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  1. Thank you for looking into the issue! However, strangely, the functionality of rescaled solar panels is still compromised. In flight, when right clicking on the solar panels you can see the output of the solar panel in the pop-up context menu being correctly scaled with the size of the solar panel. However, when checking the batteries, they still fill up at the rate of the standard-sized solar panels, regardless of the panel scaling. So even though the panel output is correctly calculated in the VAB, in the solar panel context menu in flight, it does not acualy produce the predicted amount
  2. The rescaling of solar panels still does not function in this mod. The problem in the current version of the mod is still the same as stated above. Regards, Rombrecht
  3. Hello there I have found a problem with rescaled solar panels. Even though the increase (or decrease) in electricity production seems to properly scale with the scaling of the solar panel in the VAB, the panels all produce the standard amount of electricity, regardless of scale, in flight. So the values are scaled in the VAB, but not in flight. Regards, Rombrecht
  4. Ideas on how "science" should work. Obviously, the first thing I would propose is to disconnect the science gathering in KSP from the tech-tree. As stated before; It is very silly that studying craters on the mun would directly result in unlocking a more powerful rocket engine. Perhaps an alternative way of bringing scientific research of outer space and the planets would be to switch science gathering from something one does to advance in the tech tree, to an activity that is require to fulfill contracts. This would not only more realistically reflect how real life operators of space
  5. The idea of a randomised solar system is indeed interesting, and I've played with that thought a bit in the past. This way KSP would be a true journey of discovery. However, this would either require a huge database of pre-rendered celestial bodies, or the procedural generation of celestial bodies. Both options would require vast amounts of programming work to be done.
  6. Hurray for Youen for working on this brilliant mod! Hurray!
  7. Sleeping?! How dare you sleep while you MUST update the mod for MY pleasure?!
  8. Human spaceflight is indeed boring at the moment. In my opinion it's even unnecessary as long as we don't have any long-term plan of colonisation of other worlds. I'm strongly in favor of an exclusively robotic space program, since the exploration of space now a is not about humans getting out there, but to study the solar system and getting to know our place in the universe, both literally and philosophically. the ISS is a waste of time and money as long as we don't have any plans or incentives for colonising and/or mining the Moon, Mars or even Venus. But yeah, that was off topic. I can s
  9. On the reason for a career mode Let us go back to the basics: why does KSP have a career mode? The focus of the game is building spacecraft and getting out there to the planets. The management part of that process should not be a goal in itself, but a mechanic to limit the player's abilities early on in the game to built a rocket manned by 10 Kerbals that can fly to Jool and back with the first launch. The "career mode" is nothing but a mechanic to give the game some form of progression. Therefore I don't think that KSP should aspire to become a Tycoon-style simulator. The science collec
  10. On the identity crisis of KSP Fully do I agree that a game featuring little green men should be taken with a hefty pinch of salt. And when the Game was in Alpha and there was only orbit and the mun to go to, slapping together some boosters and flying by the seat of your pants was indeed a viable form of gameplay. I think KSP's identity crisis started to appear once other planets were added, requiring much more complex mission architecture such as transfer windows Delta-V calculations. While slapping boosters together and watching them blow up can still be fun, that kind of gameplay isn't
  11. Well, how would you like to see the career mode then? This is the place to discuss it I would hope so.
  12. Well now, no need to be so negative. I'm not expecting SQUAD to immediately change their entire game. However, what stops us from imagining alternative career mode architectures, perhaps for inspiring mod makers?
  13. Greetings fellow space nerds! Since early alpha I've been an enthusiastic player of KSP. The game has thought me alot about the mechanics of spaceflight and motivated me to study the history of spaceflight. When career mode was added, at first I was quite exited about the prospect of playing the game like a real space program manager. However, I find myself exclusively playing sandbox mode these days again because I keep getting frustrated with the way career mode functions in KSP. Being the stickler for historical accuracy and realism that I am, I always found it rather odd that th
  14. Hello Youen, I've noticed this awesome mod isn't functional in the latest 1.1 version of the game. I understand you are busy, but I think this mod is so helpfull, the features it brings should be in the core game if you ask me. Unfortunatly I'm not a programmer myself, so I can't help with coding. Perhaps it would be a good idea to make a "tip jar" for this mod so that people like me could at least sponsor this mod by throwing a few coins your way? I'm happely anticipating the 1.1 version of this mod. Regards, Rombrecht
  15. Greetings! Sadly, this mod does not seem to function at all in the new 1.1 version of KSP. To me this mod has become as essential to the game as Kerbal Engineer has been for a long time. The orbital mechanics do not seem to have changed in the latest version of the game, so I guess the mod not working is just a matter of the mod needing updating to the current version of Unity? Is there maybe a workaround to get the mod in it's current state working in the 1.1 version of KSP? Regards, and thanks for developing this awesomely handy piece of code, Robrechtus
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