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  1. Why, each time I have a stable and cool build on KSP, I found out a new mod that change my game perspectives and goal so radically? Why? Anyway, thanks a lot for this very nice and interesting mod!
  2. Congratulations for your release! I wanted to work on this since a long time, I had even started to make some contracts but I wasn't brave enough to go through the whole process! Thank you for this, it's very cool and useful! P.S. : If you see this, sorry severedsolo for never answering your cool PM few month ago...
  3. Alright! That's pretty cool I will have a lot of contract to do, especially since Mission Controller evolved to be this complex, I like it!
  4. I tried to search on the topic, but I'm not sure the question was already asked so : it might sound dumb but is it compatible with Contract Configurator? Awesome mod by the way, enhance a lot the contract gameplay!
  5. Hi again! Two little questions : does Antenna Range need a recompile? Do the patches to use RemoteTech antenna still work or does it need to be patched again? Thanks again for your responsiveness
  6. I love TAC-LS, it is very good, challenging and interesting... But it all comes down to your objectives within the game, and since I still want some challenge while being able to create self sufficient colonies, I realize that your LS seems really good, especially since it is complementary with MKS and quite stock-alike! Thanks a lot for this mod! You are going up in awesomeness!
  7. Don't know if this will help but you should inspire yourself from the patch given by MeCripp from the previous page. I tried my own patch but finally he was the one who got it right, you might adapt your patch according to what you see in his.
  8. That sounds promising! Anyway, now that I've understood the logic of the patching I might be able to do it by myself, so I will try to fix by myself because of pride and curiosity mainly And I totally understand, it's problematic I guess to release an official patch using RT parts without them knowing and agreeing. Anyway now I can start my career save with serenity and the perspective of building relay without working on them 5 hours. And as a side note I might try to produce a patch that will ajust ranges and make it easier to do relays with Outer Planets mod.
  9. YES! It helped a lot! Thank you very much! Moar antennas = moar fun! You should consider the possibility, with the agreement of the mod makers, to do an official patch for AntennaRange in order for everyone to have access to it! Anyway, thanks again!
  10. First of all thanks a lot Toadicus for your hard work and your really good mod. I love RT2, it's fun, but I have many other plans for my KSP Career and it adds way too much work. The fact that your mod is configurable and more permissive is perfect for me. Keeps the challenge and raise the fun! Thanks to you, MeCripp, for your patches. Though I'm not exactly sure how to use them. If I understood properly it is suppose to configure the antenna of other mods for AntennaRange, right? So am I suppose to keep the full folder of RemoteTech2 with the plugin and all and add the patches to the Antenna
  11. I must say, I was genuinely happy to see that KW was updated to 1.02! Thanks a lot for your precious work!
  12. Alrighty! Thanks a lot for the advices, I will work on that! Good luck for the work on the update!
  13. Hi! Firstly, thousand of thanks for your mod and the update, after trying a lot of different tech trees, this one was my favorite during .90 ! Though I have one little report to make if I may : Some nodes are empty. I know CTT is going through the same problem, and for people like me it's a bit troubling to pay science for nothing as a reward, is there any chances that this can be repaired? Anyway, I know from what I read that coding the tech tree is a brain killing puzzle, I was just wondering if there was any prospect for the empty nodes issue, or if I just have to try overcome this by ignor
  14. Hi there, First thanks a lot for your mod, it is pretty much amazing, and gives a very challenging tech tree, though I might have some bugs to report if you don't mind : - I came across some nodes in which there was just nothing, which is a bit... bothering to pay science for no rewards - All procedural fairings come in only one node (the last one) with no progression (meaning there is nothing in "Basic Fairing" and else) Is there a way to correct that? By myself I mean :-)
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