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  1. CliftonM

    Real Space Program [New Thread]

    I am very sorry to announce that I will be resigning my post at Real Space Program. I would like to thank everyone who has supported both it and me throughout this great adventure, and I bid good luck for the future to come. Thank you all. - CliftonM
  2. CliftonM

    Thread to complain bout stuff

    I have 132 forum notifications that I will never catch up on...
  3. CliftonM

    KSP Making History

    This is just awesome! I hope I'll have the time when it releases.
  4. CliftonM (Mod Hosting Site)

    The problem is the forum software. It only supports SSL on login and in the admin control panel. It's probably one of the worst problems with IPS.
  5. CliftonM

    Real Space Program [New Thread]

    We are going to be pushing back launch by one week to give ourselves time to be sure there are no faults in the system.
  6. CliftonM

    R.I.P. Gabe

    *Shudders* Imgur master race.
  7. CliftonM

    Real Space Program [New Thread]

    The 1 series is to establish a communications network. There are various others for weather, etc.
  8. CliftonM

    Secret Code Game

    Forget it... I messed up the algorithm. I'll do something a bit nicer...
  9. OK, understood. We had been talking to each other about it, so the thought really wasn't even on my mind.
  10. Could we please have the old RSP thread closed: @ZooNamedGames has given the go ahead.
  11. Welcome to the Real Space Program! A mission series dedicated to replicating real life launches with a real ground control team. Missions will be done based on who is available to man the launch control team. Missions will be replicated using a verity of mods for the launches. Payloads will be provided by the community. The Real Space Program is an evolution of the previous Apollo Mission Recreation Program which failed due too many complications. The Real Space Program however is going to work on more easily completed tasks over the span of a couple hours (or less) rather than multiday missions. We will be primarily launching unmanned payloads, however when a crew is available and a mission requires one, then we may perform them as they come. Credit: ZooNamedGames, Adsii1970, Florid Monkey Recent Missions RSAT 1-C: Mission Failure At T+ 00:11:54 the first stage engine of the Taurus I carrying RSAT 1-C had a pre mature cutoff. Mission control decided to attempt to continue into orbit, as the second stage still had enough fuel to do so. At T+ 00:14:27 the satellite separated from the launch vehicle prematurely, resulting in the loss of both the launch vehicle and the payload. An investigation is underway, but we are not yet ready to release a full report. Launch Video (Twitch) RSAT 1-A RSAT 1-A successfully reached its final orbit on November 26, 2016. This was after a nearly four hour mission. An attempt was made at second stage recovery, but communications were lost before a signal could be sent to open the parachutes. Launch Highlights (YouTube) Ground Control Team: Flight Director: @ZooNamedGames, Manages mission control, makes all major decisions. Booster: @CliftonM, manages the flight and internal systems of the rocket, runs KSP. Flight Dynamics Officer (FIDO): Tracking (Track): @the_pazter Recovery (if applicable): Public Affairs officer (PAO): @CliftonM , live streams the missions. Payload Operations Officer: @Tristonwilson12, manages all aspect of onboard payload. Mission Operations Director: @Uace24, runs launch count, functions as backup for payload operations, directs various mission critical tasks. LV Development Team: @legoclone09, @CliftonM, @Uace24, @ZooNamedGames, develop the rockets used for our missions. Graphics Designer: @adsii1970 @Florid Monkey, designs all artwork for the project. This list will often vary mission to mission. List currently incomplete. Link to streams: Primary Streaming Source: Secondary Streaming Sources: Mod List: (please note this can change at ANY time or vary by payload) RealSolarSystem (RSS) Realism Overhaul (RO) (and all it's dependencies) Procedural Parts Telemachus TestFlight Extended Action Groups NEEDING NEW MISSION CONTROL MEMBERS!!! Requirements to Join listed in the spoiler below! If want to join the ground control team, please let ZooNamedGames know in a private message or post on this thread so you can join! Please provide your Steam/Skype name in a Private Forum message upon requesting to join! I will private message you if you are accepted, and if you are, you will be accepted into a Steam/Skype group for the control team. Scheduling Document is available here. If you would like to suggest a payload for us to launch, then please fill out this form ( ) so we can review your payload. Once we accept it, we will build a launch vehicle for you and contact you about a launch date. Please note- due to the fact we are still early in development, all provided payloads are delayed until we can get into a pattern of routine launches. All missions will be done on a single save so that all crafts are in the same universe.
  12. The fueling actually took about 15 seconds longer than the expected timing. There was no problem with the fuel up whatsoever. May I inquire as to which documentation you were looking at? We lost one of our satellites and its booster on Saturday. Currently investigating the cause. We are currently doing unmanned missions, which do not require EECOM, however we could use new people for all rolls.
  13. It's a commercial for a jewelry retailer.
  14. Initial report regarding the second stage anomaly: SECOND ANOMALY----- T+ 00:14:27:07------ PREMATURE RSAT-1C SEPERATION FROM VEHICLE INITIAL REPORT BY CLIFTON MARIEN Directly after initiating manual control, we experienced a second anomaly which resulted in the premature separation of RSAT 1-C from the second stage of the Taurus I. This has been found to be a combination of pilot and computer error. The launch computer was supposed to be shut down BEFORE initiating manual control. We were unaware of it not being shut down and continued. The computer was programmed to stage after reaching 113 Km and having an empty first stage tank. When the first stage tank is not detected, it considers it to be empty. Because of this, once the vehicle reached 113 Km, it continued onto the next stage, which was that of detaching the payload. This resulted in the separation of the spacecraft. There will be a re-design of the flight computers to include checking which stage the spacecraft is on, and the state of all hardware to prevent this from happenning again. This was a scenario never expected during testing, but it will now be used on every test of flight computers. We will be releasing more detailed reports in the future, and are not currently ready to release an explanation of the premature cutoff of the first stage main engine.