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  1. If you can't find the time to make a grandiose first post just start small and we will help to expand it later. Many thanks for your work!
  2. I ran into the same problem. I kept on clicking things and suddenly the window appeared. Try a new design, then click on a command pod, click on the KER button, remove the command pod and add it again. And maybe click on the KER button again. This cycle brought the window up for me. (But no dV readouts, since the newest KER version doesn't support real fuels )
  3. Then go for it and I will post my problems there. (Still no Github account and I don't want to create one)
  4. Hi. Thank you for the work on KER. But since the update (today) I don't get dV readouts in the VAB with RSS. With stock KSP it's working fine. Can you tell me, what I'm doing wrong?
  5. Oh, that's great. Thank you! Now convince the CKAN guys and gals to package it
  6. I'm pretty sure there are none of them right now in RSS, because until recently we didn't know that they even exist. But now it would be a great thing to have them added.
  7. How did you do that? I can't find RSS for KSP 1.3 in CKAN
  8. Sounds just like the real deal.
  9. Hey, that's all great news But, when talking about resources, will the asymetric flameout be fixed then, too?
  10. This is a nice looking craft, but you're carrying much too much wing area around with you.
  11. Well, in reality you wouldn't gimbal an Aerospike engine, just close one of the inlet valves for it. But the much better engine for Eve is the Vector. It has much more power and can gimbal! But if you fear about the weight, use a vector and several Aerospikes on the outside.
  12. I've remapped a few keys, because the defaults don't fully work on linux and a qwertz keyboard. For example switching vessel is now on o and p, showing the navball on -. I also remap the thrust keys, because I need shift to tab out and into the game, without accelerating
  13. I love space planes, but I've never manged to build a Space Shuttle-alike, which I then could fly into orbit. They always went uncontrollable a short while after launch and I couldn't make a precise insertion. And getting back is a sad story, too. Since I used three vectors at the back the CoM tends to be very far at the back and the drag from the cargo parts made my shuttle flip But my ssto space planes, they all fly great. After some tweaking, of corse. And I love them
  14. But @Overengineer1said that this version shouldn't be considered as stable. I'm waiting for an official release
  15. And come back healthy and well rested!