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  1. Are we allowed to combine Light-Out Hack, using RAM and using Welchia? If so, we should combine all 3 on invading a server (so, 125 CPU and 160 RAM). Also, Hijack 10 or so weaker servers to get more CPU.
  2. How much CPU does sending out security probes cost? If possible we should do that as well.
  3. In fact, if we can hijack 3 servers, then we should do so. EDIT: actually if we can partially research things, then we should hijack just 1 server and put the remaining 26 CPU towards researching human language)
  4. Is b supposed to be 200000+2.5*10^10? Because 2.5*10^10 is actually 25,000,000,000 which is much larger than 200000.
  5. This seems interesting, so I guess I'll follow too.
  6. The main problem is that in order to get a fusion reaction occurring, you need to have the atomic nuclei coming rather close to each other, which requires a combination of temperature and pressure. In the Sun, pressure is very high so fusing temperatures are reduced (There is also the small matter that the fusing matter in the Sun is kept in place by gravity, which is not a containment option available here). Since we cannot generate such high pressures, much higher temperatures are required (about 100 million K compared to the Sun's core temperature, which apparently is estimated at only 15 million K)
  7. In no particular order: Europa Universalis IV, Planetary Annihilation, KSP campaign mode.
  8. No it doesn't. Antimatter production uses energy.
  9. Actually, orbital debris is not always in a circular orbit, so it is possible for debris in more eccentric orbits to collide with the ISS or other satellites with a much higher relative velocity.
  10. Oh right. Research: Lab 1 will increase the capacity of the fuel tank (-$1000) Research costs: $1000 Construction: Upgrade the lab to get an additional research action (-$5000) Construction costs: $5000 Total cost: $6000
  11. That's what I did during both of the previous Space Race games. So if we are starting, here is my first turn: Research: Lab 1 will improve the reliability of the small thruster (-$1000) Research costs: $1000 Design: None this year. Construction: Upgrade the lab to get +1 action (-$5000) Construction costs: $5000 Total cost: $6000
  12. I guess I'll use my application from the second Space Race game if that's alright: Player name: Peter Fletcher Archetype: Lobbyist Funds: 10,000 (+1000) Prestige: 0 Organisation Name: SPACE: Space Projects for Australian Commerce and Exploration (yes I know it's a recursive acronym) Motto: Ad astra per ardua Nation: Australia Researched components: - Small fuel tank ( 125 liters of liquid fuel per meter height) - Small thrusters Weight 100 kg,Failure chance 50%, 1meter high, Can carry 2kg of weight to LEO per liter fuel, Max fuel use: 1000) - Single stage hull(75 kg weight per meters high, max 10 meters) Designs: -None at the moment Assets: Small labs(1 research action per year, researching cost 1000 money) Small launchpad(Can launch rockets of up to 10 meters, max 12 launches a year) Small Mission Control(Can monitor exactly 1 launch a year) Small manufacturing and design factory (Can build rockets, can design new rockets($2000+Price rocket)) Special people: -None yet Special thing: Expert Electrical Engineer (or whatever gives a bonus to payload research) P.S. it's a bit unfortunate that we don't have spoilers here.
  13. You can fly for periods of up to 1 second duration. The ability to breathe fire.
  14. Since when did we have ai and neural processors?
  15. I\'ve been here since 0.7.3 as well. It is amazing how much progress has been made since then.