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  1. Well I'm also running the galileo planet pack on 50% science returns, and using the community tech tree so it's actually taking forever to fill it out. I was pretty stoked to see a new magnetometer model with the vorona parts, and I prefered its more complex shape immediately. Also the vorona imaging camera thing is what made me figure out where you hide the new pushes on github more experiment variants do it
  2. I cram so many science experiments onto my probes anyway that any drop in science output is negligible. Alternate models will always be welcome though
  3. Those parts look pretty sick now, but I must admit I never really used the telescope, uv thing or ir thing because the torekka science boom combined them into one part. Now with Vorona there's another combo part though so that's nice
  4. bug report for you, about the mg-100 magnetometer. the animation isnt working properly, it just rotates the boom 90 degrees instead of unfolding.
  5. I just use the 'gradual' option in the presets menu and it works great for me
  6. I think they're a requirement for console games now.
  7. I had this issue myself, found that it was an optional part of stock bug fixes(I think, it was a few months ago), the problem you're probably having is that it has to be within 90 degrees of the 'top' of the docking port, based on how it was attached to the craft in the editor. I didn't like the feature since the rotation of docking ports in the editor can be a bit haphazard at times, which made some ships hard/impossible to properly assemble in orbit. I deleted the module that introduced the 90 degree lock thing and everything worked normally.
  8. Wow. Pre-order cancelled.
  9. throw a small object at it. ive used that method to force undock a few things in the past, as long as your aim is decent it works
  10. I remember the devnotes when Harvester added in that phantom force to stop things from sliding downhill
  11. this is one of the best mods ive ever seen. i have a question though, what is the texture sets zip file? just additional textures?
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