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  1. Ah yes, and the fact not all of us have fancy joysticks, and the in-game flight controls and SAS interaction feels like two systems fighting each other. But its fun when it works For the landing gear angle - for minute adjustments disable the angle snap. From your description of main wheels far apart it should be like a FW-190 in terms of configuration, this wide landing gear is much easier to handle on the ground without tipping over but I might recommend to reduce the harshness of the shocks and springs so it doesnt bounce left and right while rolling down the un-smooth Lvl 1 runway. This is something I experienced on WW2 flightsims like the Sturmovik one too, so we are not too far off from realism I would also be happy to look at the craft files and do the necessary tuning as a mechanic would to a classic car, as it is often quite difficult to explain, what are all the small adjustments and settings tweaks done to make a plane lovable to revisit.
  2. I've had similar issues with a starting aeroplane, I found the following to be the cause - Landing gear not perfectly aligned, even with snap angles. Made the main gear 'toe out' slightly for stability by doing minute adjustments with the rotation tool. This is a throwback to car tuning - the default positioning seems like there's a slight 'toe in' making the craft too sensitive to yaw, making it toe out is less efficient but allows the plane to stabilize itself in a straight line. - Rudder is not perfectly aligned, offset the rudder to one side to counter yaw on takeoff (you actually find this done on old piston engine warbirds, like Bf-109!) - Suspension was either too stiff (causing bounce) or wallowing around too soft, I set it to 0.9 or 1.0. - Level 1 Runway is bumpy, ensure your gear can soak up the bumps during the takeoff and landing roll. Realizing unwanted roll was the problem causing the wallowing, I set the roll control to the all-moving tailplanes instead. And finally: I had Kerbal Weather installed and the basic landing gear absolutely cannot take 20 m/s crosswind without tipping over the plane and destroying the craft, so I disabled wind on takeoff/landing.
  3. I've spent thousands of hours building, flying and testing KSP planes, to the point I think little of operating them. I've fallen asleep to the whirr of jet engines as though in a real jetliner, only to wake to the sound of splashdown. Yes, I just fell asleep after cutting the engines for 'final' descent to KSC.
  4. It was an alpha version and someone named Harvester. I started messing around with ridiculous planes, remnants of which might be found throughout the forums I held on to that then-free alpha version for quite a long time, I was new to internet purchasing then and just started work, probably don't even have a debit card. Later when life circumstances were better I bought KSP on steam.
  5. Back in the day I used to love designing practical aircraft but had a lack of airports to fly them to. I've just reinstalled KSP, KK and KSR along with all your airports Edit; are the airports 'openable' bases in KK base manager?
  6. Ah, I was wondering where my airports went to from 5 years ago. I think putting a link to KerbinSide would be good otherwise KK doesn't come with the airports and kampus to play with The KerbinSide threads are really old though. https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/160099-122-13-14-15-kerbin-side-continued-145-05112018/ Edit: There's a Remastered version. This seems newer. Time to test them out.
  7. I would like to request a name change as the last time I visited here was probably 5 years ago (2016!) and I wonder how I was named like a pasta. Could you change it to "Goddess Bhavani" instead for lulz. Put a underscore in if the space isn't desired.
  8. Long-time returning player here. I think this mod has become the staple of my new game, I really like the diversified strategy options even though I heard you could make -too- much money on certain heavy rocket launch contracts
  9. I just installed ReStock and the radial parachutes don't open. Edit: Removed RealChute and the restock chutes work again!
  10. Thanks! The non-working version was downloaded manually off SpaceDock. Removed this and installed FF 1.10 via CKAN - works perfectly.
  11. Greetings, After adding Final Frontier mod to my game, the main menu ceases to respond. Unable to click start game, options, etc. Would there be a workaround for this? - Apologies for the ask, I haven't played for fully 5 years (!!)
  12. I was very busy for the past few months. Never got my dieselpunk SSTOs into orbit. My news feeds are now filled with SpaceX stuff after the Falcon Heavy launch, and now the successful fairing recovery test. Who knew, a great big rocket fairing could float like a leaf in the wind? Anyway, I asked for a joke commission about SpaceX and Tesla on Mars a few decades from now... and this arrived in my mailbox today:
  13. Not mine, but something I asked for as a joke commission about waking up a few decades from now in a SpaceX dominated future. "Mars 2070" by Victor Hegger (his page is https://www.facebook.com/verbeeldkunst/)
  14. Here's a simple cruise missile / drone. Download: https://kerbalx.com/pandoraskitten/D-10C-RPV
  15. The only black stain in the KSP community is the kind of treatment I got from the so called "Official" KSP reddit discord.
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