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  1. Nice to see that after all these years Tantares is still going on strong. Very happy you finally found a stable release. It's been years since I've played this game (moved to big boy simulation in X-Plane) but I always checked this thread for pics n' memes. Grazie mille, ho passato un sacco di bei momenti con questa mod (che devo essere sincero era il principale motivo per il quale giocavo). Ci vediamo su KSP 2 (forse)
  2. Hi @AlphaMensae, I can't use the launch base with the .crafts included by Beale, the node is wrongly positioned, so the rocket is too high on the mount this is the launch base attached to the Soyuz --> this is to show that the node is way to high for the tantares soyuz --> moving it with the inline offset tool does not work
  3. Nevermind, I found it by using the old tantares available in the main thread. The launcher (PLV I think) is still missing even if I installed it tho
  4. oh that's nice! Do you happen to know (for what I understand they were deleted) where I can find the most up to date Cygnus parts?
  5. My ISS build won't load up because of the missing libra antenna, was it from Tantares (I think so)? If it is, should I stop updating? because I didn't see a "parts removed" section from the update post and now I lost my station for a single antenna missing
  6. Hi @Beale! Back in KSP after a few years, nice to see you still fiddling around with colours and styles Has there ever been a compelete lineup without you changing something? lol Anyway, before becoming bored again, I was trying to recreate a decent ISS with the great HabTech revamped parts. The US part is easy breezy, but the Russian Segment is another thing. I have a few questions, if you don't mind me asking. I'm sorry to bother but I'm really having difficulties already with the new bits and pieces of the game (last played 1.0 something) and Tantares is as always evolving every version! What engine part am I supposed to use as engines for Zarya and Zvezda? I seem to remember a radially attachable engine, but I can't find it Are there shorter Zarya external tanks planned (IRL they're not the same length)? What part should I use as a connector between Zarya core and the 4-way hub adapter? I think I already asked this a long time ago but again I can't find the part!
  7. I haven't been around for a while, as I stopped playing like 2 years ago switching to X-Plane 11. I tried to go back to the game a few months back but the magic just wasn't there. I just want to thank the amazing @Beale for all these years of fun, it's awesome you are maintaining this mod that I consider one of the pillars of this community. Grazie per tutto e buon lavoro!
  8. Nice capsule! Is that custom made? I remember it coming from one of hraban packs but I'm not sure...
  9. @hraban PPTS equivalent is very nice, the Tantares version was abandoned some long time ago. link to mod
  10. Kool Kugo! Are you interested in sharing the .craft? I am in a Kugoslavian mood