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  1. Hi Whitecat,

      I'm playing through you missions.  Love it!  I am using the Engineering Tech Tree (ETT), but I had an idea for a new tree.

      I have started developing a tree that has nodes that are full of just the parts needed to build a specific rocket.  For instance the start node would be full of sounding rockets.  The next node(s) would have, R-1 and Explorer I and so on.

      What do you think about collaborating on the effort?  I will build the tree to specifically work with your contracts.  This won't only be fun, it will be really educational.  

      Will probably wait to release it until 1.1 for full release, but the tree development has begun.  I will send you screen shots if you are interested.  One of the guys who uses my ETT is developing a tech tree editor.  Should make things a bit simpler.



    1. Whitecat106


      Hello Probus,

      I am glad you are enjoying the pack!

      I would love to help out in whatever way I can, although with real life right now I have little spare time! But certainly send me some screen shots! The easiest thing to do would be to look up a chronological list of space flight programs on Wikipedia etc, and then adjust each set of branches for manned missions (Russian, American), probes (Russian - moon - interplanetary - planetary , American - moon - interplanetary - planetary) and maybe go off from there?

      But certainly keep me updated!


      Whitecat106 :)

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