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  1. moho O.o

    Moho orbital period is short, so you may think you can go ther any time. But unlike Eve or Duna where all transfert windows are nearly alike, some moho transfer windows can be a (fuel) pain... You must wait for a proper transfer windows and don't simply use the next one.The ideal window is when you align you target to rendezvous at Moho PE (so kerbin is near Moho AP. You may think "but how do I match Moho being at PE while KE is near AP when I escape". Answer : you don't ! You simply leave Kerbin when you're near AP, so you'll reach Moho PE even if Moho isn't at PE when you reach it. That way you totally avoid doing a mid course plan change. Then, at Moho PE, you simply burn to catch Moho at PE on next orbit. This is the same operation you do when you rendezvous. This is the cheapest way to go to Moho. Refinement : you can, on you escape burn match Moho plane to get an easier encounter later. Or you can even lift of with proper Moho plane. That very cheap but needs few tries to get it right as the game don't give you any help on that...
  2. Long ago, (back in 1.0.5), I build a whole line of reusable SSTO rockets with a payload range from 15T to 600T. The next post has charts for cost per ton. The rocket were not designed to be low tech, but to be cheap to use, easy to fly and to SCALE up. It's very hard to scale up a SSTO spacesplane but it's really easy to scale up a rocket SSTO. Just add tanks and engines and you're good to go. I build my 600T (payload to LKO) from my 300T in 10 minutes and it worked at the first test. Obviously, those ships/assemblies are obsolete, but the design can still be adapted to 1.2.2.
  3. I have this video on my smartphone for more than a year, and I regularly watch it. Sadly Maccollo did too few vids. The best KSP video ever
  4. Your PROUDEST moment in KSP

    Landing my low twr Tylo SSTO back in beta 0.9 and reorbiting it with 50m/s left. Calculation where perfect. I was proud.
  5. As I couldn't use the NFE Patch, I tried to remove it. But, it feels LOT was lost in the process. So I managed to tweak the NFE patch I kept the Uranium consumption I kept the capacity to reload uranium That's a little bit better than the Atomic mod alone.
  6. Why Are Wheels Crap?

    NO ! Don't deactivate torque ! On the contrary, you need to turn with torque instead of wheels. Explanation By default, Torque AND steering are controlled by the same keys. On high grav world, that doesn't matter much. But on low gravity worlds it makes driving nearly impossible. So first step is to set the steering to the keypad keys in the options On low grav world, your rovers are somewhat very light so they tend to flip very easily. High Torque is necessary to control the rover when it starts to flip. Even more, it's easier to turn using the torque instead of the wheels : the rover stays flat an only loose speed. Finally, if you want to drive a lot, I strongly suggest you use a mod that maintains the rover attitude to the ground surface. MechJeb has a feature like that.
  7. Flameout ?

    Nearly all engines (especially non air-breathing ones) have this data (10% flame-out). This concept is not explained (as many things on KSP...). I suppose it would mean if we reduce throttle below 10% the engine provide no thrust. BUT it's not the case for any engine. Is the flameout data a remnant of an ex-future feature ??
  8. I've issuer with timewarp and nuke temperatures. When I timewarp, the temp increase a lot. For example on the Liberator design, I used cooling to allow it to work at 1% at 6000K. But as I timewarp, the ship start to heat up (turning red). If I don't time warp, temp stays stable. On the emancipator, I use the small engine to keep it at 18000K until my node approaches (which is very hard to handle as the small engine wreck the burn time calculation). But the ship heats up a lot and explodes. Have you any hint ? Thx EDIT : OK, for the emancipator, it blows up after I deactivate the engine
  9. @Nertea, I've a question about the emancipator engine : The small engine seems to be there to provide active cooling without using the main engine. The problem is this second engine depends on throttle too. So you can't reduce thrust on the main engine because that reduces thrust on the small cooling engine too and the nuke rapidly goes off with the security. This cooling engine, should always burn at max thrust if activated whatever throttle is applied (much like a booster, but you could shut it down) Or maybe I didn't understand something.
  10. I never had this issue. BUT, I always shutdown all engines of docked ships and station. I had so many "shift key accident" before, I decided to allocate a custom action key on shutdown engine. That may protect your from your issue.
  11. The simplest way to get to Minmus Align with Minums si you're 60° behind Burn prograde until your AP reach the orbit of Minmus. In most case, you should get an encounter. Add a node at AN/DN and change plane to get a better encounter. For Mun, it's easier because you always get a perfect encounter, (except if your messed your ascent and you're not in Kerbin equatorial plane which can be easily spotted before attempting to go to the Mun)
  12. What to do With 6000 Ms of Delta V

    You have largely enough dV to do a level-up Mission into Jool subsystem to take all you kerbals to level 5 when return on Kerbin. I did it twice with around 4700m/s.
  13. I remember having killed a Kerbal by running on Eve ground on x4 physical timewarp. (it was back in 1.0.4). For the story, before that, he jumped from his lander and hit the ground at around 30 to 50m/s (the lander too). He survived. So yeah, it's easier to kill kerbal by accident than by design...
  14. Development Update for Consoles!

    "I bought a car, it's only turning right" "Understand this : it's very hard for a company to build a car that turn right and left. To turn left, just turn right 3 times. Deal with it" Would you really accept that justification ? The problem with "accepting that or leave" is it wasn't written on the product before you start playing, and you don't get refunded. I got a lot of products that didn't worked as I expected (and even just disliked it). I nearly always been refunded and that's totally normal. Customer don't need to know anything about internal development ant technical issues ! Where have you imagined that ! That wasn't written on the game advertising, or I misread something ? I was a developer for years, and now I work with developers, you would never accept to justify the poor quality of my work by "you know technologies works poorly together, customer have to know that and deal with it ! I would even be ashamed of even thinking it. The facts are Squad (customers don't even care about who did the real job) sold a game that was very very poor quality on console. I hope that the incoming console patch will greatly improve the game quality.
  15. Development Update for Consoles!

    Those justifications are totally irrelevant for a customer.