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  1. I, obviously, may be wrong, but I have a suspicion that the unit on the far right, the one labeled a seismometer, might possibly be the central station. I like the idea of it being a seismometer, it'd be consistent, I feel, with the lack of legs and pads to insulate it from the surface, but its the only thing here that looks like it has an antenna and it has quite a few ports on the side, more than we see on any other unit, presumably for plugging power into so it can be distributed it to the rest of the experiments. The small station behind the solar is, hopefully, an experiment (or a central station, as labeled, and I say hopefully as its plugged directly into the solar array and that could indicate power cables are indeed something that we can and have to run) but I have a suspicion, based partially on the fact that nothing else has been plugged in and on how difficult I, possibly naively, imagine it'd be to automatically generate a visual of cabling that looks good running between experiments placed at arbitrary distances and rotations, that it may actually not be a separate unit from the solar panels at all. I suspect it may be part of the solar panel unit's model and just be the controls for the panels so that the Kerbal setting it up can be imagined doing such things as tuning the sun tracking controller's parameters or ensuring its converting the output of the panels to the voltage and amperage that the central station wants or other things that would probably need to be done but KSP doesn't force you to worry about. Also, if we're tallying what we've seen, there are at least two more experiments (for a total of either four or five, depending on whether that one is a seismometer or central station), it looks like, that can be seen in the promotional image used to announce the DLC (I'm referring to the two being operated on to the right and left of the Kerbals in the fore ground, one looks like a cylinder with some foil on poles around the base, which may be the actual seismometer if the labeled one above is indeed a central station, and an upright box on the right... I've got no real idea what that one does yet) plus a dish antenna shown off in the same image. More on the original topic, I really like the look of the new experiments and am excited both to see more and to play around with them once the DLC drops.
  2. So, I've been playing about with Whirligig World recently (having cudgeled a 1.6.1 install together with it), and very much been enjoying it, however, I've been experiencing a bit of a minor problem which I'm not seeing in the known issues list. I just wanted to confirm its not something I did wrong with my install (which might well be the case based on the handful of mentions of rovers throughout the thread and NovaSilisko's neat little video a few pages prior, either that or its being brought about by some tweak to the stock suspension mechanics in recent versions, either way I figured I'd bring it up and at least check): wheels and legs appear to be having issues on Mesbin. Something seems be making the game's suspension model violently allergic to ground contact, or at least it has for all the wheeled or legged vehicles I've so far attempted to put onto the runway. I've tinkered a little bit with using different wheels, played different masses over different numbers of wheels, futzed with the suspension settings, tried launching from Woomerange to see if that improved things. I have not yet gone through and reinstalled everything/created other installs of the mod to test with. I wanted to see if this was something anyone else was experiencing before deciding if I either wanted to go that far to rout out the problem or just live with using i-beam landing legs on my landers and without the temptation of undertaking cross-country Mesbin road-trips.
  3. Looks quite nice. Are the combustion chambers and bells going to be hooked up with an emmisive texture, like we've been shown on the new Spark model, before release (and for that matter, would an ablatively cooled nozzle extension, as I assume the coloration of the new model's bells is supposed to suggest, even produce much in the way of visible radiation under normal operating conditions)?
  4. Looks great, exciting to see new textures for stock parts and I'll be quietly crossing my fingers that this apparent art rework isn't stopping at just what we've been shown for this one update so far. I do have some question to ask, though. I know texture and mesh switching has been discussed as a feature that we'll be getting at least in Making History (multiple parts have been shown and discussed as having alternate textures or togglable engine mounts) if not 1.4 as well (looks like the Rockomax tanks and fairings are shown with multiple texture options... I'd rather not make any unwarranted assumptions, but... I think its safe to say if each fairing diameter and texture was a separate part, that'd be a pretty quick way to clutter the part list). I'm curious as to the reason why the old and new textures are becoming a separate parts rather than being part of the list of available textures the player can (presumably) swap between. At the very least, it'd make updating old rockets to the new, sleeker look a lot easier. I'm also curious what exactly the new shrouds are. I assume they aren't new textures for the engine shrouds, the kind you get when you occupy the bottom node of most the rocket engines, as then they'd all be custom cut in length to match the length of the engine they correspond to (and wouldn't be floating in the editor like they're supposed to be independent parts from said engine). Interstage connectors perhaps? Fairings can kind of already occupy that niche, but they also won't let you emulate the S-1C to S-II interstate separation for when we get the Saturn V parts in Making History.