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  1. @Beale, the realplume configs appear to have dissapeared. I can't find them in the download anywhere (maybe they got lost in git somehow?). I've also just submitted a new PR for the FGB engines.
  2. It seems I've found an issue when this is used with ModularFlightItegrator. It spams the log and connections don't work. I'm submitting an issue to Github, with output_log attached. EDIT: Or not.. I can't get it to reproduce for a log. Sorry if this isn't actually an issue! EDIT2: Found it! It's actually a combination of MFI and Persistent Dynamic Pod Names, submitting the Github issue now.
  3. @tygoo7, could you see about giving each nozzle on the first stage F9 engine a gimbalTransform? Right now, it seems the gimbal acts on one transform with all thrust transforms attached to that transform, which means roll is not possible. You could also add the mesh as a child to the gimbalTransform which would then animate it (ie. moves with gimbal), and you could do the same with the second stage engine. Would make the Falcon 9 pretty much perfect then! If you're not too sure about how to set this up, I'll be willing to help. (Sorry if this seems demanding, I'm not very good at comm
  4. Hope you don't mind me asking, but where did you get that landing zone from? It's something I've always wanted at KSC and I have never seen a mod which adds one
  5. @Beale, would it be alright if I submitted the new Tantares mods to CKAN? I've already made the metadata files and just wanted to ask permission first. Thanks in advance!
  6. I've been takinng care of this quietly in the background, adding them to the main RealPlume-Stock package as parts are released on GitHub (Check the RP-Stock repo) On a related note, @Beale, if you want the RealPlume configs as part of Tantares/TantaresLV, I can submit a pull request for them and you could merge it when you make a release, so then people don't have to wait until RP-Stock updates to get RealPlume support (although your custom FX looks great!)
  7. Yes, the plugin currently works, except for the one noted issue, but it's not exactly easy to set up the configs (hence the planned ingame editor)
  8. On collaborating on KK: I felt it would be better to make this myself, since I'm not all that confident with my programming ability, especially with a plugin of this size (It's my first independant plugin). I also think it's good to have an alternative to KK, though I'm always going to recommend using KK (It's way more developed). I created the thread so that anyone with good knownledge of programming would be able to help, since there are some things I'm just not sure I can do (Like the map view issue) And on the stock asset use, I do have a branch on GitHub that can use KSC2 models
  9. Early WIP of a plugin I created for placing models on planets, similar to KerbalKonstructs. (No pictures yet) Current Features: -Support for any planet -Each structure can have multiple LOD groups (LODRANGE nodes) -Each LOD group can have multiple models (MODEL nodes) -A structure can act as a CommNet node Planned Features: -Support for stock (KSC and anomaly) models -Support for custom launchpads -Support for controlled animations -Ingame config editor Known Issues: -Objects do not collide in map view (#17) (Need help with this one) No release just y
  10. Override. RealPlume sets them to fixedScale and localPosition if they're not defined, and it uses those values directly.
  11. Turns out you can define flareScale, plumeScale, flarePosition, and plumePosition for this purpose (And I think I've used these myself at some point)
  12. @Sigma88, I've been working on a plugin that places structures using PQSCity2 and I've run into an issue regarding compatibility with SigmaDimensions. I'm experimenting with several objects, including some droneships, and the droneships have "snapToSurface = false". This, and using SigmaDimensions to resize to 2x, results in them being 600km (1x original radius) higher than they should be (ie. In space). Any object placed with "snapToSurface = true" is unaffected. Looking at the source of SigmaDimensions, at line 108 in SigmaDimensions.cs it compensate for the resizing of the planet
  13. Just found this in the SmokeScreen thread: It may just get solved by the next SmokeScreen update. And just as an extra thought, could this layer issue be related to the other odd behaviours that people have reported? I'm no expert at any of this but that sounds reasonable.
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