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  1. Last night I dreamed that my friends and I were messing with another friend of mine who was trying to get to my house, he was on the phone with us and bad at directions, we directed him through a forest which for some reason we went through also, and ended up on the other end of the forest, outside the town. Then we ran around some lone house messing with him more. It was fun. I briefly had a third person aireal view of the whole area. I could recognize my house and my friend's town was down in the distance. That is all the same in real life. However the forest we went through does not exist in real life, and neither is there nothing where the "outside the town" is, there's another town there irl, with a mall. Uh what else. Right so this forest and "outside the town" place has appeared in my dreams in the past as well. It always looks the same. I don't know why I keep getting this place in dreams if it doesn't exist can someone help me figure that out
  2. That poem that appears in a lot of KSR's books I died as mineral and came back as plant, Died as plant and came back as animal, Died as animal and came back a man. Why should I fear? When have I ever lost by dying? Yet once more I shall die human, To soar with angels blessed above. And when I sacrifice my angel soul I shall become what no mind ever conceived. Quote originally by Jalāl al-Dīn Rūmī
  3. I posted this In a thread on Friday or so I dreamed a few nights ago that I woke up in the morning in a suit, but I had no tie, so I asked people around my house to give me one. I do own ties. Then I was in the cafeteria at my school but half the tables were gone and some were sideways. I went to the one I usually sat at (it was sideways) and at it the only person was this arrogant guy I had to work with last year at an overnight camp. We were both counsellors there. Neither of us liked each other. He isn't getting hired back as far as I know. In the dream, though, we shook hands and I sat down. It is hard to type this my fingers are stiff and cold Because i just took a walk in the freezing cold in the early morning but it was worth it because it was nice I took that on my walk
  4. Wow lots of Americans here
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