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  1. Well this is exciting. Question, though, will we be able to place "compound parts", ie struts and fuel lines, and then run them with this new system? I notice at about 1:10, there is what looks like a strut in the inventory of what I'm assuming is a new 2.5 m diameter container, so I'm assuming that might be a yes, but figured it wouldn't hurt to ask. I'm also assuming the limitations about fuel lines and struts, being only able to run between parts that are in the same vessel, still holds, so we couldn't use this to, say, manually link up ships on a surface to refuel, is that accurate as well
  2. So, if I may, few small questions, how exactly does this interact with the existing engineer skills and abilities? Does the engineer still need to be level 3 (meaning they must have, at minimum, planted a flag on both the Mun and Minmus and orbited the sun) and now on top of that have a repair kit to change a tire? Perhaps instead does the repair kit enable an engineer of any level (or lower level than typically required) to perform a repair? After the repair is finished in the video above, the Kerbal seems to be missing his EVA maneuvering pack, so is this something we are only expected to be
  3. So we're getting a new pass for the existing RCS quad and a new set of linear and multidirectional RCS in a smaller size. Nice, I can definitely think of places where I'll be using these and look forward to playing with them. Though, if I might also make a bit of a request, while we're looking at new RCS parts (and potentially reworking a part that had already been touched up) is there any chance larger bipropellant RCS options might get another look? The vernier is currently our only entry in that category, and the aerodynamic casing can often make it awkward to work with.
  4. I mean, technically only the center one should be flowing down, no? If I'm understanding the plumbing right that's the liquid oxygen line to the engine. The ones either side of it are gas lines for autogenous tank pressurization, taking gaseous oxidizer and fuel passed through heat exchangers on the main engine back to their respective tanks to keep them pressurized as the liquid contents are drained out, right?
  5. That is some very nice looking foil texture on the tanks there. Those originally got a revamp back in 1.4 (or at least the toroidial tank did, the other two were new to that version), does this mean we could see other revamped parts from around that time get some minor touch-ups as well (the small SRBs and their lack of nozzle heat emmisives, is what's coming to mind for me). The new fairings look quite nice, I wasn't a big fan of the change in texture to the base they had in 1.9 (which maybe wasn't deliberate? It didn't show up in the change log, it just kind of happened and I haven't seen ma
  6. The flag decals and the magnetometer both look very nice and I'm excited to my hands on them. I like the new textures for the Rockomax tanks and the kickbacks look nice (though I do think it should have been the BACC and Skipper to be our Ariane 5 engines, not to imply that's something it'd be a good idea to backtrack on at this point). We haven't been shown it yet, but I'm going to go ahead and assume that the decals on the new kickback model can be toggled off, because anything else would be silly. The MPO probe core is kind of neat but it'd be very, very nice if little dish it came with cou
  7. The addition of the variants and turbomachinery on the Skipper and Mainsail make them so much better, both easier to use and more visually interesting. Thank you very much for going back and adding those. I will say, if you are still accepting feedback on the Mainsail, I'd like to cast my vote in that the orange cowling was the better color option of the two previously shown and state that I'm going to miss the little yellow accent it had in its original model, it just doesn't feel like the same engine without it to me (on a side note, how old is the standard liquid rocket engine plume? Is it
  8. I like the look of this. I assume it doesn't only have the option to vent LFO. Does it detect the contents of the tank and drain only those resources? Does it obey cross-feed rules when draining from vessel? I'm looking forward to the opportunity to use it and figure out how it works. If there is one small piece of feedback I might be allowed to give, though, it might be good to include a a texture variant that offers an alternative to the black and yellow caution tape. The caution tape has been a component of a lot of the stock part's aesthetics for a long time, but I've noticed its generally
  9. Honestly, I'm really not sold on this one. The Skipper was pretty good, but this... it just doesn't feel right to me. The tank-butt/mounting bulkhead is even larger and looks more obnoxious to build around than it was before, the throat feels too narrow for an engine that's supposed to be a high thrust sea level booster (exactly the same problem the old poodle had, which we completely revamped the entire look and feel of in order to fix, but reversed), there's not a lot going on on the cowling that is presumably covering all the interesting mechanical bits (the Skipper has some detail to look
  10. I, obviously, may be wrong, but I have a suspicion that the unit on the far right, the one labeled a seismometer, might possibly be the central station. I like the idea of it being a seismometer, it'd be consistent, I feel, with the lack of legs and pads to insulate it from the surface, but its the only thing here that looks like it has an antenna and it has quite a few ports on the side, more than we see on any other unit, presumably for plugging power into so it can be distributed it to the rest of the experiments. The small station behind the solar is, hopefully, an experiment (or a central
  11. So, I've been playing about with Whirligig World recently (having cudgeled a 1.6.1 install together with it), and very much been enjoying it, however, I've been experiencing a bit of a minor problem which I'm not seeing in the known issues list. I just wanted to confirm its not something I did wrong with my install (which might well be the case based on the handful of mentions of rovers throughout the thread and NovaSilisko's neat little video a few pages prior, either that or its being brought about by some tweak to the stock suspension mechanics in recent versions, either way I figured I'd b
  12. Looks quite nice. Are the combustion chambers and bells going to be hooked up with an emmisive texture, like we've been shown on the new Spark model, before release (and for that matter, would an ablatively cooled nozzle extension, as I assume the coloration of the new model's bells is supposed to suggest, even produce much in the way of visible radiation under normal operating conditions)?
  13. Looks great, exciting to see new textures for stock parts and I'll be quietly crossing my fingers that this apparent art rework isn't stopping at just what we've been shown for this one update so far. I do have some question to ask, though. I know texture and mesh switching has been discussed as a feature that we'll be getting at least in Making History (multiple parts have been shown and discussed as having alternate textures or togglable engine mounts) if not 1.4 as well (looks like the Rockomax tanks and fairings are shown with multiple texture options... I'd rather not make any unwarranted
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