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  1. Can we make specific features on planets/moons? Can we draw planets/moons that have already been done?
  2. That's actually comfortable for me. I hike in that kind of temperature.
  3. Hey, thanks! That looks like it.
  4. I saw some otters yesterday but they were gone before I could take a picture. I also saw this colourful bird, I'm not sure what kind. It was gray and had a large red spot on its head where you would wear a kippah. When it flew, the bottoms of its wings were yellow with lots of dark dots. Anyone know what this was? It was in the Great Lakes region, next to a pond.
  5. Is there any possible way we could make it work without a lot of nitrogen? Even if there would only be small plants and lichen or something.
  6. An implication of this, if I understand it right, is that for example: in a parallel universe there could be a massive object the size of Earth that will pass by the location where Earth is In our universe. And although in each universe only one of the objects 'exists' so to speak they will attract each other. Is this possible by your theory?
  7. After a few years they can go back. The bacteria infect multicellular life. All the multicellular life is dead. The bacteria die. Problem solved
  8. This thred iz loct
  9. Oh wow. I could walk to this guy
  10. I thought that said tomato warning. Lol
  11. I got frost
  12. Wherever in the world you are, I'm pretty sure at some part of the year you can go on a reasonably long road trip and there would be snow at the tops of mountains or something. If you had a week or two off work you could.
  13. Celsius, although the forecast changed and now it's going to be -1.
  14. Colder than normal here. It's gonna snow on Sunday, the low is just 1. Too cold for May! Usually we're done with this by now.