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  1. @Space Kadet i can model the parts but i cant program them
  2. is it just me or does someone alse having a problem with fuel configs where you make it so that a certin part has LFO in and then when you leave it in space and come bask to it it only has liquid fuel but no oxedizer or none at all? thx for the help
  3. i have a problem vhere my missles wont lounch from the rotary rack using the fire missle command in wepons manager pls help
  4. so the station is mandatory for the stake to work?
  5. i attached it. it works when i try it on the lonch pad but it doesnt when i do it on my minmus base. the build ui doesnt find it.
  6. can someone tell me pls how to use the survey stick becouse i cant seem to get it working. the build UI doesnt show any sticks when i try to build stuf.
  7. Im wondering what happend to the J-style docking port and the mk-2 stile engine. is that just something that isnt in the test release or did you remove it permenantly?