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  1. I came across this recently and it reminded me of someone.
  2. Baha's camera tools mod (I know it works with 1.2.2 but I'm not sure about 1.3) already includes sonic booms, however only when you're in the static camera.
  3. English is my native language. Ich kann ein bißchen Deutsch sprechen (German relatives and school) and also a little very rusty French.
  4. Very true. Here's a slightly different band though:
  5. Sorry if this sounds condescending or anything, but are you holding the brake action group (b key by default) or pressing it? It will only apply the brakes when it is being held down.
  6. Maybe it would help if I was actually good at those... I can normally get to LKO with a small satellite and that's about it (don't expect a very safe reentry either). Still something fun about hypersonic flights in my deathtraps perfectly safe and well designed aircraft though!
  7. I don't think it has much chance against the more "exotic" fighters, but here's my submission: https://kerbalx.com/volcanicshrimp/Heavy-dogfighter Shows off my imaginative craft naming perfectly.
  8. http://imgur.com/a/DXngM One of the various single stage to LKO spaceplanes I've made. Not particularly difficult to fly (otherwise I'd have no chance) but also only capable of reaching LKO and probably very inefficient.
  9. And I have yet to make a SSTO craft capable of getting beyond LKO... Very nice!
  10. When I tried to use this mod in 1.2 to launch a rocket (meant to be SSTO and reusable but idk if it actually is yet), it insisted on detaching the second stage fairing on launch, even when I decreased the pressure to detach them at to 100.
  11. I either listen to the stock music or my rather large collection of Spotify music (can't be bothered making a ksp playlist). That basically means lots of metal, a bit of hard rock and the occasional hip-hop song.
  12. That's why I was testing blunt-nosed and pointy-nosed planes in the first place - to see how much drag and heating are affected by whether the shock cone is attached or detached.
  13. Thanks for the info! I agree, 10km up isn't particularly high. I can't actually remember why I wasn't at closer to 20km. I had heard about temperature varying differently to drag but certainly not in as much detail as this, so thanks for that! Back to plane building! I'll need to test my Mach 3 seaplane (the one in my forum pics) and other planes from 1.1 to see how they get on with the drag alterations.
  14. I've been trying to build some fast planes in 1.2 (a lot of my ksp craft are high speed planes of some type, and very few of them ever go to space), and testing them at low and high altitude to see how much altitude affects their performance. My assumption was that, due to the thicker atmosphere, planes at lower altitude would experience more drag and atmospheric heating. However, I didn't notice as much difference between the performance at low and high altitude as I expected (high altitude heating was if anything higher than at low altitude and drag only seemed to be noticeably higher at low
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