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  1. Hi, In 2016, i created a personal script for KSP to tweak some parts. As the new release arrives, I can't make that script work. Some parts of the script works (especially part modification), but not the science value changes. // Set all experiments to 100% @EXPERIMENT_DEFINITION[*]:Final { %baseValue = #$scienceCap$ } This section is not working and I don't understand why. PS : KSP 1.12, with MM 4.1.4. Thank for the help.
  2. I can't see the surface features (those kind of spikes).
  3. Hi, If I'm not mistaken, there is only Pol and Eeloo that aren't revamped yet ? Dres too ?
  4. Hopefully, the revamp of Jool will be part of that 1.10 but in green if we suppose the joke was only about the color, not the revamp itself.
  5. Hey ! Long time since I didn't came here. I built a Exploration space stations long ago. There might be some inspiration for you there I chose to carry the Ore to the orbit ans refine there.
  6. Ah you're right, they talked about Moho and Dres, not Eeoloo. My bad...
  7. Hi To be clear, in 1.9 all planetary bodies would have been revamped except Jool and its 5 moons ? Will it be scheduled for 1.10 ?
  8. Hi Will then new update include the in flight action group edit ?
  9. This mod should be named "Tracking station as it should have been". Thx DMagic
  10. Just Jim, please cool down, I totally agree with you. I was just trolling because this debate goes nowhere. YES KSP need tool improvements. The first one is DV, but there are many others. Why do we have a tool for rendezvous and we don't have any tool for transfer window ? Does newbee are suppose to GUESS ? KSP is not an university course, it's a video game. Why the manoeuvre node tool is still so clumsy and not precise. Do devs ever go to Moho ? or does they stick to the Mun ? - I can't imagine getting a Moho encounter on console...
  11. True, next version of KSP will be compatible with cardboard and pen. The PC version will be terminated. I love this topic, I can't imagine a more biased one.
  12. Hey guyz, the game is not even capable of calculating correctly a burn time. Lots of N/A... Hopefully, the community is here to FIX the game. (thanks @Snark). N/A .... It's so ridiculous when you see it. Don't expect too much of a DV display.
  13. Most of us are long time players, the question is totally biased. The more we played, the more biased the answer is. Sure long time players like most of us are able to calculate that for a Jool mission - more probably, they don't calculate, they KNOW DV tables. That's not the point. (I can and I don't want to have an excel sheet to do it - I use an excel sheet when I don't have the game on my computer _i.e. at work..._ and want to do some dirty designs ) The real question is not asking if we want DV reading or not in the game The real question is do we use DV reading mods or not for most of our games. That's not an opinion on what the game should be, but a fact about what the game IS. As for Console, I would really want to know what % of players really go to Jool. I bet not much...
  14. Maybe I'll be somewhat iconoclast but that's not really relevant. Devs don't play their game, they create it. I would very much like to know how many devs really played without mods a Jool mission with some landing and how long was it ? How many planets did they visit outside Kerbin SOI and When was it ? How many time did they go through then Career game ? I bet the answer is none to very few I was close to the lead designer of Trackmania. He was amazed of what te community would do. As I wrote a 40 pages documentation about game resources locations for moders, he said to me, few years later that my personal documentation was still used internally... Notch also said something like that for Minecraft : he haven't understood why people would spend so much time to build stuff in a survival game. And more recently, the lead designer of Factorio which, after playing trough the whole game, which he haven't done for years discovered his game was too complex and he should stop adding to it. Developers are not players of their own game. Never forget that. They don't really know (or understand) what causes irritation to players.
  15. I used KJR a lot back, in 1.0, 1.1. But since 1.2, I removed it. I use specific autostrut, and very few struts. I didnt't see any problem linked to autostruts + struts. My biggest rocket is a SSTO Rocket, capable of orbiting 600T to 80km. The payload is linked to the rocket by only a 2.5m decoupler... Why are you sure that your problems are linked to autostruting and no other bug ?
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