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  1. Hello, I have a problem with the reactors in KSP Interstellar. I am obviously missing something. I put up a basic setup as seen in the picture: fusion Dusty Plasma Reactor producing charged particles, and a Charged Particles Electric Generator right on top. Added small fission+termogenerator on top to start the big one up. The big fusion reactor is running and producing charged particles. However, the electric generator is not producing any Megajoules, despite being active. Few are being produced (and beamed up) by the small fission pair, as I tested by turning it off. I have more or less similar problems whenever I try to use anything bigger than just a fission+termogenerator. What am I missing, or did wrong? Any help would be appreciated (or even a link to a good current guide, as there are so many out there for various versions that I get lost). I am using KSPI 1.4.10 (latest by now), have KAS, KIS and some other support mods, but nothing else in principle. Thanks. -K
  2. Is this the stand-alone version? The game won't load if I use the install steps suggested in the very first post.
  3. I knew I was missing something thank you!
  4. Hello, I kinda feel like I am overlooking something and this is really a stupid question. Still, I just can't move on with this and any help would be really appreciated: I cannot save any subassemblies. I just do not have the subassemblies tab which I have seen in some tutorials. This is my whole interface, playing in science-sandbox mode. Thanks for the help. K.