket scientist, then the ability to produce a child with three genetic mothers is probably not something you hae a through understanding of, and if you are a genetic engineer, then a continuous transmission probably seems pretty out-there, and if you are a mechanical engineer, then the design and operations of VLS IC design(the methods use to make modern computer CPUs and GPUs) probably seems pretty obscure and arcane, and if you are an IC electronic engineer(who does not play KSP) then orbital mechanics and the rocket equation are unlikely to be intuitive. This says nothing about the guy who plays in a garage band and checks out groceries to afford an amp that 'goes to 11'. Personally, I find quantum mechanics to be weird, but not half so strange as politicians and other 'social people'. Even that approach may be looking at the quote the wrong way, as I have a good understanding of how Alexa and other digital assistants function, but when they work as intended, it 'looks' magical. I could easily see 'does what I want without needing to worry about the details' as 'magical' tech, even when I fully understand how it works. After all, how functionally different is this personal transport drone from a magical flying carpet: If I can summon it with a few words and it can take me where I want to go, it seems pretty similar to me... (sure the current version has lots of limitations, but as the technology develops those limitations will become less and less relevant for most users)
  16. In graphics class they spoke about how the first 'mirrored' enemy in a computer game worked: they just grabbed pixels from a different portion of the screen as 'good enough' because the processor was not powerful enough to do the ray-tracing real-time. It was lauded as a clever fix that was just as effective for the intended purpose as ray-tracing would have been. I do not see any reason for them to have bothered to change the approach for later games.
  17. That would be a minimum, yes, but one of the weaknesses of wolf, is that it is completely static(as far as I can tell), and you cannot adjust production based upon your current needs. As such, having a 20m Atlas factory that you can re-purpose as needed gives a lot more flexibility than pushing all of your manufacturing into WOLF(especially as we do not yet know the details on how the new parts manufacturing process will work, so having that flexibility can help take advantage of the new functionality as soon as it is released) Also, I do not believe that WOLF handles population growth, so you will need MKS parts for that as well(if you want it).
  18. I don't think kerbals count as parts when on a craft, as they do not require any physics simulation. Not many bases can be self-supporting in a single biome, WOLF is mostly for handling all of the stuff other than your main base on each planet. A single 20m atlas part replaces several smaller parts. For example, you can have 6 active bays on an atlas module, and I would expect that they would be at least the equivalent of a tundra module, so the 20m module should be able to replace at least 6 3.75m tundra parts(plus related stands, airlocks, etc).
  19. Did you see that the new 20m atlas parts have a max crew of 96 each? A couple of hab domes and a couple of factory domes would let you use most of that. Question: do the Atlas parts still benefit from only the highest specialist on the station? I vaguely remember something about multiple specialists being useful, but that might have been in relation to WOLF... If you only benefit from one specialist, that is a *lot* of kolonists...
  20. Snow is basically ice with air in/around it, sort of like a pumice stone is stone with air in/around it. We do not have a lot of materials that both evaporate and freeze in large quantities within our atmosphere. While the hexagonal structure would be due to the chemical structure of the water molecule, other materials could also form loosely packed crystal structures if they were to condense out of an atmosphere and freeze, but most would probably not form a hexagonal structure like water does.
  21. I was under the impression that the objective of the Alcubierre drive was to shrink space in front of the vessel and expand space behind it, so that you are not 'moving' the vessel at all, except perhaps using some chemical thrusters to cross the much shortened distance, or am I thinking of the wrong drive tech?
  22. Space station orbital velocity(for reference): 7.66 km/s according to this: https://www.omnicalculator.com/physics/centrifugal-force a 13km radius with a velocity of 7660m/s gives centrifugal acceleration of 4513.5 m/s/s or 460g If you reduce that to half the velocity of the space station(which means a non-trivial rocket for the other 3830m/s), you can reduce that to a mere 115g of off-axis acceleration. If you used earth's equator(radius of 6,356km) as the largest possible loop, you can get the off-axis acceleration down to 9.2m/s/s which should be readily handled by just about anything on earth that can lay on it's side(which does not generally include a rocket once it is loaded with fuel). And you would only need to build an air-tight tunnel 40,000km long. (just don't try to make any sharp turns, such as going up a mountain, as that would splatter your ship right quick).
  23. To be fair, this does require landing in the biome, and for the depot in particular, landing a single use rather large and heavy mid-tech level item, which does not have a lot of use until you also acquire multiple max-tech elements. Once you have all of the WOLF tech, there are not likely to be a lot of unresearched tech nodes left, especially when using the community tech tree, making additional research points of little value. And it is not as if you couldn't already unlock pretty much the entire community tech tree with biome hopping inside the kerbin SOI, so this just makes it so that you can do less biome hopping but still have access to advanced WOLF tech just from deploying lots of depots(which are not terribly useful in and of themselves without that advanced WOLF tech).
  24. I have an invocation I use every morning to bring forth light: "Ok Google, set office to 30%" And one to banish the light at the end of the day: "Ok Google, turn off bedroom" If you were not familiar with this technology, you would not have any idea that the small, unobtrusive cylinder hidden on a shelf was in any way related(especially if responses were muted), or that it was dependent on distant computing devices connected via a world wide information network. "magic" technology is all a matter of familiarity.
  25. The config files should still be there and may even have been updated for 1.11 At the moment I am mostly working on WOLF infrastructure (which will hopefully be easy to transfer, at the very least you can edit your save to re-add it as it is not obfuscated in any way), not sure yet if I will add a construction mod or just wait for the integrated construction, probably depends on how far I get before the new version is released.
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