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  1. any one know wher i can get the craft files ther not in the DL
  2. il see if i can find it dont remamber wher the logs are been some time i had to get tham
  3. 2.4.4 is closing jest like the last 3-4 but only after i lode in to a ship had to revert back to 2.3.3 so i can play
  4. thats the one KSTS to bad its not updated i hope i can get it to work in 1.4.5 thanks for the help Routine Mission Manager dosent look all that good dont like haveing to go into the .cfg file to add boddys in to it but Davon supply mod looks good might add that one in too gest this one can be locked agen thanks for the help now i dont have to spend 1/2 the day sending food up
  5. i had a mod last yer that sent resupply missens in the back grand of KSP but i forget the name of it and wold like to use it agen it made respelling outposts a lot lest tedis after geting 5-6 out or more all you hade to do was the 1st missen and after that jest hit a butten to copy it it did take the same time has the 1st
  6. then somethings wrong i ty to dock dragon with a sheld clamp-o-tron but all it did was pull together but never docked
  7. don't know if this has been asked and answered but what docking ports do we use to dock the dragon to something
  8. the mobile workshop isn't coming up in the game but when i ck the GC parts folder it's in their iv looked all over for it but its just not coming up in game the other 2 parts are.
  9. yes jest do the mane 3-4 hangers 1st other parts in this mode was nice but the mane hangers was jest flat out the bomb. got way too many ships in LKO
  10. i seem to cant get the button to open cargo doors it whant come up in the VAB or SPH nor space any one know how to fix this
  11. I've seen ppl use it on YouTube vid's how do I pull it up or is this a mod