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  1. Hi everyone, the next update is up! This update adds some more contracts (mostly individual probe missions) and a some description fixes. Still having an issue with the CNSA logo but I hope to fix this asap. The next update will feature some more fixes to make the Soyuz missions more interesting, the Shuttle Approach and Landing Tests which will be a prerequisite for the STS missions, the Vega program and (some of) the Luna program. For the moment I have only included Rangers 7,8 & 9 since these were the only successful missions. I will also try to remove all of the automatic text description generation that KSP puts in; which takes away from the realism! My time is divided at the moment between this mod, the gauntlet of exams for the next 20 days and my upcoming Orbital Decay plugin (see my blog for more), so I will be unable to release a new update for a few days but I will be around to bugfix if anyone finds any nagging issues! Enjoy!
  2. Thanks! Of-course sorry about that everyone! I didn't even notice, I have Zipped the pack and updated the link! - Next update should be soon, this one will include a fix for the CNSA agency, the Ranger program and an upgrade to the first half of the Soyuz missions so far.
  3. Severedsolo, that would be incredibly helpful! I shall download it now thanks Okay the fix is up, STS-41-C and STS-93 had some issues and I have made sure the Agencies work again however I still cannot fix the CNSA logo not appearing, checked everything that has worked before but still nothing, I will try and find a solution in the late hours of tonight - My brain is fried right now, spent the last 6 hours working on my new plugin! Check out my blog if you want to know more! As for now the fix (V1.0.2) is up so feel free to update to the new version to make those 'ambitious' contracts go away, remember to delete the two Modulemanager files though - It seems that whenever any tinkering goes on with Agencies or new groups these must be updated and the normal Alt-F11 Modulemanager update doesn't seem to make the problem go away, so deleting them and letting ModuleManager rebuild them seems to work fine.
  4. Thanks for letting me know, I am fixing this as we speak and will update in a moment, if you see anymore please let me know since this is a very pesky problem that pops up from too few or two many '{'s or '}'s (hard to notice when editing the contracts in notepad), I have also noticed an issue with the Agents not appearing which I shall hot-fix too.
  5. Just a note on the last update, (V1.0.1) - Contains 46 more contracts including the STS interplanetary payloads, the Shenzhou and Tiangong missions - (more to come on them next update), the Venera and Surveyor programs along with some of the martian rovers but not the Soviet Mars 1 or 2 yet, I still have some major work to do on the Soviet side of the pack. I have found one substantial bug in the entire Soyuz series of missions which could prevent progress that has now been fixed. (A contract parameter was checking that you had 3 pilot astronauts hired rather than 3 crew members in the Soyuz capsule). The next update will focus on better integration of the Soyuz series and things to make the 86 missions seem less 'oh lets do this again... and again... and again..'
  6. 1. I have written the contracts in such a way so that anything that is launched is recovered or deorbited (such as the Salyut, Skylab and Mir series; a final contract involving these is to deorbit and destroy them once all contracts involving these are completed (as in reality,with the exception of Skylab having deorbited due to orbital decay*), for most of the missions, however I understand that there may be issues with the next update I am releasing which includes more 'long duration' missions such as Cassini or Messenger so I think my only advice would be to try to build these probes out of stock parts or a low ram eating parts pack, however I am writing the contracts from now on in such a way that they are completed before the need to remove a parts pack. 2. My choice would certainly be KCT for this pack since although I have included a 'cool down' period on most of the contracts this is no way near the real life gaps between missions (I know I made 317 (well its more like 350 with the next update..) but I did not want anyone playing solely on Stock to start going mad...) So I think that KCT should work well with the pack! Let me know if there are any problems so I can fix them (e.g if contracts just stop showing up beyond say 50 kerbal days after the last then I probably accidentally set it to 50 years instead ). *By the way, unrelated to this pack, I have actually been working on a system of orbital decay for both on rails and off rails vessels (hopefully during timewarp) which I also hope to share (if it works) soon! Certainly, the CanadaArm-2 is actually the subject of the STS-100 mission but I will emphasize other nations involvement in an upcoming update.
