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  1. i really don't recommend anyone to use or update this mod as it currently is. its very janky and CPU intensive with all those sound filters being used. The announcement of KSP2 really demotivated me to continue working on this. but it seems like that wont be around anytime soon. so Here's a roadmap. NO PROMISES. I only really do this as my past time when I feel like it, and when i'm not occupied with my work. Coding is only a hobby for me so i only do it from time to time.
  2. @linuxgurugamer yes this project is not abandoned, just currently super busy but i'll get onto dev for it soon enough
  3. Yep, it'll act as a library of sounds with its own audio handler plugin meant to replace stock's.
  4. For now it is. later updates will have per-engine configs instead of relying on RealPlume/SmokeScreen, the dependency is temporary so I can test sounds, effects and features more quickly.
  5. STAR HORIZONS INDUSTRIES DEVELOPMENT THREAD Current: Sci-Fi Engines Engines from "relatively" realistic films and shows. All stats and performance are not final. Previews/Pictures (Imgur) Parts list: To-do List Smaller 2.5m "Eilanda" Engine Pre-"Eilanda" Fusion Engines Plasma Chemical Rocket Engines (From Interstellar) more engines i guess HEAVY WIP/PREVIEW: Star Horizons Industries: Sci-fi Spacecrafts (Imgur)
  6. that was the goal. it has a slight timeout but that's working as intended
  7. Engine Oomf Update | Version 0.4.0 is released! Download: https://github.com/ensou04/RocketSoundEnhancement/releases/tag/0.4.0 added one shot samples to most lower stage engines.
  8. Experimenting on a new sound effect feature for Rocket Sound Enhancement. Applying one-shot sound effects to bursts of thrust. This means we dont have to force make activate sounds as explosions because that is now possible through thrust alone
  9. @johnkeale very nice i love it! For the name maybe call it something like "KLog" (Kerbal Log) or something more generic like "Kerbal Social Network". Other names on top of my head: "Kerbal Report!", "Ping!" we could also help out fill in more reports if you like as @Benjamin Kerman suggested I wonder what would the twitter-esque feed will look next
  10. @Angel-125 I think there's a bug with Snack Processor, Science lab should only be using 30ec/s but when in flight it uses 1950ec/s. I feel like its basing its consumption of ECs per tick instead of per second. For now i just made a personal MM patch to compensate for this by dividing the input EC by 65
  11. it looks like reDIRECT/Phase1/Parts/Boosters/DIRECT_SRB_adapter1/PART has some issues based on your log. i'll take a look at it and see what I can do. unfortunately for SRBs sounding the same and only varying in volume is beyond my control because most SRBs only use one plume config solid-lower. but i'll try to find a way to make them more unique by varying the pitch or something. maybe i could disable/turn down crackle sounds if the SRB is not powerful enough EDIT: pushed an update see if this one rids the error: https://github.com/ensou04/RocketSoundEnhancement/releases/tag/0.3.1
  12. @johnkeale Your idea fits well with the event reports yeah! i intended mine to have a dedicated small window (like contracts window in flight). If you could write the mod that'll be great! you can use my idea. I can code a decent amount but im already busy working on RSE at a moment