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  1. Hello everyone, I apologise for my absence, this is all explained in my recent post in my Orbital Decay thread so please have a read. In short I am leaving the modding scene, moving on to producing my own unity game, as such I give permission to @Fengist and @linuxgurugamer to carry on, change, redistribute and do anything with this mod that they desire - just name a boat after me or something yeah? Thank you all for your help over the past few years and I hope you enjoy your KSP adventures! Farewell all! Kindest regards, Whitecat106
  2. Hello everyone, I apologise for my lack of activity, this has been due to a number of factors of which I shall explain. - First of all, university; I simply do not have much time, especially due to my next reason. - Updating the mod for new versions of KSP; I am sick and tired of having to rebuild an element of the mod every time KSP updates, with no useful update log from the developers; which pretty much caused the death of my boat navigation mod with 1.0.3. Having begun modding with no experience of C# nor Unity, finding solutions to an undocumented change takes a long, and
  3. Hello there, Those are some really interesting points that you raise, I will open up an issue in github and have a look at KSPTOT and see what I think. I could possibly make a branch release with a reduced version of orbital decay that would act as an extension to KSPTOT, simply altering some numerical values before KSP sets these into vessel orbits. Working backwards at the moment seems to be a good idea, especially since I want to rebuild the code for the next version of orbital decay anyway; I'm sure I could look into this! Up to this point I had not realized this incompatibility!
  4. Hello everyone, So I have compiled a build for KSP 1.2.X, this should be working just as well as previous versions of the game. An editor interface is now available to be opened which gives some information of vessel dimensions but I have run out of time today to get any more new features working. So give it a try from this dropbox link! Now as for where I want to go with the mod: -Once I get more time I really do want to have an N-Body model perturbing every orbit, including the planets, this however will probably only be possible in May/June time. As always any suggestions or
  5. Hello everyone, Sorry for the delay with everything! I have decided, after reading through the recent posts and the big issues with the N-body decay side that I will, for the mean time, remove the N-Body code from the mod and instead focus again on the original decay functions. The reason a KSP 1.2 version has not been released yet is due to a resource handling issue for station keeping; The original code for station keeping was written by zajc3w, however as of KSP 1.2.x the code seems to fail due to some of KSP's part module functions having been culled, I will release a tester
  6. Hello everyone, Thank you all for your patience with this! I know everyone is eager to get a version that works with KSP 1.2! I still have a lot of work to do IRL but since Christmas is coming up I do have some more free time! So a note on progress! 1.6.0 is still on the way, still have to get round to totally rebuilding N-Body... and a tonne of other things... so in the mean time I have decided to work on a 1.5.3 patch just to make everything compatible with the new KSP. That being said I do not know when I will have this finished, or if there will be any new shiny featu
  7. Hello everyone, For any that require, the following link is a dropbox link to the Maritime Pack source code, note this was last build on 1.0.4 so any use of the UI will be completely broken, references to Universal time etc will have to be changed and pretty much every .dll in KSPData will need to be a reference. I had planned when first releasing the pack to do a rover spin off but that never really became a thing due to Squads 1.0.5 buoyancy changes which ironically culled all of the water based mods and ground my work into the ground...or the sea.... I'm not bitter I swear But an
  8. I have encountered a few issues with Kopernicus on my end, but only with packs that alter the Sun (Kerbol), Kopernicus seems to want to add an atmosphere to re parented stars which can cause alot of problems with vessels being thrown off into escape trajectories. At the moment, I would air on the side of caution with Kopernicus planet packs, especially ones that alter the sun. However new horizons should not be a real issue, the problem might be to do with 6.4x, I will do some digging and get back to you! Hello everyone and sorry for my lack of replies lately, University has just b
  9. Hello there, There is a partially complete Github guide here. Currently the NBody breakdown function is only for display, eventually this will show something useful! The decay rate breakdown shows how the vessel orbit is being changed by various types of decay, giving some useful numbers. Check out the guide and let me know if you have any problems and I will be happy to help! If you would prefer, I can translate the guide into your native language and send it to you if it helps! Are you observing the vessel through the tracking station or by controlling th
  10. Hello everyone, Thanks for reminding me about the Orbital Drift Compensation setting, completely forgot about it when I put out 1.5.2! I knew there was something else I had to include for the update! Anyway for now I shall leave the solution next to the download button on the first page, everything abit too messy at the moment for a 1.5.3, but 1.6.0 is coming. So far 1.6.0 features include: - NBody Simulation: will be completed for the next merge on Github, this may result in some lag at high timewarp but hopefully I have found a solution to cut down lag by reducing orbit simula
  11. Hello everyone, Orbital Decay should work fine, I have been using it in my own playthough with RSS and RO for quite some time, with the latest version and the latest RO install in KSP 1.1.3. If there are any obvious issues like orbits not decaying please do let me know in the Orbital Decay thread and/or the Github issue tracker here . That being said the latest version will need some tweaking for an RO and RSS play through, within the WhitecatIndustries/Orbital Decay folder lies a folder for PluginData, within this there should be a settings.cfg file, within this the line
  12. Good idea! I have noticed this myself actually, added to the 1.5.3 list
  13. Might be worth checking also if you have any duplicates of .cfg files in the HistoricMissions/Missions folder, a reinstall would fix this Please let me know if you get everything running smoothly again!
