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  1. I've been having a problem with Mechjeb. Whenever I activate the landing guidance the warp function pretty much breaks, it'll teleport my craft a bit ahead on the orbital trajectory and send it waaay off where I want it to land. This problem persists with the craft even after I do a landing without auto warp activated and endure the ages a Minmus landing will take. If I launch the craft for orbit after a landing it'll bug out the second I try to hit warp. I've tried googling the problem but came up short handed unfortunately... Anyone experienced something similar? Unfortunately no logs as it wont make the game crash, and I'm not very tech savvy...
  2. Awesome design and detail, wonder how long it'll be before we have aircraft carriers pulling 255km/h here on earth eh
  3. These used to be stationed a stones throw from where I live, along with the Saab Gripen and Viggen, you've caught the resemblance spot on. Highlight of our day at school when these would take off just a kilometer away and fly over us, such beautiful planes.
  4. Throttle Controlled Avionics is an amazing mod for VTOL ships.
  5. And it's finally been made! My first (and so far only) colony ship, it carries the incredibly boring name of "colony ship". It's powered by 4 OPT Dark Drives and has a whooping 11k dV when fully fueled. It holds 203,8k rocketparts, and with a mobile VAB and Orbital Pad it can build a lot of stuff before needing to refuel with more rocketparts. Has room for 35 kerbals, and a bunch of different sized docking ports that will allow extension modules of all kinds. Not really an OPT craft apart from the dark drives, but it'll play in a lot with my other OPT crafts.
  6. Nothing, it was just a test flight with 1 pilot onboard, the idea is to use this spaceplane to transfer crews to/from my Duna stations, not yet designed the mothership that will eventually go there with a ton of rockerparts to set it all up, but all in good time
  7. Needed something with a bit more capacity, so I made a larger version of my previous crew transport SSTO. Has ~8.5k dV in LKO and can carry 24 kerbals. Getting into LKO. On its way to dock with my small Minmus orbital station. Docked!
  8. My #1 go to SSTO for getting Kerbals into space. Has just under 8km/s of dV after reaching orbit, typically send it between minmus and kerbin stations a few times for crew transfers before going back down to the KSC for refueling/offloading kerbals. Flies like a dream, and 2,5k monoprop is more than enough for docking a bunch of times.
  9. That's the one! That combined with EPL makes for some amazing gameplay, many thanks!
  10. I remember using some of his mods, I'll give them a look again, thanks!
  11. Been using KW for years, never noticed there are any parts for building ships (such as the EPL launchpads) or the workshop part I mentioned, you sure you understood me correctly?
  12. Hey, firstly, I have to say that I absolutely love this mod, it adds so much to the game and I can't imagine playing without it. About a year or so ago I had an awesome orbital shipyard which used a part called orbital pad, and another part called something something workshop, I believe they were from the same mod. The workshop module was pretty big, kind of looked like a stretched out hitchhiker can, and had room for 12 kerbals I think, also had a great workshop productivity factor. If anyone has any ideas of which mod that was I would be so grateful, can't for the life of me remember which one it was. Lastly, EPL has been working great for me in the latest update, granted I haven't gotten round to the whole mining, smelting and making rocketparts yet, just been sending up tons of rocketparts from Kerbin to assemble a few orbital stations and shipyards before I venture to any planetary surfaces. Thanks again for a great mod!
  13. This is the kind of stuff I come on here to see, nice one man. Have you tried enabling unbreakable joints to make it rigid, without having to use 500 struts...? I know it's "cheating" but it's not like you're gonna fly it anywhere
  14. I had to scratch my previous orbital shipyard above Minmus due to extreme instability, so I downloaded the B9 HX parts pack and got to work again. I give you, the Minmus Dirtyworkz! (anyone who's a fan of hardstyle music will hopefully get the reference) It's a behemoth at 3262 tons fully loaded, with features like: - 291k rocketparts (you'd have a hard time finding a craft this sucker cant build) - 180/148k units of Lf/O, it can send any built ship away with full tanks and still have loads of fuel left to refuel other ships. - 25k units of monoprop, only meant to refuel other ships. - 2 helluva strong reaction wheels take care of all bending, twisting and rolling, using RCS thrusters would be incredibly inefficient. - 1 nuclear reactor capable of putting out 3000ec/s, although it's standard setting is at 60ec/s, giving it a core life of 250 years! - 4 Sr docking ports, 4 reg docking ports, 4 jr docking ports. - Roughly 2,7k dV fully loaded, giving it the ability to leave Minmus and head back to Kerbin if needed. - And last but defnitely not least, a MobileVAB stocked with 12 engineers, ensuring a high effeciency for building crafts which spawn up front at the OrbitalPad. It's purpose is to orbit Minmus at 16km altitude, pumping out whatever crafts the kerbal government can think of, they opted for an orbit around Minmus because of it's very low gravity, sending up more rocketparts and fuel from the surface is a lot more cost efficient than resupplying stations around Kerbin.