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  1. That generally indicates something about the part isn't loading correctly. If you can post your KSP.log after a session when it happens, I could probably figure out what's wrong. Another option is this mod. I've heard it still works on 0.90, but no promises, and it's kind of a Band-Aid anyway.
  2. I fixed the tank size issue and the radioactive decay issue. FreeThinker has done some work on InterstellarFuelSwitch TweakScale support, but I don't know if he's done or not. The cost problem with the FuelSwitch still needs to be fixed though.
  3. I guess I really did need to test that more. It does seems to correctly scale with physics warp, but the amount of IntakeAtm collected seems to be quite a bit lower than IntakeAir. I almost worked it out before running out of time, but I'll get it right tomorrow.
  4. I am unable to reproduce this without RealFuels. Unfortunately, I have a couple mods that are incompatible with RealFuels so I can't test it.
  5. The option is only available if the reactor is considered "neutron-rich" and fusion reactors aren't.
  6. That is quite strange. Looking at the config for the engine, it doesn't look like it should have any connection to warppluginsettings.cfg. Are you sure it just started in 0.8.17? There was a small change to its config, but that shouldn't be related.
  7. The Magnetic Nozzle doesn't produce any thrust at sea level. You need to get fairly high in the atmosphere before it will do anything.
  8. Ok, I fixed InterstellarFuelSwitch and a couple other things and put in a pull request. I also noticed there's still something wrong with Plasma Engine energy balance. I can probably take care of that tomorrow, if I can make sense of how ORS works.
  9. There's a bug with InterstellarFuelSwitch. I can probably fix it tomorrow if you don't get around to it first. It seems the selected amount of each resource gets reset to default whenever the craft is loaded. I think it's because assignResourcesToPart() isn't correctly getting told it's being called at startup.
  10. Looking good! I would like to help fix some bugs I've found, then put in a pull request in your GitHub repository. Would that work for you? I don't want to waste my time. Also, I think there are some files you include in the downloads that aren't in the repository. Specifically the configs for NFT-E, Non-Androgynous Docking Ports, whatever TweakScale changes you made, etc. It would really help people help you if all the files were there. Regardless, good work.
  11. I haven't had a chance to test multiple reactors yet. I only used the Large Fusion Reactor (the one that corresponds to the config in your post) when I noticed the problem. I used both sizes of generator though. I haven't specifically checked them, but I don't remember having this problem with Gas Core Reactors. I'm not sure why you say the small reactors are the same as the large one. Looking through the configs, the OMEGA Fusion Reactor has an inertial confinement reactor module while the Large Fusion Reactor has a tokamak reactor module. I thought of another angle: Maybe the radius of the r
  12. Sitting on the runway, testing my new power station. It started as a 5m Large Fusion Reactor with 5m Large Electric Generators on both ends, one for thermal and one for charged particles. I noticed that it wasn't producing nearly as much power as I expected, so I right clicked on the generators and they said their max power was very low. I remembered the 3.75m version making more power, so I made the generators smaller but forgot to change the reactor's size. The power output increased so I tried 2.5m generators and they made even more power. Then I tried 1.875m and 1.25m small generators, and
  13. There seems to be a bug with the Large Electric Generator: it's max power seems to be inversely proportional to its size. I was fooling around with a 5m fusion reactor and 5m generators. They could only handle about 18GW of power. At 3.75m it went up to 31GW and at 2.5m 75GW. The small generator works fine.
  14. It seems there may be some balancing issues with heat production or cooling with the NFT-E config. I uninstalled it today and now a craft that used to be fine overheats incredibly fast. It has a gas core reactor and uses nitrogen radiators. With NFT it could go 10 minutes on a small cryosat of nitrogen, but now it runs out of nitrogen very quickly and the active cooling can't even keep the temperature down while it's running.
  15. I have Near Future Electrical installed and whenever I try to use a fusion reactor, it seems to need over a hundred times as much power as it produces. Is this intended, or do the power costs not get rescaled with the output? Also, there seems to be a bug with microwave transmission: In my tests, if a deployable transceiver is attached directly to a generator, the generator becomes unable to produce any power.
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