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  1. I believe there are a few issues with legs in 1.4.2 and they're getting fixed in 1.4.3 next week, so that could be a cause.
  2. Great mod @EmbersArc thanks for all your work. One thing, I was attempting to do a Falcon Heavy a-like mission and when I separated the boosters, they flipped out and exploded. I traced it back to the landing legs and saw that their colliders were bigger than the actual legs. I was wondering if there was any way you could fix this. Thanks.
  3. Any chance of an updated SLC-40? Thanks
  4. Good on you for doing that. It's not fair for you to make something and then be told it's not going to be released, especially after so long.
  5. You, my friend, are an awesome human being.
  6. Any chance we could get the awesome looking new titanium gridfins?
  7. I know it's already a known issue and has been for quite some time, but is there any way of fixing the bug where making the root part of a craft the engine causes the plume not to show? Thanks. EDIT: I found a workaround
  8. Awesome! Will you be adding the slight retraction at T-4 Minutes and then the full retraction at liftoff for the 39A TEL? Also thanks for the reply
  9. If you ever get back to doing this pack (I understand IRL things can get in the way) Would there be any chance of a Vandenberg TEL? Thanks.
  10. Awesome Update, Thanks a lot! Although I think I prefer the all white S1 instead of the black section
  11. I think it requires OSFairings Not sure if it works in 1.2.2 though
  12. In KSP when trying to make engine clusters, sometimes you have to use the move gizmo to get them right. However, sometimes you can't move it all the way out otherwise the annoying top of the engine pokes out. What I'm suggesting is there to be a left click option on engines to remove this piece. (If even possible) This is what i'm taking about. Thanks -Banana
  13. @Kartoffelkuchen Will you be making a video for Iridium NEXT? Really Excited For Launch. Also, nice job on that fairing texture
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