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  1. I honestly don't know where exactly, you'll have to find it yourself. It should be within the .cfg patches the Waterfall provides.
  2. Unfortunately, you'll have to dive into the patches/configs of Waterfall and do it manually for now. Once I find time to work on RSE, my config pack will have Waterfall compat.
  3. To avoid confusion, I've added the past config files to the latest release on GitHub. This is currently not compatible with the latest Waterfall. If you want to use Waterfall, you'll have to disable it's own sound replacements. https://github.com/ensou04/RocketSoundEnhancement/releases/tag/0.5.4 Be sure to install both of these: RocketSoundEnhancement-v0.5.3-Configs.zip RocketSoundEnhancement-v0.5.4-Plugin.zip The reason why I separated the config/sound files from the plugin is because majority of the work is being done to the plugin itself. I didn't want to keep uploading the same config + sound files and RSE was meant to be used as a plugin for other mods and other sound replacement config packs. Development for RSE is halted for now but it's almost done to be considered as a Release. I just have to figure out a better way to implement a sound limiter and a complete blacklisting system. Besides that. Finalization of my sound effects and configs will be worked on like adding waterfall support and better volume balance. I might need help at the end to make a more robust in-game settings window.
  4. Yeah i've encountered this as well, Thanks for providing some configs to make Waterfall compatible with RSE. I'll make sure to add it later. This should be fixed once RSE has a more robust blacklisting system. But for now, you could disable RSE's Audio Muffling and just use Audio Muffler Redux Status Report on the mod, so far nothing is broken. for Issues with sounds disappearing that is most likely caused by too many sound sources in the game, this is a hard limit with Unity and I dont know if I have a solution for this. on another hand, I might just remove the Sound Limiter until I find a better solution because its causing issues like undesirable crackling. Maybe I'll push an update within this month, I'm not sure. Also should I compile the mod against the latest version of KSP?
  5. Hi! It's been a while but I'm back to continue working on this. Lemme just catch up and see what's up: It's still WIP because I'm still looking for a better solution for the Audio Limiter and the overall loudness of each engine still has to be balanced. For these, modders can use the existing sounds effects and system provided by the mod via config. although we could work on an overall patch config that applies the new sound effects to most mods. Unfortunately i cant do this alone i can only work on the Mod itself, the sounds effects and Stock with some exceptions like ReStock. I'll take a look into this and find some new errors. thank you for reporting!
  6. once in-game , go to difficulty settings you should see a custom tab there for the mod RSE's stock configs only supports the stock game so i dont think it'll work with RO. Someone has to make a dedicated set of configs for RO.
  7. the stock "normalizer" only works by limiting the peaks (causes distortion, most of the times doesnt work), while the audio limiter attempts to compress the audio based on perceived loudness. just like what @RyanRising it makes it so that 10 engines is effectively not 10 times as loud. Hmm unfortunately i cant test this as I'm on Windows, have you guys tried running the mod on the version it was compiled on?
  8. Download the configs from this release and everything should be working: https://github.com/ensou04/RocketSoundEnhancement/releases/tag/0.5.3 Indeed the audio limiter needs more work, when sounds are way too loud it has a hard time trying to turn anything down in time and causes crackles. better to disable it for now and just lower the volume of the game
  9. I had an idea for just doing an audio cue of a sonic boom instead of simulating it (more cinematic than realistic), so it just plays the sonic boom "boom effect" when you get pass through the speed of sound threshold (in and out). but yeah its beyond of the scope of this mod.
  10. hmm if it doesnt cause any issues it should be just fine. Yeap its part of the planned features. Although I wont be working on this again anytime soon so it might take a while.
  11. yeah the filter has a relatively shallow Q so putting down to 0 hz wont silence it.
  12. maybe they are lol, go play around with the configs, shipeffects.cfg. there's no real way to differentiate a rocket from an aircraft so whatever you do there affects every vessel.
  13. I'm currently working on a blacklist system for sound sources so other people don't have to change their mod but: What you could do is to make sure that your audiosources has "bypassListenerEffects" set to true so that it ignores all the effects from RSE. The blacklist system I'm going to implement pretty much behaves in the same way.
  14. its not proprietary, it just doesn't exist the best reference I could provide is really just the stock configs. Like I said its a very loose "in head" creative decision. Which sounds makes sense for which Engine. I will try my best to explain how I made my configs: None of the decisions are realistic tbh, the only criteria I decided on was: Engine Bell Size, Use-Case (vacuum or atmosphere) and Power. Engine Bell Size would dictate the "pitch" of the engine. Also a reference for Loudness Use-case would be used as reference for how "dirty" sounding the engine is: eg: Vacuum: less popping/crackling, more low end rumble, Atmo: a lot of popping and crackling Thrust Power as a reference for its Relative Loudness with other engines. The Main References are the Mainsail and the Masterdon for Boost Stage/Atmospheric Use, Poodle and Rhino for Vacuum Use. The sound file names does not mean the "weight" of the engine. Its means How Dirty the sound is, Heavy means Heavy Popping/Crackling, coincidentally it sounds "massive" too. Light means minimal crackling, higher in pitch but if pitched down can be used for Vacuum Engines if you want to. eg: FuelType_DirtyAmount_Power.wav = Liquid_VeryHeavy_High.wav its really up to you what you think sounds best for the engine you're applying my sounds on, all you have to take into account is the relative loudness of it compared to the other engines. What I did was I stared at each Engine, Look at its specs (isp, thrust power) and Categorized them under "Weight" and of course Fuel Type. then I applied the sounds then I tweaked them from there. a dedicated Settings page is really low on the priority list right now because the actual Sound Engine itself is still pretty much a WIP. Besides that I don't have the knowledge yet when it comes to serialization via a Dedicated Settings Window. I could have just done a .cfg file but that will really slow down dev time as I have to reload the game every time I change something in the settings. No need to change it, I can handle blacklisting on RSE which should make it easier to make other sound related mods compatible with RSE's built in Effects.
  15. For the meantime, everyone who wishes to use SoundTrack Editor should disabled RSE's built-in Audio Muffler in the settings and instead use Audio Muffler Redux if you really need muffling while waiting for the new update. I'll probably try do some dev work this weekend.
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