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  1. @johnkeale very nice i love it! For the name maybe call it something like "KLog" (Kerbal Log) or something more generic like "Kerbal Social Network". Other names on top of my head: "Kerbal Report!", "Ping!" we could also help out fill in more reports if you like as @Benjamin Kerman suggested I wonder what would the twitter-esque feed will look next
  2. @Angel-125 I think there's a bug with Snack Processor, Science lab should only be using 30ec/s but when in flight it uses 1950ec/s. I feel like its basing its consumption of ECs per tick instead of per second. For now i just made a personal MM patch to compensate for this by dividing the input EC by 65
  3. it looks like reDIRECT/Phase1/Parts/Boosters/DIRECT_SRB_adapter1/PART has some issues based on your log. i'll take a look at it and see what I can do. unfortunately for SRBs sounding the same and only varying in volume is beyond my control because most SRBs only use one plume config solid-lower. but i'll try to find a way to make them more unique by varying the pitch or something. maybe i could disable/turn down crackle sounds if the SRB is not powerful enough EDIT: pushed an update see if this one rids the error: https://github.com/ensou04/RocketSoundEnhancement/releases/tag/0.3.1
  4. Yes you should transform it to a WIP or DEV thread instead.
  5. @johnkeale Your idea fits well with the event reports yeah! i intended mine to have a dedicated small window (like contracts window in flight). If you could write the mod that'll be great! you can use my idea. I can code a decent amount but im already busy working on RSE at a moment
  6. ensou04

    [WIP] Restock: KSP Part Art Revamp

    I'm so excited for this, finally everything in my main game will be made by Nertea and Team!
  7. I had a similar idea but its more like Twitter for Kerbin. Its like Chirper from Cities:Skylines. Basically its a feed where netizens of kerbin tweet about your missions and occasionally your crew tweets too. It'll be constructed by creating a list of preset sentences for example: Bill Kerman (dd-mm-yy) - I've been in orbit around -celestial-body- for so long. I hope there are snacks around. Jebediah Kerman (dd-mm-yy) //Snacks! Intergration - WE ARE RUNNING LOW ON SNACKS! I hope we last more than -supply_time_estimate- Messages are situational, based on your Reputation and the missions you are doing. If for example you have 0 or negative reputation. civilian kerbals will comment about budget cuts and their distaste to your space program
  8. @Beetlecat I was looking at audio muffler code and was surprised its using Unity's mixer features. so i tried it out with RSE and was pleasantly surprised Audio Muffler is FULLY Compatible with RSE! I added Audio Muffler Redux as a recommended mod now Looks like i wont have to do muffling anymore because my plan to use Unity's Mixer features was already done by Audio Muffler Redux.
  9. Release 0.3.0 now available: https://github.com/ensou04/RocketSoundEnhancement/releases/tag/0.3.0 v0.3.0 - Ammonialox, Cryogenic-UpperLower patches - Thump! Featured on most plumes - Redone lowpass curves - Volume are now based on Engine Thrust - New SRB Crackle sound layer for Solid-Lower - Reverted Engage, Disengage and Flameout sounds to stock.
  10. @Tyko once the mod is pretty much done. the plan is to make per-engine configs like realplume. making realplume optional
  11. @Drew Kerman i was actually waiting for the ignition sound to fade out because I wanted to show the new "Thump" feature of running sounds. its a slight effect but you'll notice it the moment i put the thrust up to 100% instantly it started at a slightly higher pitch then tapers to the normal pitch.
  12. @Drew Kerman do you mean the chorusing effect when I activate the engines? that's two engines starting at a slight different time causing that weird sound.
  13. SRBs now sound more meaner than before
  14. @Gordon Dry yeah not all plumes have been patched yet. i'll get to them eventually maybe on the next update. @Beetlecat I have a feeling that this wont work well with Audio Muffler (muffling wont work) because we can only apply one lowpass filter for each sound source. Worry not audio muffling is on the plan list of features which shouldn't be hard to do now as Im using my own AudioFX effects node