  7. SaturnianBlue, I will be releasing some missions from the Chinese Space Program in the next update along with the interplanetary missions from the STS missions (Ulysses, Galileo and Magellan), the Venera Program, the Surveyor program and the Ranger program. You are correct Surveyors were landers and Rangers impactors, I will update my description along with the next update (possibly Saturday).
  8. Thanks for the comments guys! Took quite some time to make! Toyotawolf, At the moment I am pretty sure everything can be done with stock, since I had no mods installed when designing it, I will double check though. Biohazard15, Not at the moment as such, I based the pack more on a chronological order however many missions branch into other strings, the Russian and American missions sort of diverge and converge as the pack progresses such as the Apollo-Soyuz mission which becomes a 'prerequisite' of the STS and MIR missions. Its a good idea having the separate space programs so I might release the pack in separate American and Russian missions along with the combined in a few weeks once exams are over and I get some feedback on any bugs that may be present across multiple contracts - Better to find them and fix them all at once rather than possibly missing some by mixing the packs. Nevertheless its a good idea! This pack actually only began as an idea for a contract pack for the Space Shuttle Missions, so these are the 'key' contracts in the pack; as a result some of the Soviet/Russian missions are lacking some TLC - Version 1.0.1 I hope!
  9. Historic Missions Pack A collection of contracts for a stock or modded game spanning from the 1930's to 2016 (currently), created using Contract Configurator. Includes compatibility with Real Solar System. Description: This pack currently adds 603... yes you read correctly... 603 contracts to the base game following the historic progression of both NASA and its Russian counterparts, each mission has been made into a contract for the game. I aimed to make a campaign of sorts following through a contract to reach the next, starting with the earliest Sputnik/Vostok and Mercury missions and finally resulting in the International Space Station. Contents: - V-2 Rocket Tests (German 1944, American No.20 and Russian R-1V) - Sputnik-1,2 & 3 - Vostok 1-6 - Mercury 1-7 - Voskhod 1 & 2 - Gemini 1 - 12 - Apollo 1 & 7 - 17 - Soyuz 1 - SoyuzTM-30 (82 missions) - Apollo-Soyuz Test Mission - Salyut 1 - 7 - Mir Construction - ISS Construction - Space Shuttle Missions (STS-1 - STS-135) - Pioneer 1 - 11 - Mariner 1 - 10 - Voyager 1 & 2 - Buran Test Flight - Skylab 1 - 4 - Venera 1 - 16 - Shenzhou 1 - 10 - Tiangong - 1 - Cassini-Huygens - Magellan - Ulysses - Galileo - MESSENGER - Surveyor 1 - 7 - Lunokhod 1 & 2 - Pathfinder rover - Curiosity, Spirit and Opportunity rovers - Rosetta, Dawn, Hayabusa, Genesis, Sakigake, Suisei, NEAR Shoemaker, Juno and New Horizons - Ranger 7, 8 and 9 - Shuttle Enterprise ALT Tests 15 & 16 - Vega Program - Kepler, HSO and JWST - X-15 Mach Record flights - Helios 1 & 2 - Explorer 1-5 - ISS Expeditions (SoyuzTM-31 - SoyuzTMA-06M) - Vanguard 1 - 3 - Cancelled Shuttle and Moonbase missions - Poppy & Nimbus Programs - Foton Program - Space X Missions * RSS version included for all contracts. ** I have produced a series of Example Payloads for the Space Shuttle Missions, to use these, you must install RemoteTech and ScanSat. Drag and drop the Example Craft into your saves/*yourSaveNameHere*/Ships/VAB. Future Plans: - The Zond Program - Soyuz-Progress. - More detail for the memorial missions of STS-51-L, STS-107, Soyuz-1, Soyuz-11 and Apollo-I. * If anyone has any suggestions on more future missions which I may have missed please either post in this thread or send me a direct message. Known Issues: -If upgrading to a newer version of this Pack (newer than 1.1.0), delete the following files from your GameData directory after installing the new version: Module Manager.ConfigCache Module Manager.Config.SHA I have no idea why but these can sometimes prevent new contracts from being displayed after an update. Practical note: To get the most out of this pack I would recommend some historically accurate part mods (list below). I am personally running Linux x64 so... MOAR MODS !!! But for any Windows users I would recommend installing a mod pack (such as FASA for the early Mercury, Gemini and Apollo missions), completing the contracts and then uninstalling, and then