  14. Hello there, Im sorry to hear you are having trouble with the pack, I have also noticed this on my own RSS career save, pretty much had to reaccept and auto complete every contract up until my most recent one. This, I believe, is due to either the adjustments to the contract grouping system or some unforseen issue with the new Contract Configurator update, however Nightingale has just released a new version of CC which may fix some issues if you re download it. Apart from that I would try downgrading to an early version of CC and the 2.2.0 version of this pack, along with reloading from a
  15. Hello there @M4ssler, I believe everything should work fine with Outer Planets, decay might be quite high around Sarnus for example, but everything should work.
  16. @ebigunso sorry about this. Looks like a setting I changed accidentally then redistributed for both stock and Rss; I would recommend setting this to 1 instead of 10 - otherwise orbits will decay 10x faster! @Sol Invictus This setting is depreciated and should have no effect to gameplay, it was added pre 1.2.0 as an option to allow realistic decay instead of the former stock model (which no longer is implemented and only applied to atmospheric drag), the only decay formula used now is one based on actual decay equations as of 1.3.0 +! As for some other 1.5.2 things, the
  17. Hello everyone, 2.3.0 is out, this release includes a major update for Contract Configurator 1.15.3, some additions to the Mars/Duna missions and some general bug fixing and reworking. * Adjusted contract structure * Reduced resdistribute size * KSP 1.1.3 release version * Fixed multiple bugs * Added Phobos Program * Overhauled Mars Program; added Mars 3-7 * Added Viking 1 & Viking 2 For the moment the pack is not being released in subpacks (simply too much work to make sure every contract across four subpacks for both RSS and Stock are the same, to counter this
  18. Hello everyone, Just put out a 1.5.2 which is a recompile for KSP 1.1.3, contains some small bug fixes and a UI filtering option, this is pretty much a mash up of some features of 1.6.0 but released early! As for the new main version release, hopefully I will be able to release N-Body decay by the end of the month... progress still slow I also have to shift some attention to Historic Missions for the new Contract Configurator update, but I will be working on the mod for a few hours this evening to see what I can do! At the moment the main issue is with Timewarp, for stock this is no
  19. Hello there! Honestly I have not tried the two, but since KSP has a limited number of orbit changing functions I would assume this would be compatible for now. However in the 1.6.0 release of Orbital Decay, the two will not be compatible; with Principia effectively doing very similar things but in a somewhat more complex way! As for 1.6.0 progress, Although slow, I have been working on the NBody version, having some big problems so far but the framework is in place, hopefully once I can manage to accurately build the eccentricity, longitude of ascending node, argument of
  20. Thanks for that! It would appear that this is an issue with 1.5.1, I accidentally forgot to update a small line of code, this is fixed for 1.6.0 but I would recommend downloading the 1.5.0 version from the SpaceDock to prevent this happening again until the next release,this may mean longer loading times for Module Manager but has the same features of the 1.5.1! Sorry for the trouble here! Cheers for the RVE instructions too by the way and the Lat/Longitude, I have noted this and this will be useful in my debugging of this issue!
  21. Hello everyone, I have just updated the pack to 2.2.0 for the latest version of KSP. This version includes a multitude of fixes and changes: * Added Bion Program (12 Contracts) * Added Soyuz TMA-15M to Soyuz TMA-20M (5 Contracts) * Added Lunar Orbiter Program (5 Contracts) * Renamed TargetBody = Earth to TargetBody = HomeWorld() for RO - RP-0 support * Fixed Duration parameters across all contracts * Added Luna 6-9 (4 Contracts) * Replaced offensive logo * Multiple minor fixes * Total contract count = c.672 For 2.3.0 I will include the AVC for update notif
  22. No problem! Wow that's a pretty gorgeous shot! Out of curiosity how did you manage to get RVE working with RSS? My install still has the standard EVE install and I just cant figure out how to make RVE work properly! I have added both points made about area calculations and drag coefficients to issues #71 and #72 respectively in the Github Work on the 1.6.0 version is coming along, having a magnitude of issues with the NBody simulation, starting to think I should change to an Astrophysics degree after all this! Basically everything works pretty well, maybe a little aggressively at
  23. Hello! Yes I can see the issue you're experiencing, I noticed this myself for the Vanguard - 2 (decaying in the equivalent of 1961 for me), however as of now (1966 with a RSS RP-0 playthrough) Vanguard 1 from American Probe pack remains in orbit. I believe the issue stems from the area calculations of a vessel and the inclination of the vessel orbit with Mascons in consideration. The problem is that with off rails vessels, the area of the vessel does not really exist, thus stock calculations to manage the area fail to work. Instead I use a formula which creates an average area 'bubble' a
  24. Thanks! I will hopefully add in a check to force this option off when playing with the Orbital Decay mod since this is a pretty big incompatibility, considering the decay rate is wholly inaccurate with imaginary numbers for the physics.cfg... thanks again squad... In my opinion; do it properly or leave it to the modders! @CoriW I am glad the vab issue has stopped, I have also encountered this but I cannot quite work out what is causing it As for the decay bug, it would appear its a feature squad added in with 1.1.0 without noting this in a change log, which to me is incredibly infur
  25. Bizarre, maybe because FASA part modules are still outdated by a few updates? I am not sure, I have the Soviet probes packs installed and have not yet encountered this problem but I will certainly look into it. If you experience this with any other parts please let me know which parts these are so I can write some MM patches to fix this.
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