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  1. Hey Pap1723, just a suggestion, how about adding x-planes contracts? maybe as optional, planes are so forgotten in KSP and they were a important part of the space program. Regards
  2. Amazing mission pack, using it with RO, fits like a glove! Ty Just a small issue, ckan gives incompatibility issue with contract configurator, it would be great to have it on Ckan to keep it updated Kind regards Edit: it's fixed on CKAN now, ty!
  3. Adding KSP.log as asked for contract not registering data (RO) -> http://prntscr.com/c0ls1n KSP.log -> http://www.filedropper.com/ksp Regards!
  4. Hello, Well i'm playing RO and for some reason the contract parameters are correct, but it's not being recognized: http://prntscr.com/byxr2h Fresh RO install with a previous save. TY for the latest improvements, all look a lot better now
  5. Found it on CKAN, i did a quick search but couldn't find if it's compatible with RSS/ Real Fuels, is it? Thanks
  6. I believe you can, you aren't taking over the mod or something like that, it's just a unofficial temporary fix till the developer fixes it officially, seen that happen alot of time in other mods. And lots of people stuck for +1 week in RO career games cause of TACS. Kind regards.
  7. I'm having the same issue with Molniya rocket but in the 3rd stage, the vernier engines simply don't seem to take control over the stage, it starts turning left until it spins out of control. EDIT: Turning on RCS on fine tune, allows it to keep on route till orbit.
  8. Hey raidernick, just stopped by to thank you for so many hours of fun using you creations. All the probes and rockets are all amazingly well done and fun to play around, especially for me that i'm a huge fan of RSS/RO. Thanks man
  9. Just a small request, don't remove the simulation out of KCT, i read somewhere that was planned to leave it to KRASH, but KRASH is alot heavier and KCT Simulator is really light and fill the role at least imho. Ty for the great mod.
  10. Can someone tell me what altitude is Earth High Orbit in SRSS?
  11. Wierd, my Sat was giving 50km max altitude to make the scan seems it's rescaled to 1/10, i'll test it now with the tweaks i did to the SCANsat.cfg file. Edit: http://prntscr.com/b25g5g <- Tweaking the file gave me now normal results for the Sat, @sent3x are you using a unchanged version of that file? Can you please check the Sat values in VAB? Ty Edit 2: http://prntscr.com/b25ik9 <- With the fixed file all is working normally, for some reason my install is resizing to 1/10 the ScanSat values. Edit 3: If someone has the same issue, get the file here --> http://www.filedropper.com/showdownload.php/scansat <-- and put it under "GameData\SSRSS\Compatibility" folder.
  12. Anyone tried to use Scansat with SRSS? I get no scan results, it's supposed to be compatible with RSS. http://prntscr.com/b24uds < After 2 orbits. Kind regards. Edit: Think i found the issue, in the compatibility folder (SRSS) we have the SCANsat.cfg, but the values inside are set for RSS and it seems they are being rescaled to 1/10 giving the bad ranges for the Sat, i will fix and upload the file here in 5 mins.
  13. Great idea, it can simulate a "Government" budget for funding the space program, installing it now Edit: Just tested it and i like it, my only suggestion is a small GUI window with the values tweakable and if possible to replace the tech tree science value for the money value. Kind regards.
  14. Hello Raptor831, it is planned to add Blue Dog Rockets to your mod? I wish i knew how to do it... It's the US Stockalike "Tantares", but the RFuels give the rocket a HUGE deltaV taking out the challenge. Kind regards.
  15. Hi CobaltWolf, thank you for the great stockalike "FASA", i'm having great fun with your mod togheter with Stock Size Real Solar System (leaving link to the ones that don't know it, it's perfect to play with BDB mods and Tantares). I wanted to ask your mod will support "Stockalike RF Engine Config" support, because right now Real Fuels give a really high DeltaV to the BDB Rockets, taking a bit of challenge out. Kind Regards.
  16. The help i may need are just to clarify some issues i may have with relocating the bases, i believe i can do that pretty much by myself, just needed to know if i'm allowed to do it. I'll start some testing and let you know how its going. Thank you
  17. The new SRSS is launched, and it's a huge fun to play with it, but i also miss the KerbinSide on it, AlphaAsh, i'm willing to convert KerbinSide to SRSS in my free time if you agree with it and give me some help with it Let me know if you want to expand it to SRSS. Kind regards.
  18. Well i'll test the missions, but i believe the orbits etc are set to use RSS values, i'll give a try and report soon. Ty for the tip
  19. Sharing the "09 Small Circuit" flight plan for the recent SRSS: http://www.filedropper.com/defaultflightplans < - Route inside the file.
  20. I've done the 1st fight plan to test planes with Kramax autopilot for SRSS. http://www.filedropper.com/defaultflightplans just replace the kramax file with this one, and you get a full test flight plan to test your planes. I also suggest some kind of "hub" to put our personal tweak for SRSS, any ideas? I'll also share in the Kramax AP page. Also edited the Historical Missions Contract Pack, so far working well with SRSS, if someone wants it i can upload it. Having great fun!
  21. Still no clouds, scatterer is working fine, but SVE not, can't figure why... Managed to fix it, just need to fix venus that is purple http://prntscr.com/b1b3z1 Any idea how?
  22. I just can't make SVE work, anyone can share how it's done?