subsequently installing a mod pack for the next series of contracts (Such as Tantares for the Mir/Soyuz missions) in order to save that precious 3.2gb Ram... Dependencies: Contract Configurator V1.15.1 or greater - Required for any contract to work. I would recommend some historic vehicles mods such as: the Component Space Shuttle (Dev or Unofficial), FASA, Tantares, Kosmos, OMSK, US Probe Pack for some realistic parts. Furthermore for some more meaningful missions E.g(STS payloads), install Remote Tech, Scan Sat or BDArmoury... or all of them! Download: Release & Source: SpaceDock Check out development at the Github repository: GitHub Want to help a student and part time modder out? Please consider Donating ! Any donations will be greatly appreciated! To install simply drag or copy the ContractPacks folder into your GameData directory, this will merge the HistoricMissions contract pack with any existing packs. (Please see the Known Issues for a note on updating to a new version of this pack). You can now decide which Era of missions you want to play (Space Race, Shuttle, Present) see the download for installation instructions! RSS Version is included in the KerbalStuff download. License: This modification is Licensed under CC-BY-NC-SA-4.0. All credit for descriptions of the missions comes from relevant Wikipedia pages and their respective authors. Many thanks to Nightingale for the creation of Contract Configurator and for his assistance in making the red squiggly debug lines go away ! Thanks also to DunaDirect for invaluable help with bug finding and fixing! Thanks to Gerishkanov for the creation of many missions and various bugfixes! A big thank you to everyone who has helped out with development by posting in this forum and helping reach the current total of 40101 downloads!
  10. Nice work on the unofficial update Mike-NZ! I have completed the Space Shuttle Mission pack (mostly) however sadly due to some limitations in Contract Configurator I cannot release this until the official CSS 1.0.2 pack is out; since for the payload deployment missions (pretty much 90% of the Shuttle Missions), I require the total mass values for the Orbiter at launch and in orbit; the official release may have more parts / different mass values to cope with the aerodynamics (such as the split wing control surfaces)... Its a messy system but its the best I can do without devoting a good week or so to making a plugin extension (not a good idea with exams at this time of year) . In the meantime I have decided to expand the pack to Mir missions and Salyut missions too... 235 separate contracts so far..
  11. Hey guys, looking forward to the next release! I have been working on a contract pack for contract configurator based on the STS missions, I intend on releasing this at the same time that the CSS is released.. Only 15 missions in so far but hopefully I will get to at least 50 missions, not really sure what to do for STS-51-L or STS-107 though :/
  12. KSP Sanity A modification based on Taranis Elsu's Thunder Aerospace Corporation (TAC) Life Support and Libraries code which adds two new resources and a habitable part: -Good Thoughts which are required to keep a Kerbal mentally healthy. -Bad Thoughts which accumulate over time at a rate determined by the distance from Kerbin and the number of Kerbals aboard a vessel. -Recreation Module which allows for the generation of Good Thoughts and the reduction of Bad Thoughts. If the level of Good Thoughts is too low, a Kerbal aboard the vessel will begin to show signs of madness. After a set time If Good Thoughts are not replenished by returning to Kerbin Orbit or by use of the included Recreation Module, the said Kerbal will die. I hold no responsibility for mod conflicts / save breaking issues that may arise from installing this modification. Expect errors! Future Plans: Make Kerbals uncontrollable / cause random actions to take place on the craft after succumbing to madness. Balancing of the Recreation Module converter. Remove & rewrite some features of the code reliant on TAC Utilities modules. Further Module Manager Integration and individual Kerbal mental states based on 'courage' & 'stupidity'. Release V0.1 (GitHub): Here Source V0.1 (GitHub): Here This project is released under the same license as Taranis Elsu's original code Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0) creative commons license Original Code © Copyright Taranis Elsu Modified Code © Copyright Whitecat106