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  1. maybe they are lol, go play around with the configs, shipeffects.cfg. there's no real way to differentiate a rocket from an aircraft so whatever you do there affects every vessel.
  2. I'm currently working on a blacklist system for sound sources so other people don't have to change their mod but: What you could do is to make sure that your audiosources has "bypassListenerEffects" set to true so that it ignores all the effects from RSE. The blacklist system I'm going to implement pretty much behaves in the same way.
  3. its not proprietary, it just doesn't exist the best reference I could provide is really just the stock configs. Like I said its a very loose "in head" creative decision. Which sounds makes sense for which Engine. I will try my best to explain how I made my configs: None of the decisions are realistic tbh, the only criteria I decided on was: Engine Bell Size, Use-Case (vacuum or atmosphere) and Power. Engine Bell Size would dictate the "pitch" of the engine. Also a reference for Loudness Use-case would be used as reference for how "dirty" sounding the engine is: eg: Vacuum: les
  4. For the meantime, everyone who wishes to use SoundTrack Editor should disabled RSE's built-in Audio Muffler in the settings and instead use Audio Muffler Redux if you really need muffling while waiting for the new update. I'll probably try do some dev work this weekend.
  5. Oh unfortunately I haven't added them to the bypass list so yeah they will get muffled. thanks for bringing this up so I can add it to the to-do list
  6. I dont have a spread sheet, but its more of a loose selection. I use more powerful sounds if the engines are meant to be used in First Stage Boosters that has a relatively high isp in atmosphere. I also look at the nozzle sizes in conjunction of their usage. For Example: Large Nozzle Engines that are designed for Vacuum I tend to apply deep low sound effects to it. While the Kerbodyne KE-1 and Mainsail even though having a relatively large Nozzle will have the Louder and dirtier sound effects applied to them.
  7. Ensure you delete existing MM caches. Post logs also. Like karin said, RealPlume adds its own sounds borrowed from KW Rocketry if i remember correctly. if you use the patches from the master branch you'll get the RealPlume compat patch made by @Karin Yeap, Thats how I approached my patches. I also base them on if the engine is Vacuum or Atmospheric use. You could instead use RSE's Docking Port Configs with the sounds from Docking Port Sound FX just to be sure because RSE also adds docking port sounds. I might just push an update that includes the RP p
  8. You can't add sounds to resource converters but you can add sounds to vessel's speed. check out ShipEffects documentation. You can also add sounds to the wheel's Motor Torque which is directly controlled by electric charge so you can try that as well. See RSE_Wheels PartModule for more details. Hope these help! I'll add resource converters to my planned list.
  9. thanks Karin! I already pushed it to the main branch. It'll be added to the next update once I'm done with my current projects.
  10. Yes, for now there isnt one, because the stock engage sound overlaps too much with the running sound's start effects (wind ups, etc). Also even with stock sounds, some engines dont have engage sounds.
  11. thanks @hemeac On other news: I think I might have to readjust the config's volume for most engines and probably re-master the provided sounds to be more louder and more akin to what stock loudness was. some engines specially smaller ones are too quiet because when I created these sound effects I didn't had any intention of making a Volume Normalizer as a feature. I might as well do some more sound effects like more variety in the decoupler area, and custom docking sounds. Some more planned features that I intended for RSE will be a separate mod instead eg: Ambient and Mu
  12. I based it loosely on their Purpose (boost stage/vacuum), size of the engine bell and thrust power. For example: Engines that are boosters should be Noisy and have like "wind up" sound effects. basically I looked at the engine, and see if the sound I assigned to it makes sense and if it works. those actually mean "Light sound, Medium Sound, Very Heavy Sound". and not how heavy the engines are. So like the KE-1 should produce a Very Heavy sound because of its engine bell and power. also based on Saturn V launches. the terms are pretty vague so bare with it ahah. the "weight" classes
  13. @Zelda you have to make sure that you are putting in the Proper EngineId. check out the documentation: https://github.com/ensou04/RocketSoundEnhancement/wiki/RSE_Engines-PartModule
  14. Update v0.5.4 Fixed Null spam with Chatterer Download: https://github.com/ensou04/RocketSoundEnhancement/releases/tag/0.5.4
  15. @Poodmund during early dev I thought it was RSE's fault so I tried to fix it but yeah nothing happened. I guess there's nothing we can do about it.
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